Restaurant Assistant Job Description Example

Restaurant Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Restaurant Assistants work with the restaurant manager in ensuring operations at restaurants go smoothly.

Restaurant Assistant Job Description Example

What Does a Restaurant Assistant Do?

A restaurant assistant is responsible for providing operational services in a restaurant. He/she works with the restaurant manager, with a job description that entails standing in for the manager whenever he/she is not available.

This means all the tasks and duties of the manager will fall on their laps. Assistants therefore must be as knowledgeable and authoritative and vibrant as the manager. A lack in any of the qualities of the manager will hamper their ability to perform the role effectively.

The restaurant assistant provides the necessary direction to other members of staff. He/she sees them through daily tasks and ensures they perform their assigned duties in accordance with the laid down rules of the restaurant.

Assistants to managers at restaurants must have good interpersonal relationship, especially with customers. They must be able to interact cordially with customers and have listening ears to their complaints and inquiries. The end goal is to provide satisfactory customer services.

The assistant also plays the role of a quality control agent in the restaurant. He/she ensures every department in the restaurant complies with the rules laid down by the company in delivering services to their customers.

Customer satisfaction should be the first consideration the assistant must keep in mind and this should inform every decision he/she makes in the restaurant.

The work description of the restaurant assistant also involves recruiting and training of new members of staff.

He/she should always be on hand to direct, correct, and assess the activities of other members of staff to get the job done. He/she is also expected to apportion punishment where such is necessary.

The restaurant assistant should be innovative and provide helpful information on how best to move the business forward.

He/she should liaise with the restaurant manager in promoting the business ideals and goals of the restaurant.

He/she participates in ordering for items needed in the restaurant. The kitchen staff and store keepers do refer to him/her when certain items are required for service provision at the kitchen or store.

He/she equally assists the front desk staff members in welcoming customers into the restaurant.

Other duties and responsibilities the assistant may perform include leading customers to their seats and taking their orders, as well as serving them.

Considering the enormity of the tasks of a restaurant assistant, he/she should be able to work under pressure and to maintain his/her composure while responding to clients’ needs, no matter how tight his/her schedules may be.

He/she must be able to multitask too, since he/she will be required to work at the restaurant, kitchen, and also at the store.

The restaurant assistant must keep records of all items used in the kitchen and those items taken out of the store. He/she must also keep records of all newly purchased items.
Furthermore, he/she must oversee the activities of the restaurant’s maintenance staff.

Restaurant Assistant Job Description Example

The following is a restaurant assistant’s job description example, listing the core tasks, duties, and responsibilities individuals who work in that role are usually expected to perform in their day to day activities:

  • Plan and oversee scheduling for the restaurant’s members of staff
  • Liaise with the management and staff of the restaurant to ensure provision of top quality customer services
  • Provide required training to other members of staff, both new recruits and existing staff member
  • Listen to inquiries and complaints of customers
  • Resolve any issue or disagreement among members of staff and between members of staff and customers
  • Cover up for any member of staff that is unavoidably absent from his/her duty post
  • Manage and organize all cash and paperwork duties in the restaurant
  • Ensure members of staff adapt to the sanitary standards of the organization.

Restaurant Assistant Resume Preparation

If you are seeking a new job as a restaurant assistant, you will need to send a resume to prospective employers to help them do a proper assessment of your suitability for the job.

You will need to put in relevant information in your resume to make it powerful to get you an interview, where you can seal the deal.

To help you prepare a strong professional experience section for your resume, the information given in the above sample job description, that is the duties and responsibilities of the role, can be applied.

This section shows employers that you will be able to effectively carry out the functions of the position since you have demonstrated to have done so in the past.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Restaurant Assistant Job

To succeed in your role as a restaurant assistant, you will need to develop certain skills, knowledge, and abilities, which will enable you to effectively stand in for the manager when he/she is not around.

Here are the major qualities to have to excel in this position:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in hospitality and management or other related fields
  • Years of experience in the field of restaurant management is an added advantage
  • Ability to think fast work-related problems and come up with immediate solutions
  • Ability to carry out multiple tasks and responsibilities at the same time and complete them in record time without erring
  • Ability to remain composed even under the strictest of conditions
  • Possess first-hand experience with serving of foods and beverages
  • Ability to manage cooking, preparation, storage, and procurement
  • Posses sound communication skills, both in written and verbal forms
  • Ability to enforce the standards and policies of the restaurant on other members of staff.

Restaurant Skills for Resume

To make a powerful resume for the restaurant assistant job, the skills section of the resume must be well produced.

You can achieve a great skills section by presenting the above qualities a restaurant assistant would need to succeed on the job in your resume.

Employers will be interested in reading it because it shows the attributes they are looking for in the restaurant assistant they want to hire.

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