Business Development Officer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Business Development Officer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Business Development Officers create marketing and business plans to achieve
company revenue goals.

This post provides in-depth information on the job description of a business development officer, to help you learn the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Business Development Officer Do?

In conjunction with the managing director, the business development officer is responsible for developing marketing and business plans for the achievement of revenue goals for a company.

The business development officer job description also entails participating in media communication activities for the company; these activities include marketing press releases, websites, and advertisements.

The position of the business development officer is a result oriented role. He/she is responsible for understanding the trends in his/her company’s field of specialty; knowing the people that matter in such fields.

They are usually given roles such as negotiation of sales – licensing arrangements, raising funds for various projects, finding business partners, and pitching to investors the company’s business plans.

Other duties they perform include developing an effective customer relationships with clients in order to get tem affiliated with the company.

He/she will effectively manage appointments and customer calls, and will always be on the lookout for new opportunities.

Business Development Officer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Here is an example of the business development officer job description, highlighting major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of individuals who work in that position.

  • Analyze current and past expense budgets, sales, product deficiencies, and revenues. This enables him/her to provide recommendations for the company’s growth and resolution of problems
  • Engage in market research in order to identify new opportunities for business
  • Explain to potential customers about the various benefits offered by company products or services; following them up so as to close the business deals
  • Respond to queries and complaints from clients as regards the company’s products; this should be done in a timely fashion
  • Develop business proposals for existing and new customers
  • Develop innovative strategies for retaining clients; this includes undertaking interviews in order to get feedback and incorporate it into the growth plan
  • Prepare annual budget (marketing) and track expenses relating to the budget
  • Develop comprehensive knowledge about the business and its development practices, its marketing activities, prospective clients, and the trends for the industry
  • Establish a knowledge storehouse of clients, referrals, REPs, presentations, and prospects
  • Participate in forums related to the industry; conferences and client discussions. In other words, act as a representative of the company
  • Determine cross-selling opportunities among different offices.
  • Supervise database of client relationship management and utilize the result to manage customers and the mailing lists
  • Hire, guide and train business development staff and associates

Business Development Officer Job Description for Resume

The work experience section of the business development officer resume can be created by using information from the sample job description provided above.

The job description highlights the needed duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the position that can be employed in making the work history section of the resume.

Business Development Officer Requirements: Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

If you are aspiring to work as a business development officer, here are the skills and other attributes to development to improve your chances of being hired by employers:

  • Possess very good sales skills
  • Analytical skills: Business development officers must be analytical thinkers with the ability to analyze new and prospective opportunities in business
  • Educational qualification: Most companies require applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field related to business. Any experience of working in a related field or company would be of great benefit
  • Project skills: Ability to man project effectively with developed goals and procedures for its implementation
  • Possess problem solving skills
  • Networking skills: He/she should have the ability to build and maintain relationships and contacts in and outside the company
  • Must possess a good business sense
  • Marketing skills: The officer in charge of business development should be able to pitch to clients on company’s new and available goods and services
  • IT/ computer skills: He/she must be able to use the computer and similar gadgets
  • Organizational skills: He/she must have the ability to stay put on assignments
  • Ability to work under pressure and still meet up with given deadlines
  • Possess effective communication skills to interact with diverse groups of people both in writing and in speaking without getting misunderstood
  • Good negotiation skills: The ability to dialogue with clients and arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome is important to the work of business development officers
  • Must be a notably pleasant character
  • Must be flexible and able multi task on the job
  • Ability to constantly generate new ideas for the company’s advancement and success
  • Planning skills: The officer should have the ability to plan for a project and follow it up to its completion
  • Possession of people skills: He/she should have the ability to effectively cope with colleagues and clients and move them towards accomplishing certain tasks and goals
  • He/she must be willing and able to pay attention to details

You can also use the skills and other qualities of the business development officer presented above in writing the core competence or skills section of a resume for the position.