General Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample

By | September 2, 2023
General Maintenance Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
General Maintenance Technicians fix and maintain machines, equipment and general home appliances. Image source:

General Maintenance Technician Job Description Sample

What Does a General Maintenance Technician Do?

A general maintenance technician is a trained person who specializes in fixing and maintaining machines, equipment and general home appliances.

He/she is versatile in several areas and executes many tasks in a day.

The job of a general technician requires both indoor and outdoor activities including places such as schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc.

The general maintenance technician job description entails a wide range of duties as outlined by the employer.

These include maintenance on buildings, carpentry, painting, general repair, pest control and landscaping amongst others.

The role of general maintenance technicians doesn’t require much formal education, but a high school degree comes in handy. He/she takes responsibility of all repairs and maintenance of the various manufacturing machinery used in the organization.

Job Description Sample for the General Maintenance Technician Position

Here is a general maintenance technician job description sample, consisting of key duties, tasks and responsibilities which they usually perform, and which can be used in writing a resume for the post:

  • Carryout all duties that are necessary in resolving reactionary activities, and report the need for further maintenance and safety to supervising staff
  • Ensure the proper use of all tools in the workshop for cutting, bending and welding of equipment
  • Carryout detailed evaluation of workshop equipment to ensure that they are in good condition for proper functioning
  • Assist less skilled workers in different phases of building, construction and general maintenance and review works performed by them to ensure that they are in good condition
  • Carryout repairs on ceilings, floors and walls by combining plaster of spackle and painting
  • Take out damaged sheets and replace them with sheet rock and finishing seams
  • Inspect equipment such as refrigerators and air conditioners from time to time for proper cleaning, speed, temperature and adequate lubrication
  • Ensure proper repair and finishing of doors, desks, tables, chairs and other furniture in the organization to ensure comfort of staff and visitors
  • Repair and change locks in the building and perform complex lock servicing to ensure maximum safety of all people
  • Carryout out ground works by mowing lawns, weeding flower beds, clearing grasses, removing snow and ice on sidewalks to ensure a clean and healthy environment
  • Evaluate other temporal or seasonal workers in a range of construction works, assign different tasks to them based on their area of specialization and transport them to and fro work sites accordingly
  • Ensure maximum safety of all workers under their supervision by ensuring that they observe all safety measures to the latter, and report conditions that are likely to endanger safety of workers to management for quick resolution
  • Perform the installation and repairs of fire and emergency alarms and other appliances that are used to call out for help in cases of emergency.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for the position of General Maintenance Technician

The qualities – skills, knowledge, and abilities – usually required by employers from applicants vying for the post of general maintenance technician include the following:

  • Have good knowledge of electricity, carpentry and plumbing among other technical skills
  • Have good knowledge of troubleshooting techniques in order to determine exact problems and tackle them accordingly
  • Excellent ability to communicate system problems to both co-workers and management for proper understanding
  • Exhibit good mechanical skills to handle equipment to avoid causing injuries to self and others on ground
  • Have a high school qualification or its equivalent
  • Have the ability to evaluate computer related work orders in accordance with accuracy.