Commercial Property Manager Job Description, Key Duties, and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Commercial Property Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Commercial Property Managers ensure that buildings are in great shape and relate
with tenants on behalf of property owners.

This post provides detailed information on the job description of a commercial property manager, including the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that they commonly perform.

What Does a Commercial Property Manager Do?

A commercial property manager provides assistance to property owners in managing their properties in line with the management agreement reached and signed by both parties.

The job description of the commercial property manager entails carrying out day-to-day management and operational functions on assigned properties.

His/her responsibilities cover financial aspects of the property as well as relating directly with tenants on behalf of the property owner.

The manager is equally expected to handle other services, like snow removal, landscaping, janitorial services, repair, and maintenance of the said property.

All complaints lodged by tenants are handled by the property manager. Attending to service requests by tenants is also part of the role of the commercial property manager.

Terms of tenancy lease serve as the backbone of his/her operations and he/she is expected to be familiar with this. Aside this, the work description of the commercial property manager equally covers submitting performance report of the property, both financial and otherwise, to the owner periodically.

His/her duties also entail preparing annual budget on the property.

Many commercial real estate firms do require the services of a manager to provide all necessary support to the efforts of the management in the implementation of programs, procedures, and policies that can ensure properly maintained and managed buildings.

The property manager is expected to make positive response from tenants his/her top priority.

Environmental safety and health authorities should also be carried along by the manager regarding the building.

The objectives and goals of the owner are equally expected to be kept in view and this should actually be the primary concern of the manager.

Conclusively, the commercial property manager is expected to be in charge of an assigned building, especially when the executive staff is not available.

He/she should be ready to be called upon any time in the day or night regarding the building in his/her management.

While the manager may not be able to bear all the tasks required in the property management deal, he/she has the responsibility of delegating such tasks to contractors and maintenance staff.

Commercial Property Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A detailed commercial property manager job description example is discussed below. This shows what the major responsibilities, tasks, and duties of most commercial property managers are.

  • Ensure tenants are served as required
  • Respond timely and courteously to problems and requests of tenants
  • Prepare work orders for maintenance staff and vendors
  • Ensure tenants’ needs are met accordingly by following up the proffered solution
  • Provide 24 hours coverage to meet up with emergency needs of tenants
  • Carry out frequent inspection around the tenant spaces and the property itself to ensure tenants comply with agreed upkeep of the property and lease agreement
  • Ensure proper maintenance of lease and property files and ensure such files are updated as required
  • Ensure company policy is adhered to by all parties involved
  • Maintain all necessary tenant correspondence, file, and records
  • Administer tenant occupancy and provide new tenant with introductory letters as regards maintenance request and rent collection procedures, insurance requirements, and emergency contacts
  • Develop proficiency in relevant software for better properly management
  • Take responsibility of preparing and establishing property operation manual, maintenance procedures and policies, and property management plan
  • Prepare faxes, memos, and emails
  • Prepare administrative forms like expense reports
  • Ensure professional execution of overnight deliveries and other courier services
  • Organize tenant move-in and eviction when necessary
  • Coordinate contractors and regular business property inventories
  • Estimate meter reading and utility bill and report back to tenants
  • Check for all available opportunities to ensure reduction of cost
  • Provide all property coding right on the invoice in a proper manner.

Commercial Property Manager Job Description for Resume

Getting the job of commercial property manager can be easier if you have a great resume prepared and presented to employers.

To make a good resume for the role, the sample job description provided above has the duties and functions of the position to use in creating a compelling professional experience section that tells the employer that you have the needed experience to do the job.

Commercial Property Manager Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

The commercial property manager is expected to possess the abilities, knowledge, and skills shown below in order to be highly effective on the job:

  • Possess Bachelor’s degree from a University or College
  • Possess a number of years of working experience
  • Possess proactive character
  • Ability to initiate follow-through
  • Possess flexibility and high level of dependability, as well as unquestionable confidentiality
  • Possess strong oral and written communication skills to pass information to stakeholders without being misunderstood
  • Possess good knowledge of office equipment and their operation, like scanners, fax machines, and copiers
  • Ability to work with various computer packages like Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and MS Word
  • Possess ability to work with others and get them to perform optimally
  • Possess ability to multi-task and prioritize assignments.