Junior Sous Chef Job Description Example

Junior Sous Chef job description, duties, tasks, and responsiblities

Junior Sous Chefs provide assistance to the chef in running a kitchen.

Junior Sous Chef Job Description Example

What Does a Junior Sous Chef Do?

A junior sous chef operates as the assistant to a sous chef. This means that as much responsibility as the sous chef has, the junior chef shares in it.

The junior chef is responsible for the majority of duties and responsibilities of the chef, such as inventory, kitchen staff management, and food preparation.

His/her job description entails assisting in overseeing and directing all aspects of the operation of the kitchen, and in providing functional assistance; coordinating activities and functions with other heads in the food and beverage department, especially in the absence of head chef.

The individual in this role is responsible for food preparation, storing, and service delivery to customers in their establishment.

A part of their duties is to figure out how much supplies of food will be ordered and how long it will take. Together with the senior kitchen staff, junior chefs are in charge of such logistics.

They assist in developing strategy for cross-marketing with the aim of increasing profit. This could mean pairing drinks with the food served.

The position of a junior sous chef is mostly required by employers who own large kitchens and cruise ships where they need additional leadership for their staff.

The junior chef is also at liberty to delegate tasks to other kitchen staff for effectiveness in delivery.

Any one is this role must possess the ability to pay attention to details. He or she should be aware of the specific ingredients and their measurement.

They are also responsible for tasting meals before they are served to customers, to ensure that it meets the standard.

Junior Sous Chef Job Description Example

There are certain tasks and responsibilities associated with the position of the junior sous chef, the major ones are given in the job description example below:

  • Ensure consistent and smooth running of food production
  • Ensure effective stock purchase, its receipt and storage
  • Ensure that working areas are always kept clean
  • Assist other kitchen staff as need arises
  • Supervise performance of kitchen staff to ensure proper activity
  • Perform other administrative tasks as will be communicated by superiors
  • Ensure that required standards are adhered to in the production and preparation of food – in quality, quantity and safety
  • Work towards exceeding customer’s expectation by encouraging and promoting high level of service
  • Ensure all complaints, inquiries, and suggestions by customers are attended to accordingly
  • Give appropriate support or guidance to members of kitchen when need arises
  • Resolve possible disputes within the kitchen and report any unresolved
  • Promote good team spirit regularly
  • Ensure all dishes are prepared according to specification and served at the correct quality, portion size, and temperature
  • Partly responsible for the preparation of kitchen cleaning rosters and the supervision of cleaning schedules
  • Prepare substitute items
  • Ensure that the kitchen staff work harmoniously in order to ensure timely production of quality foods
  • Ensure proper arrangement and garnishing of food
  • Manage food logs
  • Monitor the quality and quantity of food prepared
  • Assist in recruiting, hiring, and training employee cooks
  • Report the need for maintenance to appropriate staff

Junior Sous Chef Resume Example

The making of a resume for seeking the job of junior sous chef can be facilitated using the sample job description presented above.

The job description states the major duties and responsibilities of the position, which can be employed in completing the professional experience section of the resume.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Junior Sous Chef Role

Applicants seeking the junior sous chef position are usually expected by employers to possess the following skills and other attributes to be considered for the job:

  • Passion for food: someone who enjoys the process of food preparation and creating menus
  • A good sense of business; to be efficient and cost-effective
  • Past experience of working in a professional kitchen or similar position
  • Effective communication skills
  • Kitchen experience and management
  • Ability to work with figures and manage budget
  • Ability to cope under stressful conditions
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to pay attention to details: adherence to specific ingredients and measurement needed for various menus
  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • Ability to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness in the restaurant area
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Ability to multi task: The sous chef in the junior position must be able to handle many tasks all at once
  • Possess strong management and organizational skills
  • Ability to be creative; always willing to try something new
  • Ability to handle criticisms from customers

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