Dutch Bros Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 15, 2023
Dutch Bros Hiring Process.
The Dutch Bros hiring process consists of assessment tests to help the company to pick the right candidates for available positions.

This post presents detailed information on the Dutch Bros hiring process, to help you understand the job application, interviews, and other stages you will be expected to complete to be hired by the Dutch Bros Corporation.

This post presents detailed information on the hiring process at Dutch Bros, to help you understand the job application, interviews, and other stages you will be expected to complete to be hired by the Dutch Bros Corporation.

The Dutch Bros Hiring Process

The Dutch Bros recruitment process consists of the following stages:

Dutch Bros Job Application Process

The Dutch Bros hiring process begins with an online job application. You can apply for any of the positions listed on the Dutch Bros’ career website.

You must submit your application before you can be considered for an interview. This means that if you want to work at one of their stores, you should apply as soon as possible after you have decided to move to the US.

After submitting your application, you may receive an email notifying you that you have been selected for an interview.

If you do not hear from Dutch Bros within two weeks, then you can assume that you have been rejected.

Jobs at Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros employed 19,000 staffs in 2021. Some of the positions available are:

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant store Manager
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Customer Service Representative

 Dutch Bros Job Assessment Test

Dutch Bros conducts written test and/or face-to-face assessment to determine whether or not they think you are suitable for the position.

Tips for Passing the Dutch Bros Assessment Test

Here are useful tips to help you pass the Dutch Bros assessment test:

  • Prepare well for the assessment test. Take time to study the questions beforehand. Read the instructions carefully, and practice answering the questions until you feel confident.
  • Answer every question correctly. Do not guess.
  • Stay calm during the assessment test. It’s normal to get nervous when taking an exam. However, don’t panic; focus only on the questions and answer them quickly.
  • Don’t forget to smile. Smiling makes people like you more.

Dutch Bros Interview Process

You will be invited to an interview if you pass the Dutch Bros assessment test. During the interview, the interviewer will ask you some questions about yourself.

There are different forms of interview you might face at Dutch Bros:

  • On-site Interview

When you arrive at the Dutch Bros location where you will be interviewed, you will be greeted by a receptionist who will take your name and contact information.

Next, you will be escorted into the office where the interview will take place. You will first have a meeting with the store manager. Then, he or she will introduce you to other members of the team.

During the interview, the interviewer may ask you some questions.

  • Group Interview 

Sometimes, Dutch Bros holds group interview instead of individual interview. In these cases, there will be several candidates being interviewed together.

Tips for Passing the Dutch Bros Interview

Here are some pointers to help you get through the interview:

  • Be friendly. Smile and greet everyone.
  • Show enthusiasm. Talk about yourself and what you know about the company.
  • Listen attentively. Ask relevant questions.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear something professional.
  • Please bring some copies of your resume and cover letter.
  • Have a pen and paper ready.
  • Make sure your phone is charged.

Dutch Bros Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some examples of interview questions that you may be asked at Dutch Bros (with suggested answers):

  1. Tell us about yourself

I am a reliable person. My assignments are always finished on schedule.

2. What motivates you?

My family, my friends, and my work are my biggest motivators.

3. Why should we hire you?

You should hire me because I can handle pressure, I am hardworking, honest, and punctual to work.

4. How do you deal with difficult situations?

I make every effort to resolve issues as soon as possible.

5. What would you change in our business if given the chance?

I would improve our service. We need to make customers happy

How Long Does Dutch Bros Hiring Process Take?

According to Glassdoor, the hiring process at Dutch Bros to take an average of 13 days when 136 user-submitted interviews across all job titles are taken into account.

Candidates applying for warehouse associate positions had the shortest hiring process (on average 5 days), while candidates applying for Broista roles had the longest hiring process (on average 10 days).

Major Dutch Bros Careers and Jobs

The major careers and jobs available at Dutch Bros include:

  • Warehouse Associates – Helping out in the warehouse.
  • Broistas – Making coffee and pouring tea.
  • Delivery Drivers – Delivering goods from the warehouse to stores.
  • Coffee Baristas – Serving coffee and making drinks.
  • Cashiers – Checking out items and taking payments.
  • Bartenders – Mixing drinks and serving them to customers.
  • Clerks – Taking customer orders and checking inventory.
  • Customer Service Representatives – Talking to customers over the phone.
  • Customer Service Agents – Handling customer complaints over the phone.
  • Retail Sales Associates – Selling products in stores.
  • Store Managers – Managing employees and supervising workers.
  • Sales Representatives – Meeting people face to face to sell products.

What to Expect Working at Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros offers benefits like paid vacation, health insurance, 401K plan, and free snacks, and more.

What some Employees Dislike Working at Dutch Bros

Some things that employees don’t like about their jobs at Dutch Bros include:

  • Long hours
  • Low pay
  • No overtime pay

Dutch Bros Company Profile

Dutch Bros Inc. owns and operates drive-thru restaurants. It sells Dutch Bros hot and cold espresso-based beverages, cold brew coffee, Blue Rebel energy drinks, tea, lemonade, smoothies, and other beverages through company-operated stores and online channels.

It operated 572 drive-thru coffee locations across 12 states in the United States as of May 11, 2022.

The company was established in 1992 and is based in Grants Pass, Oregon. In 2021, it employed 19,000 professionals and generated $497.9 million in revenue.


If you are looking to work at Dutch Bros, this post has provided valuable information to help you to effectively prepare for the company’s hiring process.