English Tutor Job Description, Key Duties, and Responsibilities

By | August 15, 2023
English Tutor Job Description
English tutors ensure that the environment is conducive enough for students to learn fast.

English Tutor Job Description, Key Duties, and Responsibilities

This post provides exhaustive information on the job description of an English tutor to help you learn what they do.

It highlights the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the English tutor work description in most organizations.

It also presents the major requirements you will be expected to fulfil by employers/recruiters if you are seeking the English tutor job.

Please, read on to increase your knowledge of the English tutor career:

What Does an English Tutor Do?

English tutors provide one-on-one or a small group lessons to students in elementary, middle or high school.

They provide lessons outside a school setting.

They are familiar with pre-set curriculum and use that knowledge to design and implement lessons accordingly.

The English tutor’s responsibilities depend on the native language and academic level of the students.

As an English tutor, you want to foster a reassuring learning environment that can enable students learn quickly.

You can do this using stimulating and assorted methods to pass knowledge in areas like the principles of the English language, rules of reading, writing, and speaking in English.

One of the benefits of working with a tutor is that students can get personalised attention.

Tutors can track individual progress and provide useful feedback.

English tutors become handy when students difficulties in understanding what is taught in the classroom.

They help give students more clarity on the subject by giving more detailed explanations beyond what is taught in the class in practical terms.

Tutors help students in learning English language as a second language.

The English tutor’s duties involves:


This is one of the first steps or introductory aspect of tutorials carried out by the tutor to ascertain the extent of understanding the student has about the subject.

This will help the tutor know where and how to channel his/her energy in teaching the student.

This assessment can come in the form of giving the student a passage to read and probably ask the student some basic questions about the passage and general knowledge about the subject.

The tutor takes cognizance of where the student excels and where he/she struggles and takes it up from there.

Writing and Grammar:

This is very important for students who take up English as a secondary language.

Asking them to write a comprehension or an essay is a good way to test their communication skills.

This is overseen by the tutor and corrections are made by him/her.

In the process of checking the writing ability of students, the tutor takes note of how students construct their grammar and that should be good enough to let the tutor know how much the students know about English grammatical structures and their usage. This is a basic duty of the English tutor.


English tutors are also helpful to students in polishing their reading skills.

This can include helping students fully comprehend the content of written passages, or having students read aloud to help with oral communication skills.

Tutors may assign reading homework to students, which will be reviewed in the next lesson session.


For students who are known as English Second Language (ESL) students, speaking could be a difficult task which the tutor should be able to help out in making vital corrections when they make grammatical or pronunciation mistakes.

Basically, the ESL students tend to feel freer with the English tutor, with expectations that the tutor helps them integrate into the society where English language is the primary language.

With constant corrections, the students gradually become confident in relating well with people in their immediate environment.

English Tutor Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The sample job description below shows the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically constitute the English tutor work.

  • Organize and execute lessons
  • develop materials and activities
  • Hands out assignments and interesting exercises
  • Detect students that needs extra attention and create customized plans
  • Grade test and homework
  • Offer useful feedback for student improvement
  • Records students’ grades and attendance
  • Research and deploy improved teaching methods
  • Report to parents about their ward’s performance
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders to engender a valuable student experience
  • Put together lesson plans in order to effectively incorporate the allotted duration of each lesson
  • Impart lessons efficiently using diverse styles of teaching subject to the content
  • Create a lively classroom atmosphere to ensure students’ engagement
  • Help students understand the structure and rules of the English language
  • Instruct students on how to spell words correctly as well as learn their meanings
  • Demystify the rules of concord, sentence construction and grammar
  • Teach students how to correctly pronounce words
  • Help students learn how to think critically in poetry and literature.

English Tutor Job Description for Resume

If you are making a resume or CV as someone who has worked before or currently holding the English tutor position, you should include the professional experience section to your resume.

The work or professional experience section of your resume is the part where you have the opportunity to show that you have been successful performing the duties and responsibilities of an English tutor.

You can apply the English tutor job description example provided above in making your resume’s professional experience section.

English Tutor Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the English tutor job, here are major requirements most recruiters/employers may expect you to fulfil to be considered for hiring:

  • Must be a proficient first English language speaker
  • A patient, calm, and understanding personality
  • Passionate about student learning and education in general
  • Should boast of a minimum of 2 years working experience as a teacher or tutor in a classroom, bringing this knowledge in practical terms in relating with students. Depending on the type of student, more years of experience might be needed
  • Should be psychologically aware of the demands of the job and patient enough to follow up students who might not be fast in learning
  • Have some impressive educational qualifications to match with natural teaching skills
  • Have possessed some degrees in education and in colleges of education and universities in combination with other paraprofessional courses
  • In regards to the particular subject to be taught by an English tutor, BA and other equivalent certifications will be highly regarded in English language or Literature
  • English tutors must be adept with core skills in English, Math, and other related fields
  • Should be able to plan and execute lessons sequentially
  • Should have excellent communication skills to be able to communicate with students and parents effortlessly
  • Should be able to simplify lessons to enable easy understanding
  • Should be patient enough to follow through with students who are slow in learning and lacking great retention abilities
  • Should be able to compile lessons sequentially
  • Ability to dish out lessons in engaging and meaningful manner while making it a bit fun for the students
  • Ability to work with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, to be able to make presentation if need be
  • Ability to work effectively and cordially within a team with other members. Of course this is a team consisting of the parents/guardians, tutor, and the students.


This post is helpful to individuals looking to become an English tutor; they can improve their knowledge of what the duties and responsibilities of the job are, to be able to make a decision about going for the career or not.

It is also valuable to employers/recruiters who are looking to hire competent individuals for the English tutor role.

They can apply the above English tutor job description sample in making a good description of the available job to attract the best tutors around.