20 Best Sykes Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

20 Best Sykes Work from Home Jobs You Can Access.
Sykes offers various work-from-home job opportunities you can access.

20 Best Sykes Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

This post provides exhaustive information on work-from-home jobs that Sykes offers, to help you decide on the best online job you want to build a career on.

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What is Sykes?

Sykes is a top customer engagement and multichannel demand generation provider.

They provide services such as customer service, digital marketing, technical support, and sales expertise, and help businesses effectively engage customers.

These services help clients get, train, and boost their customer relationships via cost-effective solutions.

20 Best Sykes Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

Here are some of the best work-from-home jobs at Sykes:

  1. Customer Support Agent
  2. Trainer
  3. Virtual Customer Service Agent
  4. Intuit Customer Service Expert
  5. IT Technical Support Representative
  6. Teacher Quality Evaluator
  7. Staff Writer
  8. Photography CSA
  9. Human Resource Data Specialist
  10. Financial Customer Service
  11. Business Development Executive
  12. Content Editor
  13. Data Entry Specialist
  14. Inside Sales Associate
  15. Marketing Analytics Engineer
  16. Social Media Specialist
  17. System engineer
  18. Transfer Pricing Accountant
  19. Benefits Administrator
  20. Cloud Engineer.
  1. Customer Support Agent

The customer support agent will solve customer problems, handle calls, and provide impeccable customer support to customers.

You will need experience in customer service, technological companies, Healthcare, or financial services to work at Sykes as a customer support agent.

  1. Trainer

The trainer plans, prepares, and delivers training on account-specific skills.

The training majorly revolves round contractual metric compliance, customer satisfaction, and revenue production.

An Associate’s degree in a technical related field and a few years of experience in corporate mentoring or training is required.

  1. Virtual Customer Service Agent

This role involves helping out customers to resolve issues and answer insurance-related questions.

You will need high-speed internet, a USB headset, a computer, and a quiet workspace.

  1. Intuit Customer Service Expert

This position involves interacting with customers via webcam, de-escalating issues, researching, and meeting success metrics.

You will need strong computer skills and an ability to communicate effectively.

  1. IT Technical Support Representative

This position involves troubleshooting, answering inquiries, and resolving issues, and making recommendations.

You should have impeccable customer service skills.

The pay is $13 per hour.

  1. Teacher Quality Evaluator

The teacher quality evaluator oversees teacher performance.

You will need great internet and teaching certification, a few years of teaching experience, and a Bachelor’s degree.

The pay is $25 per hour.

  1. Staff Writer

The staff writer’s job is to research services and products, pitch creative ideas, write short and long-form content across various channels.

A Bachelor’s degree along with some journalism experience is required to work as a staff writer at Sykes.

  1. Photography CSA

This role involves working with a photography company to provide creative solutions and great customer service for customers.

You will need a GED/HSD, great communication skills, and the ability to solve problems.

  1. Human Resource Data Specialist

This position involves handling requests, ensuring and imputing employee data accuracy, ensuring timekeeping.

  1. Financial Customer Service

In this position, you will address inquiries and come up with solutions for customers of small businesses.

Solid communication skills, and a GED or a High School Diploma is required for this position.

  1. Business Development Executive

In this role, your job will be to collaborate with sales, marketing, and development teams to execute effective growth strategies.

You will need a few years of experience and solid technical knowledge.

  1. Content Editor

The content editor’s job is to upload content pieces, provide insights, carry out research, offer feedback, and manage projects.

A Bachelor’s degree along with some experience in a relevant field is required to be hired by Sykes as a content editor.

  1. Data Entry Specialist

This job involves employee data audits, ensuring accuracy and data entry into the HR Information system.

You will need a High School Diploma and a few years of experience in data entry.

  1. Inside Sales Associate

The inside sales associate builds relationships and drives strategies for the promotion of sales.

You will need a GED or High School Diploma and some customer service or sales experience to excel on the inside sales associate position at Sykes.

  1. Marketing Analytics Engineer

This job involves coming up with execution strategies, pushing the team’s forecasting, and partnering with the channels and data team.

You will need some analytics experience and a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Social Media Specialist

The job of a social media specialist is to create strategies for an online presence, facilitate campaigns, and monitor content.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree and some experience in social media marketing.

  1. System engineer

The system engineer handles building systems and platforms for businesses.

To occupy this position, you will have to be proficient with MS Office, Windows, Linus OX, Cloud, and Active Directory.

A Bachelor’s degree is also required.

  1. Transfer Pricing Accountant

This position involves ensuring that documentation requirements and transfer pricing laws are complied with.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree, solid project management skills, and prior experience in a relevant field.

  1. Benefits Administrator

The benefits administrator handles multiple employee questions and is responsible for overseeing and implementing assigned benefits like retirement benefits and health and welfare benefits.

The position also handles census audits and generations.

You will need an Associate’s degree and some experience in health and welfare admin.

The pay is $27,000 to$53,000.

  1. Cloud Engineer

The cloud engineer supports security control implementations, governance policy enforcement, and administrative task automation and orchestration.

This role is an important part of the business’ success; it will increase business agility, accountability, and scalability, and security.

You will need to be widely knowledgeable and have experience that cuts across many expertise areas.

You will also need to have some years of experience in IT operations and expertise in things like PowerShell, YAML, JSON, Ruby, Terraform, and Python.

Your expertise should focus on cloud automation; you will also need to have a Bachelor’s degree to be hired by Sykes cloud engineer.


Sykes will help you level up in your career, while also offering a competitive salary and good working terms.

Do you see a job you might check out with Sykes? If you do, then you can go ahead to apply on the Company’s website.