Emirates Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 16, 2023
Emirates Hiring Process
To become an employee at Emirates involves being successful in the company’s hiring process.

Emirates Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Emirates Airline involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes that you will need to successfully complete to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to have the knowledge that will increase your chances of getting employed at Emirates.

Emirates Company Overview

Emirates is one of the most famous Airlines across the globe, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The airline was born out of The Emirates Group, and it is recognized as the largest airline in the Middle East.

Emirates operates more than 3,600 flights every week from its hub at the Dubai international Airport, to at least 150 cities in 80 countries throughout six continents.

As the fourth largest airline company in the world, Emirates is very significant, trusted and well respected by millions of individuals who make use of their services.

In addition, this world renowned airline has diversified into different sectors and industries, as well as airports services, catering, engineering, including tour operations.

Emirates has successfully birthed seven subsidiaries, while its parent company has at least 50 subsidiaries.

The Emirates Hiring Process

Emirates conducts a proper hiring process for applicants in order to ensure that they are qualified and able to function in the positions they applied for.

The Emirates Airline hiring process entails these stages:

  1. Job Application Process

Emirates currently prefers and only accepts an online job application. As an applicant who is more than 21 years of ages, you can simply send your application to the airline by visiting their recruitment website – www.emiratesgroupcareers.com.

During the application process, you will need to upload a copy of your recent resume or CV, and ensure it is saved in MS word or PDF format.

Moreover, you may be asked to upload some photographs and provide answers to some important questions as well.

Just like other related companies, attaching a cover letter to the online application form will be necessary.

2. The Video Interview

When completing your application or immediately after the process, the recruiters will demand you to participate in a brief video interview, which is a typical part of the Emirates hiring process.

The video interview will be pre-recorded already and you will be able to access it through the link that will be sent to your email.

Devices such as your phone, computer, or even a tablet can be used to participate in the interview, as long as you are able to utilize the selfie camera.

The interview normally entails a set of questions in some aspect you might be comfortable with, like customer service.

You will also encounter questions designed to evaluate the knowledge you possess regarding your position.

3. Emirates Assessment Day

After completing your video interview, it will be assessed by the recruiting team. If your interview performance meets the requirements of the job, you will get an invitation to the Emirates assessment day.

On this day, many incompetent candidates will be screened out of the hiring process, and only a few persons who meets the job requirements will proceed in the recruitment process.

The Emirates assessment day involves:

  • A brief presentation about Emirates.
  • A questions and answers session conducted by the special assigned personnel.
  • Role plays, group exercise, and discussions.
  • A questionnaire regarding your personality.
  • A verbal /English language reasoning test – comprehension, reading, and vocabulary.
  • Checking for tattoos, and many more.

Before the Emirates assessment day, a choice of dates and venue will be communicated to you. It is usually a very hectic day. Hence, ensure you have enough time to sleep, and don’t arrive at the venue late.

4. The Interview

An in-person interview session may occur towards the end of the assessment day, or can be scheduled for another day.

Successfully passing this stage of the interview is a huge accomplishment, since you are very much close to the job offer.

Don’t fail to utilize this interview as a chance to convince the recruiters that you are the perfect candidate to be among Emirates employees.

During the Emirates interview, here are typical questions you should expect:

  • Can you tell me about a time where you were able to collaborate successfully with your co-worker in resolving an issue at work?
  • Have you ever encountered a difficult and challenging situation at work? If yes, give me an example.
  • Are you an honest personnel? And what makes you think so?
  • Describe a scenario where you handled hostility and anger.
  • Can you effectively work under pressure? If yes, how do you manage in such situation?

When you properly prepare for the Emirates interview, there is a tendency that you will be capable of answering the questions, as well as impressing your interviewer(s).

Below are some tips to help you prepare for the in-person interview:

  • When answering questions, try to provide at least two solid examples that clearly portray your problem-solving and team work skills.
  • Regardless of the environment or the interviewer, don’t feel intimidated or threatened, rather be confident.
  • Even if your role doesn’t pertain to customer service, prepare to answer questions regarding it.
  • Be prepared to give a genuine and authentic reason for wanting to work at Emirates.

5. Hearing from Emirates after the Interview

After completing the Emirates in-person interview, the recruiting team will send your entire file to the company’s headquarters to be carefully considered.

During this period, you will have to play a waiting game. It might last up to three months or less, but you will definitely be responded to by the recruiters.

6. Background and Medical Checks

This is the last stage of the Emirates hiring process, and the company really takes this aspect of the recruitment seriously.

The airline usually needs these background and medical checks before finalizing a candidate’s employment suitability.

Emirates is stricter than other airlines when it comes to this, since it is one of the UAE working requirements that must be met.

Pertaining to the background check, you will be asked to provide a police report that confirms that you have no former convictions as a result of visa policies.

Also, you will need to present a completed dental report, to detect if there are issues that might put your health at risk later on.

Once the checks are successful, you will be given detailed information that will help you log in to the restricted area of Emirates career portal.

The company will update this with all the necessary information in regards to your training and this marks the beginning of your employment in the Airline.

Emirates Jobs and Careers

There are countless job positions at Emirates, but here is a list of the most sought-after roles in the airline:

  • Airport services manager: This employee is responsible for managing and ensuring a safe, cost effective, efficient and timely airport operations in order to maintain and enhance the image, customer service levels, and reputation of Emirates. He or she also makes sure that a proper step is taken to provide immediate service to the airline’s customers when necessary.
  • Cargo sales executive: This employee has a responsibility in developing, promoting, and maintaining the Emirates sky cargo business within the region, to ensure adequate market share, optimal revenues, and market penetration are met.
  • Senior software engineer: This role is responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining the technology solutions and products supporting the Emirates Group Business. He or she also debugs complex issues and supervises design documents properly.
  • Senior technical engineer: This employee is assigned to increase software engineering techniques, guidelines, and standards at the level of a product and program. This role guarantees a quality engineering practices for the planning of solutions, development of technology, release, deployment, hyper-care, and technology operation solution.
  • Cabin appearance supervisor: This employee is responsible for supervising and implementing the responsibility roster of contracted employees for aircraft cleaning practices in maintaining an effortless operation. This role also makes sure that contracted employees undergo training to execute all cabin cleaning/appearance practices on Emirates aircraft.
  • Travel executive: This employee operates in accordance with the instructions of the reservation and sales supervisor, to make airline ticket reservation and offer assistance to the team that makes sure every document issued are of the best standard. He or she also educates customers of vital travel details, such as time of travel, visa/passport requirements, and check-in arrangements and luggage allowance.

What to Expect Working at Emirates

Emirates is known to be an airline that succeeds at attaining impossible heights and goals.

A career with the company will give you an opportunity to work together with some of the very intelligent minds in the industry.

As a staff, you will be among a highly driven and bold workforce passionate about offering the most creative and innovative service and products to people across the globe.

However, working with Emirates newly wouldn’t be an easy experience for you. It is pretty difficult to manage.

But after a while, you will learn all about your role and performing your responsibilities will be effortless.


The Emirates Airline is known to offer their employees some luxuries, which has resulted to the staffs’ hard-working attitude in the airline.

In order to become one of the successful personnel at Emirates (irrespective of the position), you will need to undergo the company’s intensive recruitment process, comprising of various stages that are pretty tough.