Customer Service Coordinator Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | October 6, 2023
Customer Service Coordinator Job Description
Customer service coordinators follow up on customers and their queries.

This post provides detailed information on the customer service coordinator job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be asked to fulfill to be hired for the customer service coordinator role by most employers/recruiters.

What Does a Customer Service Coordinator Do?

A customer service coordinator is responsible for managing a line of customer service employees.

The customer service coordinator job description involves ensuring that the public has a pleasant, timely, and satisfying experience when they are contacting the organization.

It also entails providing accurate and timely information to others within the organization.

The customer service coordinator is in charge of working with the front office personnel on potential complaints, actions taken and changes needed.

They take action to correct mistakes made by other front office employees in handling complaints or problems with customers.

It is also their responsibility to interact with clients and customers in a positive manner to resolve issues in an expedient matter without causing additional incidences of problems or issues at the same time, if possible.

Handling the day to day flow of their lines and the steps to be taken in order to keep things flowing smoothly is one of the tasks of the customer service coordinator.

Additionally, the customer service coordinator’s duties include maintaining records related with customer calls and feedback, filing them appropriately, as well as acknowledging feedback that has been provided.

They maintain communication between all departments in the organization, keeping them aware of any new changes that have been implemented in dealing with customers.

This position is also directly involved in keeping the front office and back office personnel aware of company procedures when dealing with customers and clients.

The customer service coordinator work description also entails recruiting more employees for the department if needed.

It also involves providing an overall, positive and timely experience for customers and clients in order to increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Customer service coordinators’ duties usually entail sales promotion, listening to customers and giving feedback, as well as ensuring that customers are made aware of changes in the company, in terms of policy or new offers before they get to know about it through other means.

They make sure that the area of their jurisdiction is clean, organized, and tidy.

Customer service coordinators work together with the general manager to ensure that all infractions and violation by employees are reported and dealt with, so as to maintain peace and harmony within the establishment among all people working there.

Customer Service Coordinator Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The customer service coordinator job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Maintain and update customer service database
  • Follow up on customers and their queries
  • Organize customer rewards programs
  • Answer inbound calls
  • Follow up on customer outbound calls/inquiries
  • Coordinate with other departments for customer service support
  • Updating customer service database and reporting to management
  • Monitor customers’ online behavior and make recommendations
  • Construct data reports and present to management
  • Monitor product quality and technical support
  • Search customer feedback and implement customer suggestions
  • Conduct surveys to rate the customers
  • Make travel arrangements for staff.

Customer Service Coordinator Job Description for Resume

If you have worked previously or are currently working as a customer service coordinator and are making a new resume or CV, then you can create a compelling Professional Experience section for your resume by applying the sample customer service coordinator job description provided above.

You can highlight the duties and responsibilities you have carried out or are presently performing as a customer service coordinator in your resume’s Professional Experience section by utilizing the ones provided in the above customer service coordinator job description.

This will show to the recruiter/employer that you have been successful performing the customer service coordinator duties, which can greatly enhance your chances of being hired for the new position, especially if it requires someone with some customer service coordinator work experience.

Customer Service Coordinator Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are important requirements you may be asked to fulfill to be hired for the customer service coordinator job by most recruiters/employers:

  • Ability to communicate with customers in other languages spoken in that region
  • Knowledge of French is not absolutely necessary, but knowledge of English is highly recommended
  • Ability to provide product support and understand the importance of product, as well as basic tips on how to maintain it
  • Good listener, since customer service coordinator needs to listen to customers for up to 3 hours per day
  • Team player and efficient when multitasking
  • Comfortable talking with people who are not in a business setting, since the position handles both customers and employees at the same time
  • Ability to work under pressure, since they will be required to work 3 hours per shift with hardly any break and will be required to not slack off performance
  • Hard worker and professional in carrying out assigned duties
  • Physically fit for the job so that one can stand for long hours during their shifts
  • A quick learner since customer service coordinators are expected to learn fast on new things and new products so as not to miss out on sales opportunities that the establishment has in offer.

Customer Service Coordinator Salary

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a customer service coordinator in the United States is $60,485 per year, with an average salary of $38,774 per year.


The customer service coordinator job involves a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and determination to keep customers satisfied and ensure that they have a pleasant time each time they come to the business establishment.

This post is helpful to individuals interested in the customer service coordinator career. They will be able to learn all they need to know about the work customer service coordinators do, to decide if that’s the job they want to do.

It is also useful to recruiters/employers in making a detailed job description for the customer service coordinator position in their organizations, for use in hiring for the role.