Domestic Engineer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Domestic Engineer Job Description
Domestic Engineers perform various tasks for the smooth running of the family.

Domestic Engineer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post discusses the job description of a domestic engineer to help you understand the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up their roles.

And if you are seeking the domestic engineer job with a family or organization, this article also shows you the major requirements most employers will want you to meet to be offered an interview or considered for the position.

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What Does a Domestic Engineer Do?

The domestic engineer is usually an unpaid member of the family who is responsible for executing household chores for the smooth running of the family.

They work within the home and occasionally involved in carrying out some of their tasks outside of the home.

They shoulder a broad responsibility cutting across various jobs, including child-care, cook, and janitor; laundress/laundryman, teacher, and nurse; secretary, administrator, and counselor.

The domestic engineer job description entails ensuring a clean and hygienic home environment and performing various tasks, including dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming; polishing, washing, and sweeping the entire home environment.

It also involves stocking the house with household supplies like groceries and food supplies, as well as preparing the meals for the family.

Domestic engineers are also responsible for nurturing the children and creating an enabling environment for them to flourish morally, socially, and emotionally; spiritually and mentally.

They may also be required to perform manually inclined duties like gardening, as well as managing affairs like child welfare and discipline; social events like birthdays, and other activities that keep the home running efficiently, as well as make the members happy.

Domestic engineers are usually members of the family, but if they have to employ the service of a professional, then they must be organized and patient individuals with multi-tasking abilities, interpersonal, and administrative skills; communication and customer service skills.

Domestic Engineer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Domestic engineers perform various functions, primarily to care for children ranging from infants to teenagers, ensuring that all of their physical and emotional needs are met.

They are responsible for various tasks in the home, including housekeeping, cooking, and child nurture, etc.

The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that typically constitute the domestic engineer job description are shown below:

  • Keep all units of the home clean and safe
  • Ensure home appliances and equipment are in good working condition
  • Learn to use all appliances safely and efficiently
  • Be knowledgeable of green issues
  • Responsible for completing kitchen tasks and food preparation
  • Responsible for the maintenance of kitchen equipment and accessories
  • Prepare all food items in a timely manner
  • Receive visitors in the home
  • Check clothes for cleanliness, stains, and tears; sort them for washing, spot removal, and mending
  • Observe appliances for changes in pressure, water levels, temperature, etc.
  • Report and supervise the repair of damaged or loose fixtures, flooring or tiling requiring replacement or repair; and any unsafe or malfunctioning appliance
  • Responsible for the cleaning of washers and dryers following directions on product usage
  • Serve as a driver to take children to and from school or other appointments as needed.

Domestic Engineer Job Description for Resume

The domestic engineer job description sample shown above can be applied in making the professional experience section of your resume if you are seeking a new job.

As someone who has worked before in the position of domestic engineer or are presenting working in that capacity, you can use the duties of the role highlighted in the sample job description to complete your resume’s professional experience section.

Completing this section with relevant duties and responsibilities performed by domestic engineers will be convincing to recruiters that you possess the right experience and competence for the job.

Domestic Engineer Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

When hiring for the domestic engineer position, employers want to be sure that they are attracting only applicants who can effectively carry out the obligations, purpose, and objectives of the job.

To achieve this, they have to provide a list of requirements that prospective candidates for the domestic engineer position must meet to be considered qualified to access the role.

Shown below are major domestic engineer requirements recruiters commonly set:

  • Education: Recruiters don’t require formal education to become a domestic engineer if the applicant is a family member. But to hire a non-family member as a domestic engineer, then a High School diploma and passion for the family will be useful
  • Organizational skills: Applicants must be able to effectively organize the home and schedule of family members, especially children and teens and ensure they meet up with appointments or other extra-curricular activities when due
  • Housekeeping skills: It is important that applicants are able to perform house chores to keep the home tidy, safe, and hygienic for all
  • Child nurture skills: The primary role of a domestic engineer is to care for children, so it is important that applicants for the role have relevant knowledge to handle this task. They should be able to help children develop morally, socially and cognitively. They can garner knowledge from sources like parenting books or previous childcare experience
  • Time management: Applicants should be able to create and manage a schedule that accounts for the availability of the people in the family and ensure that things will be done within the right time frame
  • Budgeting skills: It is important that applicants for the domestic engineer role have budgeting skills for proper accounting of income and expenses for the members of the family
  • Inventory skills: Domestic engineers are responsible for managing supplies and stock levels in the home. Therefore, it is essential that applicants have the ability to monitor supplies, maintain appropriate re-order levels, and place requests in a timely manner to prevent an emergency
  • Physical energy: The job of a domestic engineer is tasking and involves physical labor. So, it is vital that they possess physical dexterity since they’re always on call
  • Patience: This is a quality applicants need to have if they are working in a home with young children; they must be patient and able to bear with others even in difficult situations.


If you are an employer needing to hire a domestic engineer and need to post a description of the job that perfectly captures the duties and responsibilities you want the successful candidate to perform, you can apply the sample job description provided above in making it.

This post is also helpful to individuals interested in the domestic engineer career to increase their knowledge about the duties commonly assigned to the role.

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