General Motors Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
General Motors Hiring Process
Your chances of getting a job at General Motors is higher if you knew the company’s hiring process. Image source: electrive.

General Motors Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at General Motors consists of the job application, interview, and other stages that individuals seeking employment with the Company will be expected to complete to be hired.

This post provides complete information on the recruitment process at General Motors to help increase your chances of gaining employment at the company.

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General Motors Company Overview

General Motors Company is a revered American vehicle manufacturer. It is a multinational corporation engaged in the design, manufacturing, and sales of automobiles and components.

The company was initially founded in 1908 by William C. Durant who wanted it to be a holding company.

As the largest automobile company in the United States and one of the largest worldwide, General Motors holds a significant position in the Fortune 500 – largest U.S Corporation in terms of total revenue.

Furthermore, General Motors is the very first automobile manufacturer to produce a not-too-expensive electric car in mass and also the innovator of air bags and electric starter.

Thus, this company pushes the limits of engineering and transportation.

The General Motors Hiring Process

Getting a job at General Motors can be difficult most times, regardless of your qualification or experience.

The company recruits anyone who is able to pass through their hiring process, which entails the following stages:

1. Job Application Process

The initial step to getting an employment offer from General Motors is filling out and submitting an online application form (for your preferred job position) through their official website.

Before you can complete the application, it is ideal to review the requirements for the position in order to ensure that you are applying for a role that suits your interest and expertise.

Depending on the job-type, common qualifications such as being a college graduate, working experience, and work permit within the country you are to work in are usually required.

Before you submit your application, ensure you attach your resume and even a cover letter to the application.

2. Assessment Test

Virtually every role at General motors requires an assessment test immediately after an application has been approved.

The assessment test is usually different, based on the role a candidate applies for.

However, this article will provide the common assessment tests that most applicants encounter at General Motors:

  • DIDI Adaptive Reasoning Test: This test is used by the assessors to evaluate your cognitive ability, and then forecast possible success in the role you have chosen to apply for. Every question entailed in this test would be based on the answer of the previous question. Leadership positions at General Motors require this assessment test.
  • Personality Test: This assessment test is designed and conducted by the assessors to decide if the role you are applying for is suitable for your personality. Virtually every candidate will need to sit for this test in the hiring process. A personality assessment evaluates how you will cope within the company’s environment, handle clients as well as other employees.
  • Numerical Reasoning: This is a typical psychometrics utilized by several companies to measure the speed and accuracy at which candidates can deal with numerical information. The test normally entails varieties of questions relating with accounting, finance, and financial analysis as well. Moreover, these are most times multiple choice questions and involve a time limit. The use of fundamental mathematic skills and financial data analysis will be needed in the test.
  • Verbal Reasoning: This is used to assess your reasoning and deductive skills. It includes a few questions with a wide range of objectives, subjects, and format. You may encounter sentences of paragraphs that address business or history, and evaluating reading comprehension.
  • Situational Judgment Test: This test is mainly meant for leadership roles, and a candidate will have to review generally about fifty hypothetical scenarios that you might encounter in the position you have chosen to apply for. They can appear in various formats, like audio, verbal, or written.

3. Interview Process

After completing your assessment test successfully, the next thing to expect is an interview, which is almost the last part of the hiring process before getting employed.

Many jobs at General Motors require a phone interview, after which the candidate will be interviewed face-to-face.

Moreover, there are some roles that include a technical interview and special examinations.

Just like other typically interview sessions you may have attended, the General Motors interview entails basic questions regarding your work attitudes, the previous work experiences you’ve had, and your ability to efficiently handle various situations pertaining to your role.

Moreover, your interviewer might include an integrity test after the questions and answer session.

The aim of this integrity test is to understand the loyalty you would have towards your employer.

Now, General Motors normally advises every candidate to be well-prepared for the interview, since that might just be the only way to ace the screening.

Here are helpful interview tips:

  • Before your interview comes up, try to familiarize yourself with some the General Motors typical interview questions, and then devise strategies to counter them.
  • You should also learn a lot about the company, and fully understand their business. Your interview brings up questions relating to this.
  • Be a candidate who has a continuo-learning mindset. General Motors is always interested in such persons.
  • General Motors is one of the world’s renowned innovative companies, so ensure you possess an innovative mindset, especially in technology.

4. What is the Duration for the General Motors Hiring Process?

After you have been interviewed by the recruitment team, you are to get an immediate employment offer if you have succeeded in the interview.

Most candidates who got hired by General Motors received their job offers within a week after the interview.

5. Drug Test and Background Check

As a candidate who has gotten a job offer from General Motors, you will have to comply with one of the company’s policies – getting drug tested and undergoing a background check.

Currently, virtually all companies (regardless of what industry that are in), always make sure that new hires are drug tested and have nothing to do with felony.

General Motors believes that recruiting someone who is engaged in criminal or illegal practices is not safe for the company.

Such candidate can smudge the company’s reputation and even be a negative influence on co-staffs.

Hence, General Motors never fails to drug test a worker and thoroughly investigate his/her background.

General Motors Jobs and Careers

Here are the common positions you can apply for at General Motors:

  • Senior enterprise architect: This employee is responsible for defining, designing, and delivering cloud architecture meant for enterprise application. He/she works closely with the architects in charge of application, infrastructure, and data in order to define, design and provide technical architectures and patterns of design.
  • Production team member: This position assembles machines, changes tools, and does quality checks, and solves issues that affect the manufacturing process and equipment. This employee is expected to perform specific duties within the manufacturing environment where the principles of Global manufacturing system integrate.
  • Quality engineer: This role mainly offers quality engineering assistance to both departments and suppliers. This employee is responsible for monitoring and developing quality processes, as well as collaborating with suppliers to solve quality issues and problems.
  • Senior process engineer: This employee defines requirements, executes designs, conducts analysis, and develops press center maintenance practices which include initiative and creativity. He/she also offers technical leadership for the development of advance technology within the company.
  • Battery systems material engineer: This position specifies technical requirements for the materials that are being used in both low and high voltage battery systems of automobiles. He/she is responsible for assisting the battery systems department by providing battery recycling strategies, battery cell support, and general battery production.

What to Expect Working at General Motors

There are several benefits enjoyed by every individual working at General Motors. The company offers great pay, and they ensure all workers are taught how to work under pressure, since it is a fast paced workplace.

Depending on your role or department, you will learn how to make use of various devices, tools, and machines, which expands your knowledge as an engineer or a techy individual.

Co-workers don’t hesitate to offer support to each other and executives are accessible and eager to help.

However, some former staffs at General motors believe no one can have an absolute job security at the company. If you are not a fast paced person, you are likely to struggle working at this company.


General Motors is a very large establishment having varieties of roles and career paths for almost everyone.

An applicant needs to apply in order to secure a place in the company. The hiring process at GM is slightly different for each position.

Hence, it is advised that an applicant speaks with the recruiter to know what the hiring process entails for his/she role.

Moreover, as a technology-driven or innovative individual, General Motors is actually the ideal workplace for you.

Discover the kind of test you may be expected to take to be hired at General Motors; find lots of practice tests to prepare with: Job Assessment Tests.