SEO Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

SEO Analyst Job Description
SEO analysts help organization improve their visibility in organic search results and social media channels.

SEO Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

If you need to know what the SEO analyst job description entails, you will find this post really helpful. It highlights the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that majorly make up the SEO analyst work description.

This post will also help you if you are seeking the job of an SEO analyst, to discover the major requirements most recruiters commonly set for applicants to meet to qualify for hiring. This will enable you to prepare effectively for the role.

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What Does an SEO Analyst Do?

The SEO analyst is responsible for carrying out audits, analyzing, and executing SEO strategies for an organization’s website.

They combine marketing, digital, and content to increase brand awareness and generate targeted audience engagement on an organization/client’s web site.

They can find employment in digital marketing and media industry, travel companies, retailing companies, manufacturing, and any other company that utilizes digital marketing channel.

The SEO analyst job description entails helping an organization or its clients to improve their visibility in organic search results and social media channels.

It also involves providing support in researching and recommending SEO and social media optimization campaigns for the firm/clients.

SEO analysts are also responsible for carrying out competitive analysis, as well as identifying gaps in the organization’s content or areas of improvement in their web design.

They also monitor important SEO metrics such as organic traffic, conversion rates, and times spent on pages, and apply knowledge to analyze the performance of campaigns; identify opportunities for improvement in order to achieve client expectations and KPIs.

They apply an understanding of the evolving best practices for content strategy, technical analysis, and social optimization.

The SEO analyst work description involves conducting research, as well as testing new tools, techniques, and ranking factors.

It also entails strategizing to continually test and iterate on SEO page templates, modules, and content to improve on-site performance (e.g. conversion, bounce) and SERP performance (e.g. CTR, rankings).

The analyst also collaborates with the SEO content team to ensure market projects and campaigns are optimized.

He/she assists in identifying opportunities for micro-level content, campaigns, and link strategies.

He/she also synchronizes his/her efforts with those in marketing, business development, and sales.

SEO Analyst Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The SEO analyst performs various functions, which primarily involves managing social media campaigns for an organization and/or its clients.

They are also responsible for creative content to support digital marketing effort and boost site performance.

The SEO analyst job description is commonly defined by the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Manage SEO and Social campaigns on a daily basis
  • Increase webpage and social media asset optimizations
  • Utilize Excel spreadsheet to compile reports
  • Gather data from multiple platforms, including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Webtrends; Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and BrightEdge
  • Research keyword recommendations relying on a variety of factors and tools like Keywords planner and MOz
  • Manage all of the activities and processes required to competently run SEO & Social media campaigns
  • Responsible for generating client facing reports, studies, and presentations
  • Provide current knowledge/training in the field of SEO and Social Media to internal teams and clients
  • Collaborate with the Head of SEO to plan search campaigns and deliver excellent SEO service to clients
  • Be up-to-date with industry trends and applicable technologies, as well as developments in SEO, social media, and analytics; online marketing, e-commerce, and online consumer behavior.

SEO Analyst Job Description for Resume

You can apply the sample SEO analyst job description above in making the professional experience section of your resume if you are seeking a new job and have worked or are presently holding the role of an SEO analyst.

Highlighting relevant duties and responsibilities of an SEO analyst in the professional experience section of your resume helps to show recruiters that you possess the necessary experience and capacity to be effective on the job.

SEO analyst Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

When hiring for the SEO analyst role, recruiters normally ask prospective applicants to meet certain requirement to be qualified to access the vacant position.

This will ensure that only people with the ability to perform the objectives, purpose, and obligations of the SEO analyst job are offered interview appointments and eventually hired.

Shown below are major SEO analyst requirements that prospective candidates must fulfill to be considered for employment by most recruiters:

  • Educations: Applicants for the SEO analyst job are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Computer Science, or Engineering, or equivalent experience and knowledge
  • Knowledge: Employers often require that applicants have hands-on experience in digital marketing and SEO, and Social campaign management and implementation. It is vital that you have a comprehensive knowledge of the technologies and processes involved in running SEO campaigns (including HTML/CSS/HTTP/JavaScript/Google Webmaster Tools)
  • They also require an understanding of web server configuration and server side scripting languages, and good knowledge of Google analytics, buzz tracking, sentiment analysis packages, and other web analytics. It is also essential that they have an in-depth understanding and application of important search engine patents, such as the Random & Reasonable Surfer Model, to large-scale websites
  • Computer skills: It is crucial that applicants have computer skills, especially advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, and also have strong software skills that support the delivery of high-quality client facing documents
  • Communication skills: The SEO analyst job requires strong communication skills for content generation; therefore, it is important that applicants have great writing and verbal communication skills. It is needful that they can produce exceptional documents and confidently articulate/present technical and non-technical information to individuals and groups
  • Organizational skills: Employers also look out for individuals who can imbibe a structured and methodical way of working, and also have the ability to cope with competing demands and effectively prioritize assignments to meet with deadlines or project timeframe
  • Research skills: Applicants should also have excellent research skills with a high level of attention to detail to pull data from multiple platforms
  • Interpersonal skills: To perform the duties of the SEO analyst role successfully, applicants must have influencing and listening skills to be able to nurture and manage relationships with clients to meet up with the daily requirements of search campaigns
  • Phone handling skills: The SEO analyst job sometimes require engagement with clients and other relevant stakeholders, so it is vital that applicants have strong customer telephone and face to face skills
  • Project management skills: Applicants must be able to work together with others to ensure flawless standards of service delivery
  • Excellent quantitative skills: The SEO analyst job also requires working with large data sets, analyzing the data, and testing of tools and techniques to improve site performance. Hence, it is important that applicants have the ability to work with numbers and perform data analysis when necessary.


If you are a recruiter or HR manager needing to hire an SEO analyst for your organization, you need to create and post a description of the position to inform interested individuals of the duties and responsibilities they will be expected to perform if hired.

This will enable you to find the best SEO analysts for the position.

You can apply the SEO analyst job description example above in creating a detailed description of the role for your organization.

This post is also helpful to individuals interested in the SEO analyst career to learn all they need to know about the role and be able to make informed decisions about their career choice.

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