Computer Operator Job Description Sample

By | September 2, 2023
Computer Operators job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Computer Operators ensure computer systems function effectively and efficiently.

Computer Operator Job Description Sample

What Does a Computer Operator Do?

A computer operator has the role of overseeing the running of computer systems, making sure that the machine is safe, functional, secured and free of bugs.

The computer operator job description entails maintaining records of all logging events, checking for malfunctions and program termination.

It also involves assisting systems administrators and programmers with testing and debugging of systems and programs before they are put to use.

Additional responsibilities will include managing and verifying processes, to troubleshoot issues, and process print jobs.

Others duties the computer operator will do include data entry, help desk support and working with back office staff.

The job also requires processing of daily posting – verifying and maintaining data integrity while providing support to end-users.

The individual is responsible for monitoring and maintaining systems integrity and monitoring system backups.

He/she provides required technical support for issues such as desktop, printers, hand held devices , scanners etc.

This will go hand in hand with maintenance of printers and printer supplies.

He/she is required to offer operational support as off-hours activity which may be scheduled or emergency.

Other duties include studying operating instructions, switching necessary auxiliary equipment into system, diagnosis and correcting equipment malfunction, reviewing error messages and making corrections during operations.

Routine work includes resolving error conditions not covered by existing guidelines such as resetting switches.

Also, he/she refers problems which do not respond to standard corrective measures to higher authority.

While supporting functional users of computer systems by carrying out processing requirements through remote terminals, he/she will also distribute the products and perform related support duties.

The individual works with personnel from other departments involved with each assignment.

Safeguarding of passwords and security of computer files and programs is a priority.

Sample of Computer Operator Job Description

Here is a sample of computer operator job description, showing a list of important duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually performed by someone holding the position.

  • Monitor the operation of all systems and hardware
  • Work closely with data entry operators to coordinate processing cycle
  • Assist in providing security of data and ensure confidentiality of information services
  • Maintain a detailed understanding of work process requirements and data supply for application systems
  • Maintain knowledge of the applicable systems hardware and systems software configurations for all computer systems
  • Monitor and ensure balanced and effective system operating environment and end-user activity
  • Maintain systems backup as scheduled
  • Maintain processing logs and documents and maintain all run and procedure manual
  • Assist in distributing prepared material
  • Work with programmers and system analyst to determine problems and solve them
  • Maintain the data communications configurations and assist in resolution of end-user communication failures
  • Ensure prompt report of unresolved hardware problems to supervisor
  • Monitor the computer room and work station environment and maintain knowledge of requirements of all power backup, equipment and work place
  • Perform duties assigned by supervisor to minimal satisfactory level and compliance with all guidelines and work ethics.

Please note that the job description example above can be used in making the job history section and other sections of resumes for the computer operator position.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for the Post of Computer Operator

For effective performance on the job, the computer operator is expected to possess the following qualities:

  • 5 years experience performing the following computer applications: Oracle, Query, ODIN, etc.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Studies or any related field
  • A Masters Degree in Computer Studies is an added advantage
  • Ability to reason analytically and solve problems
  • Great skill in communicating verbally and in writing
  • Strong positive attitude in rendering service
  • Ability to learn fast through on-the-job training, self-development, and company sponsored trainings
  • Strong MS operating system, especially Windows 2008
  • Ability to read, understand, and implement content of technical document
  • Strong knowledge of both the software and hardware aspects of computer systems.