Accounts Receivable Specialist Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Accounts Receivable Specialist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Accounts Receivable Specialists ensure successful collections of a company’s outstanding payments.

Accounts Receivable Specialist Job Description Example

What Does an Accounts Receivable Specialist Do?

Accounts receivable specialists are responsible for the accounts receivable and collection activities of a company.

The accounts receivable specialist job description involves taking responsibility for all outstanding payments issues on behalf of the organization.

He/she is expected to resolve and track all payments and to ensure they are paid as and when due.

He/she is also expected to relate directly with the company’s vendors and ensure their outstanding bills are paid promptly.

The role of an accounts receivable specialist is a highly tasking one and the individual holding the position should be a real expert in order to be successful on the job.

He/she should equally provide the organization’s management with periodic report on accounts receivable, which must be produced on time to enable management to make quick decisions on company policies.

The person handling this role is expected to have a strong knowledge of general accounting principles.

Additionally, he/she should have unquestionable proficiency in a number of accounting software and be able to handle relevant Microsoft Office packages, in particular Microsoft Excel.

The accounts receivable specialist should be an individual with proactive and positive attitude to work, which can rub off on both vendors and other members of staff he/she has to work together with.

Needless to say, he/she must be a good communicator to enable him/her relate appropriately with other members of staff, as well as with the company’s clients and vendors.

He/she must also possess very strong skills in organization, and be able to prioritize tasks and choose the most important duties to complete first.

The above skills are required for accounts receivable specialists to have to ensure proper management of the various assignments they have to carry out on daily basis.

To perform his/her work description effectively, the accounts receivable specialist must be able to multitask; he/she will have to deal with so many people at the same time and must endeavor to meet their needs and expectations altogether.

He/she must have phone call ethics too and be able to respond to clients on phone in the right manner.

This position involves dealing with top members of management; therefore, the receivable specialist must be able to display ethics and professionalism in the course of such dealings.

This position is also a dynamic one, which requires that anyone aspiring to it must be a good learner in order to fit in; new ideas and methods of practice come up almost on daily basis, which the receivable specialist must be ready to learn.

Other duties and responsibilities usually in the accounts receivable specialist job description include overseeing the activities of the department. This means he/she must possess unquestionable leadership qualities in order to excel on the challenging tasks of the department.

Accounts Receivable Specialist Job Description Example

Accounts receivable specialists perform various assignments geared towards helping their companies collect all outstanding payments from customers and vendors.

Their job description usually contains duties, tasks, and responsibilities as given in the example below:

  • Undertake the organization’s collection calls on day to day basis
  • Carry out account analysis and research on behalf of the company
  • Develop and maintain periodic reports and present same to the management on regular basis
  • Provide accurate aging report
  • Identify what needs to be changed in the accounts receivable processes of the organization and implement such adjustments without delay, but in agreement with the top management of the organization
  • Forward accounts statement to the company’s vendors
  • Reconcile the accounts receivable to the general ledger
  • Relate with the company’s customers to enable easy resolution of all outstanding payment issues
  • Communicate via mail, email or phone with customers
  • Resolve all inquiries requested by customers after proper investigation
  • Process all credit card payments of the vendors
  • Process receipt following the company’s established procedures.

Accounts Receivable Specialist Resume Preparation

The sample job description above can help you prepare a resume for the job of accounts receivable specialist.

The duties and responsibilities of the position contained in the above work description are the right items to use in making the job experience section of the resume, which provides proof of your ability to effectively do the work of an accounts receivable specialist if hired.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Accounts Receivable Specialist Role

The following are the typical requirements – abilities, knowledge and skills – that employers demand that applicants for the post of accounts receivable specialists should have to be considered for the role:

  • Education: Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Sciences in related fields, like Finance, Bookkeeping, and Accounting
  • Years of experience in related field is added advantage
  • Possess good knowledge in account receivable
  • Possess good knowledge of office procedures and administration
  • Possess proficiency in computer software related to accounts receivable
  • Possess excellent attention to details and must be able to perform tasks accurately
  • Possess top level skills in organization
  • Ability to manage accounts receivable information
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems
  • Possess top level communication skills, on phone, in written and verbal forms
  • Possess top level skills in customer service.

Accounts Receivable Specialist Skills for Resume

When writing a resume for the accounts receivable specialist job, an important section to include in your resume is the skills section, which helps in selling convincing employers that you will be able to implement the job description of the position.

To make the skills section, the qualities listed above for the receivable specialist can be applied, as long as you actually have them.