HR Compliance Specialist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

HR Compliance Specialist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
HR Compliance Specialists ensure organizations’ employee health and
safety issues are effectively developed and managed.

HR Compliance Specialist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides complete information on the job description of HR compliance specialist to help you better understand what they do.

It highlights the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the HR compliance specialist work description in most organizations.

This post also presents the major requirements recruiters commonly expect individuals seeking the HR compliance specialist role to have.

Please, read on to increase your knowledge of the HR compliance specialist career:

What Does a HR Compliance Specialist Do?

The HR (Human Resources) compliance specialist is responsible for managing the organization’s programs for dealing with employee health and safety issues, including the oversight and administration of safety and health programs following established company policies and applicable legal requirements.

The human resources compliance specialist job description entails developing and managing systems and methodologies (training, policy memorandums, etc.) for informing employees of the Company’s health and safety programs, expectations and requirements applicable to their responsive positions.

It also involves providing training and counsel to employees with respect to compliance issues related to accidents, injuries, illness, leave of absence, and post-leave returns to work.

HR compliance specialists also manage all leave of absence notices and requests from employees, including interface with them as needed.

They also make certain that appropriate leave of absence documentation is created, obtained, and maintained in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

They also carry out an assessment using the information received from health care providers, departmental ability to provide reasonable accommodations and/or comply with performance restrictions, knowledge of related physical and mental requirements for performing essential job duties, and applicable legal considerations before approving return to work following leaves of absence due to medical issues.

The human resources compliance specialist work description also involves conducting a background check process (including checks of motor vehicle records and criminal history) in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) before hiring an employee.

They also assist in investigating work-related accidents, injuries, illnesses and “near misses” in order to discover the root causes and trends and recommend corrective actions or policy and procedural changes to prevent reoccurrence.

HR Compliance Specialist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

HR compliance specialists perform various functions, including serving as a subject matter expert on all compliance issues related to the human resources function; primarily responsible for ensuring compliance with external regulations with respect to employees’ welfare, as well as employee compliance to the company’s internal policies.

The tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the HR compliance specialists are listed in the job description example below:

  • Working together with the legal team to communicate the requirements associated with all applicable HR-related legal/regulatory and compliance programs
  • Stay abreast on all employee-related legislative and regulatory changes and/or developments, and ensure changes to rules and regulations are restructured with HR systems, policies, articles, and practices
  • Research changes in laws and regulations analyze their impact on the organization and communicate findings to stakeholders
  • Responsible for drafting policy, process and procedure to improve on the compliance posture of the organization
  • Responsible for preparing and delivering compliance-related training and communications to employees
  • Carry out employee relations investigations as requested by the business
  • Collaborate with other functional areas like Legal unit and other stakeholders in the delivery of compliance programs and training to employees
  • Create a program for the applicant and employee testing (e.g., TB tests, pre-employment drug tests, post, incident and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing)
  • Input all interactions in the case management system and/or leave management system
  • Responsible for the maintenance of OSHA and company-mandated reports on all accidents, injuries, and illnesses
  • Discreetly handle sensitive employee reports or information.

HR Compliance Specialist Job Description for Resume

If you have worked before as a human resources compliance specialist or are presently working in that role and are making a resume for a new job, you will need to have a professional experience section for your resume.

This section of your resume tells the recruiter that you have work experience as a HR compliance specialist, which they will find helpful in deciding your suitability for the new job.

You can create a convincing professional experience for your resume by applying the HR compliance specialist duties and responsibilities provided in the sample job description above.

HR Compliance Specialist Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of a human resources compliance specialist, you should prepare to meet certain requirements from the recruiter to prove that you can effectively perform the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the role.

Shown below are major requirements recruiters may expected you to meet to qualify for hiring if you are seeking the HR compliance specialist job:

  • Education: Applicants for the HR compliance specialist role are required to have minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or Business Administration, or in a related field
  • Knowledge: it is important that they have hands-on experience in the application of compliance policies and procedures; solid understanding of employment laws and regulations and demonstrated research abilities in creating and delivering presentations to HR professionals. Employers are also interested in individuals with proven ability to design processes and programs that align with the operations of the business
  • Communication skills: One of the basic responsibilities of a HR compliance specialist is to provide training and guidance to employees on compliance-related issues. Therefore, it is important that applicants can convey information both verbally and in writing to employees, senior-level HR professionals, and other stakeholders
  • Computer skills: An HR compliance specialist should be proficient with HR information systems (PeopleSoft), Microsoft Excel, and other MS Office programs (Outlook, Word, Access, PowerPoint), and other packages necessary for analyzing data to support decision making
  • Organizational skills: The HR compliance specialist interfaces with applicants, employees, and external agents. So, they must be able to program their tasks and effectively prioritize assignments to handle the multiple tasks associated with the job position
  • Interpersonal skills: Applicants for the position should be able to build rapport, establish relationships, influence and partner with people across all levels of the company with ease
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills: To perform their duties successfully, HR compliance specialists must be naturally curious and action-oriented individuals, able to conduct complex employee relations investigations, and analyze incidents to ascertain root causes, as well as perform evaluations on return to work cases after a leave of absence.

HR Compliance Specialist Salary

The annual salary for a human resources compliance specialist is influenced by factors like location, skill level, and years of experience.

Following statistics from active job post for an HR compliance specialist on Zip recruiter is seeing annual salaries within the range of $24,133- $101,562 per annum.

However, most of the annual earnings within the human resources compliance jobs category fall in the range of $45,753-$75,417 in the United States.


If you are a recruiter or employer hiring for the HR compliance specialist position in your organization, you will need to make and publish the description of the role to help prospective candidates to learn about the duties and responsibilities associated with the position, and to decide if they can succeed on it or not.

You can quickly create the perfect description for the HR compliance specialist position for your organization by applying the job description example above, which provides the major duties performed by the role.

This page also provides valuable information for individuals interested in the HR compliance specialist career to learn about what the role entails and what is required to succeed in it. This information will help them to decide if it is the right career for them.