Con Edison Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 15, 2023
Con Edison Hiring Process.
The Con Edison hiring process consists of an assessment test to identify candidates with strong knowledge of electricity and electrical safety.

This post provides complete information on the Con Edison hiring process, including the job description, interviews, and other stages candidates will need to fulfill to be employed at the Con Edison Corporation.

The Con Edison Hiring Process

The Con Edison recruitment process consists of the following stages:

Con Edison Job Application Process

The first step in the Con Edison job Application process is to apply online for a position at the company.

After you have applied for a position at Con Ed, you may be contacted by an interviewer for a phone interview.

If you are selected for a face-to-face interview, you will receive more information regarding your next steps in the hiring process.

Jobs at Con Edison

Con Edison employs over 14,000 personnel. Some of the open vacancies are: Customer Service Representative, Field Technician, Meter Reader, and Utility Worker.

Con Edison Job Assessment Test

Con Edison conducts written tests to assess applicants’ knowledge of electricity and electrical safety.

These tests include questions on basic math skills, reading comprehension, and English language usage.

Applicants must pass these tests before they can proceed to the next stage of the hiring process.

Tips for Passing Con Edison Assessment Test

These are some tips that might help you pass the Con Edison assessment test:

Read carefully all the instructions given in the assessment test. It is important to understand what the test asks you to do.

Practice taking the assessment test before it is administered. This way, you will know how much time you need to finish the test.

You should also practice answering each question so that you will not make any mistakes when you take the actual test.

  • Read the directions very carefully.
  • Do not guess. Do not try to answer the questions without understanding them.

Con Edison Interview Process

After passing the assessment test, candidates who are interested in applying for a position at Con Edison will then be invited to participate in a telephone interview.

During the telephone interview, the candidate will be asked further questions about his/her experience and qualifications.

If a candidate passes the telephone interview, he/she will then be scheduled for a face-to–face interview.

Tips for Passing the Con Edison Interview

Here are some tips that might assist you during the Con Edison Interview:

  • Prepare thoroughly for the interview. Prepare yourself mentally and physically.
  • Be honest and professional. Be polite and friendly.
  • Answer all the questions clearly and concisely. Don’t ramble on.
  • Make eye contact with the interviewer. Look him/her straight in the eyes.
  • Smile. Smile means “I am happy to meet you.”
  • Avoid using slang words or expressions. Speak in complete sentences.
  • Maintain good posture throughout the entire interview. Stand up straight. Maintain a tidy fold of your hands in front of you.
  • Try to look confident. Try to project confidence. A confident person projects confidence.

Con Edison Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some sample questions that may be asked during the Con Edison interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself.

I am a creative thinker. I appreciate collaborating with others and solving difficulties.

2. Why did you choose this career?

I enjoy being a part of something larger than myself. I want to contribute to society.

3. What is your greatest strength as a potential employee?

My ability to work well under pressure is my greatest strength.

4. How would you describe yourself?

I am hardworking, energetic, and reliable.

5. Describe an incident where you had difficulty dealing with a customer.

A customer was upset because we were late delivering her bill. She said she needed the money by tomorrow morning. We tried to reason with her but she became angry.

How long Does Con Edison Hiring Process Take?

According to Glassdoor, Con Edison’s recruiting process takes an average of 48 days when 399 user-submitted interviews across all job categories are included.

Candidates applying for intern positions had the shortest hiring process (on average 25 days), while candidates applying for Customer Service Representative roles had the longest hiring process (on average 78 days).

Major Con Edison Careers and Jobs

Some of the major career and job positions available at Con Edison include:

  • Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) perform basic sales functions such as answering phones, taking orders, and processing payments.

CSRs also provide information to customers regarding products and services offered by Con Edison.

  • Electricians

Electricians repair electrical equipment and appliances. They install new wiring systems, fix electric motors, and replace fuses and circuit breakers.

  • Maintenance Managers

Maintenance Managers oversee operations of maintenance crews that maintain power distribution networks and transformers.

They plan and coordinate repairs and preventative maintenance programs.

  • Systems Analysts

Systems Analysts use computer software to analyze data from various sources. They design and develop applications used to collect, store, display, and manipulate data.

  • Technical Support Specialists

Technical Support Specialists troubleshoot technical issues related to computers and telecommunications equipment.

They help users resolve problems with their computer hardware and software.

What to Expect Working at Con Edison

Con Edison offers benefits like health insurance, paid vacation time, and retirement plans.

Employees can also take advantage of flexible schedules and telecommuting options.

What some Employees Dislike Working at Con Edison

Some employees have been reported to have said they dealt with rude or unprofessional coworkers.

Others complain about long hours. Some say they have trouble balancing family life and work responsibilities.

Con Edison Company Profile

Consolidated Edison, Inc., often known as Con Edison (stylized as conEdison) or ConEd, is a major investor-owned energy company in the United States, with yearly revenues of around $12 billion.

Through its subsidiaries, the company offers a wide range of energy-related products and services to its customers:

CECONY (Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.) is a regulated utility that provides electric and gas service in New York City and Westchester County, New York, as well as steam service in the Manhattan borough.

Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., is a regulated utility in Southeastern New York and Northern New Jersey that serves a 1,300-square-mile (3,400-square-kilometer) area.


If you’re looking for a career where you’ll be able to make a difference every day, then you may consider joining Con Edison.

By learning of the Con Edison hiring process on this page, you will be able to increase your chances of gaining employment with the company.