Customer Service Team Member Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Customer Service Team Member job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Customer Service Team Members provide assistance to customers or clients. Image source:

Customer Service Team Member Job Description Example

The customer service team member is a representative whose role in an organization is to render assistance to customers or clients who patronize their organization for goods and services.

His/her job description entails interacting with customers in the organization, providing them with information about company products and services to enhance their buying decision.

He/she exhibits high level of courtesy in attending to customers either in person or over the phone, taking their inquiries and providing useful answers to give them clear direction on what they want.

In doing this, the team member exercises a great deal of patience, most especially in dealing with difficult customers and those who are upset of the service delivery.

A major responsibility of the customer service team member is to handle all complaints of customers with regards to company goods and services.

He/she does this in accordance with laid down company policies in a bid to protect the reputation of the company and win customers’ trust.

In cases where the delivery cannot be managed, he/she makes a replacement according to company policies.

Where the issue at hand is beyond the powers of the team member, he/she directs customers to appropriate desks.

As part of the marketing team, the member pitches company products and services to customers in a bid to convince them to make a positive buying decision.

To do this, he/she must be well informed about products and services offered by the company to be able to provide accurate information about them to customers.

He/she also generates sales lead. After providing useful assistance to customers on the particular products or services they are inquiring about, he/she uses the opportunity to introduce new similar products to them, telling them the benefits they stand to enjoy from using the products/services.

An Example of a Customer Service Team Member’s Job Description

The major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the customer service team member include the following as shown in the job description example below:

  • Answer customer inquiry phone calls and address their questions with accurate answers and also attend to customers who come to the organization in person
  • Receive customer complaints with an open mind and make genuine efforts to provide solutions to them
  • Keep clean records of all customer inquiries, complaints, and transactions for future reference and evaluation by management
  • Ensure that necessary changes are made upon customers’ complaints to avoid a repeat and make them patronize the organization again
  • Outline charges for all customer services, take customer billing, and fix billing issues when they arise by adjusting billing charges, exchanging merchandize and refunding money when necessary
  • Review all claims made by customer to determine whether they are valid or not and direct customer to specific departments where issues that need special attention can be effectively handled
  • Take accurate information such as change of address records and make available service discontinuance order for contract forms on the computer system
  • Make improvement suggestions on products and services from customer feedback for better service delivery.

Customer Service Team Member Resume

A resume can be written for the position of team member in a customer service setting by using the sample job description given above.

Information from this job description can be used in making the job history section of the resume where you need to state the activities you carried out working on the position for your former or current employer.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for the Position of Customer Service Team Member

Below are attributes that are important to the success of an individual working as a team member in a customer service environment.

  • Good human relations skills for relating with customers effectively
  • Good temperament in dealing with difficult customers
  • Ability to multitask in attending to different customer needs
  • Ability to pay attention to detail in taking customers’ orders and deliveries, as well as complaints
  • Good phone etiquette in dealing with customers over the phone.

If you have worked or are currently employed as a customer service team member, we would like to hear of your job description and experience on the job, please share it in the comment box below.

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