UBS Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 15, 2023
UBS Hiring Process
The UBS hiring process consists of both technical face-to-face interviews. Image source:

This post provides detailed information on the UBS hiring process, which consists of job application and interviews, to help you to successfully complete it and be hired at UBS for the position you desire.

If you are seeking a job with the Union Bank of Switzerland, UBS, you will be expected to go through a hiring process designed by the company to be able to select the best candidates for employment.

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UBS Hiring Process

The UBS hiring process consists of various stages you will need to complete successfully to be hired, these include:

UBS Job Application Process

The first thing to do to apply at Union Bank of Switzerland is to register at their secure careers website.

Login to your user area and fill out the online application form.

You should ensure that you meet all the requirements by giving details of your academic qualifications and work experience with the dates.

UBS will then send you an email to confirm that they have received your application; they will also ask you to upload a digitally signed version of your official transcript in English/French or German (if applicable) as well as evidence of English/French written language ability.

Once the UBS human resource department receives your documents, they will be able to assess whether or not they might be interested in offering you a job interview.

Available Jobs at UBS

The jobs available at UBS include:

  1. Investment Banking
  2. Operations
  3. Wealth Management
  4. Technology
  5. Procurement and Logistics
  6. Client Coverage

UBS Interview Process

The UBS job interview process consists of two parts: the first part is a technical interview and the second one is a face-to-face interview.

Technical Interview

This will involve you answering several questions about your experience, skills, and knowledge and how you might utilize them at UBS.

These would evaluate your technical competencies in relation to the role.

In most cases, successful applicants will be invited for an onsite (in either Zurich or Paris) technical assessment by a member of their senior management team with an interpreter present if necessary.

The assessment may consist of three phases: an interactive exercise where candidate pieces together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in real time; oral presentations; and a final written assignment to be completed within the time allotted.

Face-to-face Interview

This will involve you meeting a member of the senior management team.

They will ask you questions that will help them assess your professional competencies in relation to the role you are applying for, as well as your personal characteristics, which must fit with the bank.

This interview is based on an objective structured behavioral (OSB) format, which includes up to ten individual behavioral scenarios.

Each scenario can be assessed by selecting from A/B/C response options.

You are given three minutes to prepare for each scenario, five minutes to respond, and another three minutes for feedback from the interviewer.

The face-to-face interview could last from 20 minutes to one hour, depending on role type requirements.

Tips for passing the UBS interview include

  1. Familiarize yourself with the banking and investment industry, which is what UBS is involved in.
  2. Research Union Bank of Switzerland, where you are applying for a job.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the position that is available, especially the responsibilities and requirements of the role you are applying for.
  4. Prepare mentally for your job interview by setting aside some quiet time and thinking about how you would like to answer specific questions, e.g. why you want to work in the banking and investment industry and what makes you a good fit for UBS.
  5. It is important to understand any point that you find difficult and make sure that you ask for clarification on any area you are unsure about.

UBS Interview Questions and Answers

Here are samples of UBS interview questions and answers to help you prepare effectively for an interview with the company:

  • What are your capabilities?

I hold a foreign degree in finance and have ten years of experience in international banking.

My work experience includes two international banks in a senior-level management role.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of solving interesting problems and I am confident that I can apply the same level of knowledge and experience to UBS, to help achieve its goals.

  • What do you know about UBS?

I understand that UBS is one of the most innovative financial services companies on the planet, with a large portfolio of business lines and a global presence in 50 countries and counting.

Its goal is to innovate in order to win market share, improve efficiency, and grow profits.

UBS is a highly reputable, well-respected company that is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, for being customer-centric, and for the many awards it has won.

  • Why do you want to work with UBS?

UBS offers me a tremendous opportunity to build on my skills and knowledge in areas that are of great interest to me, including international operations and technology.

This position also gives me an opportunity to use my creativity as part of your global organization, and this is something I’m excited about.

More UBS Interview Questions and Answers

  • How would you handle your daily workload?

I am a self-starter who will make things happen, I will strive to consistently exceed expectations, and to make a significant contribution to any team or organization I’m a part of.

Being a natural leader, I enjoy being in charge so far as it is for the good of the organization.

I’m also someone with great interpersonal skills and work very well in team settings.

My confidence and experience will help me provide an excellent service to you, as well as others in the organization.

  • What do you think about UBS?

I’m impressed by UBS’s market position and its international presence, which are some of the key drivers behind its success.

How Long Does UBS Hiring Process Take?

You can expect to hear from UBS within approximately one week after your interview.

The top candidates who are offered a job are offered a global position in whichever country they choose.

Major UBS Careers and Jobs Available

Some of the careers and job positions in UBS include:

  • Project Manager

Description: Project Managers at UBS support the activities of the Technology, Operations, and Client Coverage groups by developing and implementing a project plan that meets the client’s requirements.

  • Procurement Analyst

Description: Procurement Analysts in UBS’ supply chain management department focus on raising the profitability of procurement activities by analyzing purchasing plans and working with other Supply Chain Management development team members to improve efficiencies of logistics operations, strengthen procurement business processes, and make sure they comply with company policies.

  • Relationship Manager

Description: Relationship Managers in UBS are responsible for planning and conducting international sales meetings for their business unit or product line.

They use their sales skills to build strong client relationships and achieve sales goals.

  • Financial Services Consultant

Description: Financial Services Consultants are UBS professionals who specialize in providing advice and services to high net worth clients.

They help clients to manage their finances through investment strategies, retirement planning, insurance, and estate planning.

  • Client Coverage Executive

Description: Client Coverage Executives in UBS are focused on building a strong relationship with top tier, high-net-worth individuals or families.

They research and recommend products that best suit the customer’s needs in order to make them stick with the bank over a long period of time.

What to Expect Working at UBS

The benefits at UBS include access to the bank’s range of activities worldwide (as well as other benefits which depend on the country you work in).

Some of these may include country club membership, overtime payments or pension schemes.

You will also receive a competitive salary and bonus depending on your contribution to the organization, along with opportunity for career development and growth opportunities.

What Some Employees Dislike about UBS

Here are some not so good things some employees say they don’t like about working at UBS:

  1. Long working hours. Working in the banking industry often comes with a lot of responsibility, difficult situations and expectations around work hours.
  2. Travel. You may be required to travel for your job or go on international business trips.
  3. Stress and long working hours. The high level of pressure that comes with the job can be tiring and stressful.
  4. Being transferred frequently from one role or location to another, which can be quite an upheaval for those who have families or other personal commitments at home.

UBS Company Profile

UBS is a leading international financial services provider. It is listed on the Swiss and London stock exchanges, with a market capitalization of over US$ 59.53 billion as of April 2022.

It is the largest bank in Switzerland and the world’s largest private financial services provider.

UBS had over 47,000 employees in 2021 and reported over $36 billion dollars in revenue in 2020.


Working at UBS is an excellent opportunity for you to get ahead in your career, as well as fulfilling your interests, be it in banking, finance or technology.

The company continues to grow and expand its business lines and geographical presence, so if you’re looking for a job with a growing company with a history of innovation, then UBS is a great choice to make.

This post has provided the right information to help you to successfully complete the UBS hiring process and get employed at the bank.