Dunkin Donuts Crew Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Dunkin Donuts Crew job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Dunkin Donuts Crew members perform various duties, including producing and presenting foods to customers. Image source: Duluthnewstribune.com

Dunkin Donuts Crew Job Description Example

What Does a Dunkin Donuts Crew Do?

Dunkin donuts crew members are employed by outlets for several roles and their tasks differ depending on the particular job that needs to be done at a given time.

The Dunkin donuts crew job description generally covers acting as image maker for the company in all the duties and responsibilities they handle, either in the presence of the customers or behind them.

The crew members in the company are involved in food production and preparation. They are also involved in serving and cleaning.

They can equally assist at the cash register and are expected to stick to excellence in service delivery all the time too.

Dunkin Donuts has rules, regulations, policies, and procedures that form the basis of its service provision.

The crew member is expected to fully understand and adhere to these rules and procedures while serving the customers on behalf of the company.

His/her role also entails ensuring consistent maintenance of his/her workstation. The workstation must appear always organized and clean.

The crew member will also ensure guest areas are cleaned in line with company’s regulations.

There are times a number of crew members are assigned to a particular task. Such individuals must be able and ready to work as members of a team in order to carry out their assigned duties as required.

To be effective working as a crew member at Dunkin Donuts, the individual must have good communication skills to relate with other members of the crew as well as with customers.

The individual should also understand how to communicate with the management.

The management may assign one of the crew members to assist in training new entrants, provided such person is well experienced on the job.

The individual must be able to focus on serving customers satisfactorily before he/she can be employed as a Dunkin donuts crew member.

He/she must also be passionate about the task at hand and be ready to deliver good results.

His/her problem solving ability must also be top notch.

Other duties in the Dunkin Donuts work description include taking orders and filling them for customers, and receiving cash from customers.

He/she will have to work in shift and will be responsible, along with other crew members working during the same shift, for all the duties and tasks attached to his/her job.

The paper work is somewhat minimal. He/she should also count his/her drawer both at the beginning and end of his/her shift.

The Dunkin Donuts crew members should be able to work fast, especially during the rush hours, which mostly fall in the morning shift.

The pace of work is somewhat slow in the evening though. The crew member should be accommodating, since he/she will have to work along with other individuals in the team and these individuals belong to different age groups.

He/she is expected to report any challenge encountered during his/her shift to the appropriate manager.

Dunkin Donuts Crew Member Job Description Example

If you are employed as a crew member at Dunkin Donuts, here is an example of the kind of job description you will be handed with, consisting of common tasks, duties and responsibilities of the role:

  • Acknowledge the presence of customers when they show up, and attend to them politely
  • Listen and respond to all requests and needs of clients
  • Provide professional responses to queries and complaints of customers
  • Carry along other members of the crew to build synergy
  • Monitor and also adjust the products being sold by the company in line with the standards established by the company
  • Serve only top quality beverages and foods to customers
  • Learn and understand the Guest Satisfaction Survey program of the company and apply same to day-to-day tasks
  • Receive payment from customers and issue them with receipts
  • Ensure that receipts are issued orderly and quickly
  • Adhere to all cleanliness, sanitation, and safety standards laid out by Dunkin Donuts
  • Maintain composure all through working hours.

Dunkin Donuts Crew Resume Preparation

If you intend looking for job at Dunkin Donuts as a crew member, then you will need to prepare a resume to sell your competence and experience to the hiring manager.

The work history section of the resume can be made easily by adopting the job description sample provided above, which highlights the common duties and roles performed by Dunkin Donuts crew members.

But make sure you have actually performed these tasks before using the work description so that you will not be misinforming prospective employers.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Dunkin Donuts Crew Member Job

The following abilities, knowledge and skills are usually required by employers from applicants for advertised Dunkin Donuts crew member position because they help the crew member perform better on the job:

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in related fields, like Hotel Management. High School Diploma is also acceptable
  • Possess proficiency in the use of various computer applications, like MS Word
  • Possess superior leadership skill as well as team building skills
  • Possess top class interpersonal relationship skills
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to direct and train new crew members
  • Ability to work under pressure without complaining.

Dunkin Donuts Skills for Resume

To make your resume shine, you need to have the skills section in it, which portrays you as the competent crew member Dunkin Donuts is looking for.

This section can be quickly made with the Dunkin Donuts crew member skills and other qualities presented above as long as you have acquired them.

They will make your resume compelling to employers as your skills section will be telling them that you have what is needed to excel as a crew member.