Head Cashier Job Description Example

By | September 2, 2023
Head Cashiers job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Head Cashiers supervise and assist a number of junior cashiers with their job. Image source: Learnthat.com

Head Cashier Job Description Sample

The job description of the head cashier involves supervising a group of cashiers and rendering assistance with transactional duties.

In this wise, the head cashier will be responsible for ensuring accurate computation of the entire invoice on the basis of goods and services acquired by customers.

A considerable period of time will be expended by the head cashier on recruiting and education of staff.

He/she makes them familiar with the company’s human resources standards as well as the policies that encompass conduct of staff at workplace.

In this regard, outstanding teaching ability will be useful in the role of the head cashier as the individual vying for this post will be expected to train all new personnel on how to relate with customers, store procedures and other related issues.

The head cashier in large establishments is usually found at check out areas working with numerous cash registers.

They have the task of making clients feel welcome and accepted and provide feedback to clients’ inquiries.

It is their duty to organize transactions relating to customers in from of card and cash expenditure.

The head cashier makes use of cash registers and is accountable for inspecting the inventory’s front-end operations where other cashiers are carrying out their duties.

Opportunity to advance to the position of a head cashier usually comes after attaining years of proven skills and commitment as a general cashier.

Such promotions are conferred on reliable individuals who are highly efficient and whose work standards may have impacted other cashiers positively.

Job Description Sample for the Post of Head Cashier

A head cashier is often situated at the back of the registers where they are conveniently positioned to support customers and from where they will be able to see to safety and prevention of losses right from entry point.

In addition to this, he/she is expected to perform the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities as part of their job description:

  • Ensure that the checkout section is orderly and secure.
  • Ascertain that transactions involving customers are expeditiously and efficiently processed.
  • Oversee all front end pursuits by stopping over at customer service desk, commercial records and front line journals.
  • Provide rapid response to client complaints and acknowledging them professionally.
  • Mentor simple cashiers in the mastery of outstanding customer service.
  • Designate duties to the cashier unit daily and decide on extent of daily workload.
  • Find resolution to team conflicts daily and carry out disciplinary actions on offenders.
  • Collect and pay checks, credit cards, and wire transfer; and complete each transaction in line with enacted principles and procedures.

Knowledge, Skills and Requirements for the Position of Head Cashier

Most companies offer in-house principles, policies and programs of training which include internal principles and policies, human resources matters as well as security of workplace.

The following are some of the requirements, skills, and qualities that need to be acquired by individuals aiming for this position:

  • Associate degree in business, economics, mathematics, or in related courses.
  • Ability to utilize fundamental mathematical concepts and sufficient understanding of weights and measures.
  • Physically fit and able to execute tasks involving extended periods in positions of standing, sitting, or carrying out other activities affiliated with the task at hand.
  • Outstanding client service skills and optimistic demeanor.