Clinic Receptionist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | May 28, 2024
Clinic Receptionist Job Description
Clinic Receptionists welcome visitors and patients to the clinic.

This post provides in-depth information on the job description of a clinic receptionist, to boost your knowledge of what they do.

What Does a Clinic Receptionist Do?

The clinic receptionist is responsible for welcoming visitors and patients to the clinic and taking necessary information from them before they are allowed to see the doctor.

The job description of the clinic receptionist involves registering new patients by carrying out necessary documentation before they can be attended to by the doctor.

He/she is in charge of managing patients’ health data and other personal information.

The clinic receptionist’s role in the administration of a clinic also includes scheduling appointments for registered patients to see the doctor and keeping the doctor informed of his daily appointments.

He/she also ensures that patients are kept updated of changes in scheduled appointments.

Receptionists are well informed about the operations and protocols of the clinic and are therefore able to provide correct answers to patients’ questions.

As part of clinic protocols, the receptionist collects vital information about a patient, including their health history, which is then provided to the doctor for use in determining the patient’s health condition.

Other duties they perform include evaluating office inventories and accessories by checking stocks to determine availability of materials.

Where available stock is inadequate, the receptionist will be responsible for placing order for them as directed by the doctor.

He/she will also inspect the materials supplied to the clinic for accuracy and durability, and verify their receipts.

In a situation of emergency, the receptionist will provide help to patients in distress by comforting them.

He/she will check them into the clinic and immediately get a doctor to attend to them.

As part of his/her responsibility, the receptionist will also supervise repairs of faulting equipment in the clinic and ensure that all appliances are in good working condition for the clinic’s operation to run smoothly, providing an environment that is conducive to patients.

Maintenance of confidentiality is an important part of a clinic receptionist’s job. Therefore, he/she is expected to handle patients’ information discreetly, keeping their files safe and accessible only to their doctors and insurance officials in the event of any insurance claims.

Clinic Receptionist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The following is an example of the clinic receptionist’s job description, consisting of key tasks and responsibilities which make up the daily work of the individual holding the position.

  • Greet and welcome visitors and patients to the clinic; make them comfortable while taking information regarding their visit to the clinic from them
  • Give appointments to patients who want to see the doctor and inform the doctor of their arrival
  • Process patients’ files, and explain the clinic’s policies to them
  • Ensure that stationery needed for the smooth operation of the reception desk are always available
  • Ensure that the clinic is opened at the appropriate time directed by the doctor and supervise cleaning of the clinic to create a clean and healthy environment
  • Direct patients to specific locations where they’ll be attended to and guide them through the clinic’s procedures
  • Ensure that patient data are accurate and are updated from time to time
  • Check stock of equipment and inform management of shortages
  • Collect revenue by recording financial information; collect charges for services; and record third party claims
  • Understand insurance packages and make necessary documents available to insurance agents when the need arises
  • Inform patients when test results have been confirmed.

Clinic Receptionist Job Description for Resume

The clinic receptionist job description sample above can be used in writing a resume for the post.

The stated functions of the position can be used in creating the professional experience section of the resume with appropriate modifications to reflect your actual job experience.

Clinic Receptionist Qualities and Attributes

Individuals applying for the post of receptionist in a clinic are usually expected to possess the following attributes by the majority of employers:

  • Knowledge of medical terminologies
  • High level of confidentiality
  • Have empathy for patients
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Computer literate
  • Good bookkeeping skills
  • Good temperament.

Clinic Receptionist Resources

To help in making you a better clinic receptionist and taking your career to the top, here are useful resources you can access:

Professional Organizations

The National Association of Professional Receptionists The Association promotes the value of a professional receptionist, sSets standards for professionalism through certification, etc. National Customer Service Association The Association equips its members with the right information and skills to be effective in customer relationships.

Useful Blogs

Myreceptionist Provides lots of customer service and receptionist topics to help you improve your skills and knowledge. Beyond the Reception Desk Provides resources on receptionists' training, telephone techniques, confidentiality, communication skills, and more.

Helpful Books

The New Receptionist: An essential guide to the professional workplace This book can help you to go from receptionist to CEO. The Receptionist Handbook A no-nonsense guide to being a receptionist that every front desk employee should read. Medical Receptionist Handbook to Success A comprehensive guide for all front desk workers in the healthcare industry.