Car Salesman Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | May 19, 2024
Car Salesman Job Description
Car Salesmen and women sell both new and used cars.

This post provides in-depth information on the job description of a car salesman, to boost your knowledge of their duties, tasks, and responsibilities.

What Does a Car Salesman Do?

The car salesman is a retail man or woman who sells new and/or old cars. Unlike traditional retail sales, car sales are often times negotiable.

The car salesman role is similar to that of the retail salesperson and others.

According to Onetonline, the retail salesperson and car salesman performs similar functions, such as greeting customers and guiding them to what they want, as well as answering questions about merchandise or car.

The job description of a car salesman or saleswoman entails showing cars to people who visit the dealership and explaining the characteristic of various models.

He/she would also apprise car shoppers of warranties and financing options.

The role of a car sales rep requires the individual to be well informed about all the cars he/she is selling and be ready to answer questions about gas usability and engine size, mileage, and colors that each model comes in.

Car salesmen are employed by brand new car dealerships or used car dealerships, and are also known as sales representatives.

While working as a car salesperson or vehicle sales executive, you would be required to sell both new and used cars, and possibly other vehicles such as motorbikes and vans.

If you are excited about motor vehicles and have a persuasive manner, this could be your job.

To be good at this job you will have to be self-confident. You should also have good mathematical skills for calculations.

You should also be able to explain technical jargons in a clear way to laymen.

Previous sales experience is an added advantage for this job. However, some employers place more importance on your personality, ability to persuade people, confidence, and your knowledge of cars and the motor industry in general.

In most companies, you would be expected to have a full driving license.

As a car salesperson, you would need to use your persuasive skills to sell used new cars. You would work for automobile dealerships that specialize in specific models of cars.

Your primary responsibility is selling, but you might also have several other important duties.

Car Salesman Job Description Example/Sample/Template

People who work as car sellers perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities in a bid to make sales.

Here is an example of the kind of job description they are typically required to execute by most employers.

  • Understand cars by studying their features and capabilities, as well as comparing and contrasting competitive models
  • Develop buyers by keeping good rapport with previous and new customers; also by suggesting trade-ins; respond to inquiries; recommend sales campaigns and promotions
  • Qualify buyers by understanding their interests and requirements; matching requirements and interests to various models, etc.
  • Close sales by overcoming objection(s); complete sales or purchase contracts; explain provisions; offer services, warranties and financing; collect payment and deliver automobile
  • Update own job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, attending seminars and reading professional publications
  • Explore new opportunities in order to add value to job accomplishments
  • Figure out customer’s needs by listening and asking questions
  • Perform walk-around with new and old customer and demonstrate features of suitable vehicles
  • Effectively close sales
  • Ensure that customers understand the vehicle’s operating features, paperwork and warranty
  • Establish and maintain follow-up system, which encourages repeat business cum referrals
  • Report to the sales manager regarding reviews, analyses , objectives, and planned activities
  • Participates in sales meetings and training provided by the dealership and manufacturers
  • Review sales statistics and plan more effectively to improve sales.

Car Salesman Job Description for Resume

The car salesman resume can be prepared using information from the sample job description above.

The given information about the functions of the position can be employed in writing the job history section of the resume that tells the employer the hand-on experience you have acquired on the job.

Here is a complete car salesman resume example as a template for writing a good resume for the post.

Car Salesman Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

The following attributes, including knowledge, skills, and abilities are commonly requested by employers from applicants when hiring for the position of car salesperson:

  • A Valid driver’s license
  • At least one year of sales or vehicle sales experience
  • Possess understanding and knowledge of equity and values, automobile depreciation, and local, state and federal laws that guide automobile
  • Must be excellent at communicating information to visitors and inquirers
  • Possess good dress sense that portrays neat and smart personality
  • Must be able to sell minimum quota according to dealership standards
  • Must be aggressive in selling; and possess a positive attitude.

Car Salesman Employment

The employment figure for retail salespersons, including car salesman, provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2023 is 3,684,740.

The states that provided most of the employment for retail salespersons, including car salesman, include California (341,070), Florida (312,260), and Texas (310,150). Also, the top hiring industries for 2023 include general merchandise retailers, clothing and clothing accessories retailers, and building material and supplies dealers, with 621,100, 492,610, and 423,960 employments respectively.

Car Salesman Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary of a retail salesperson, including car salesman was averagely $36,690 per annum in 2023.

Motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing ($71,240 yearly), automobile dealers ($62,380 yearly), and motor vehicle parts manufacturing ($61,570) are some of the industries that pay the highest salaries to retail salespersons.

Car Salesman Job Satisfaction

The car salesman occupation has low job satisfaction, revealed in a survey by CareerExplorer.

Hundreds of car salespeople participated in the survey and gave a rating of 2.4 over 5 stars, putting the occupation in the bottom 3% of careers in job satisfaction.


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