20 Best Legit Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

By | July 19, 2023
Legit Work from Home Jobs
There are several legitimate jobs online you can do from home, and even make a career of.

If you are interested in starting an online work, there are lots of legitimate work-from-home job opportunities available, although it may sometimes be difficult to know which ones aren’t legit and which ones are worth trying out.

This post helps you to identify those that are genuine so you can confidently access them.

20 Best Legit Work-from-Home Jobs You Can Access

Here are some of the best legitimate online jobs that you can do from home:

  1. Product tester
  2. Photographer
  3. Tutor
  4. Course creator
  5. Graphic designer
  6. Data entry specialist
  7. Budgeter
  8. Bookkeeper
  9. Social media manager
  10. Website designer
  11. Virtual assistant
  12. Dropshipper
  13. Blogger
  14. Freelance writer
  15. Proof-reader
  16. Facebook ads manager
  17. Online Personal Trainer
  18. Transcriber
  19. YouTube creator
  20. Textbook seller.
  1. Product tester

Product testing is an online job that involves working with products you are interested in.

All you have to do is try out products and then review them, digital or physical.

Great places to find product testing opportunities are Swagbucks Discover and Vindale Research.

The pay is between $5 and $15 hourly.

  1. Photographer

If you are a photography expert or enthusiast, you can make money selling pictures and taking snapshots of families, weddings, other events, or individuals.

There are lots of places to sell photos online and make between $15 and $45 on every sold photo.

  1. Tutor

You can tutor students by signing up on tutor sites and picking the subject you are great with.

The pay is usually between $14 and $22 or more hourly.

  1. Course creator

You don’t need to be a teacher to do this; you simply need to find a topic you know well and create a course on t.

You can simply create short easy and how-to videos and put them together.

You could be earning about 50% of the course price.

A platform you can sell your online courses is Outschool.

  1. Graphic designer

You can create and sell Pinterest images, social media images, printable sheets, ads, flyers, and more.

You can learn to use basic tools, advanced or both, and find courses to help. Examples of useful tools include PicMonkey, Canva, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

You could earn $30 an hour on average.

  1. Data entry specialist

This is a legit job you can do, especially if you’re a college student. It is easy and can be done in your free time, although the pay is typically less ($10 -$17 hourly).

You can find data entry jobs on platforms like DionData Solutions and Clickworker.

  1. Budgeter

If you’re great with creating and sticking to budgets, then you should consider selling your budgeting services and you could become a budgeting consultant.

Go on social media, Fiverr, or create a website for your business. You could be earning an average of $40 per hour.

  1. Bookkeeper

You will work to keep the financial matters of businesses in order, record expenses and income, and create invoices and send, and prepare financial reports.

You may be earning $40 on average per hour.

  1. Social media manager

Many businesses are not great with social media, and they hardly have anyone actively managing their platforms.

Your job will be to create posts and engage with other users.

The pay is $25 on average hourly.

  1. Website designer

You could learn to design websites and blogs by taking relevant courses. It helps if you are tech-savvy and know what looks good.

You want to make sure all websites you create are user-friendly. You could be earning $60 per hour on average.

  1. Virtual assistant

This involves assisting already established businesses with things like social media, email marketing, and blog management; administrative assistance and customer support.

The pay is $21 hourly on average.

  1. Dropshipper

You can set up an online store with a platform like Spotify, list products and then ship them straight to the customer from the supplier.

It is almost like purchasing the product for the customer and earning from it. You could earn anything from $25 to $500 per sale.

  1. Blogger

You can blog as an advertiser, affiliate marketer, or just a seller.

From blogging, you could be earning $1000 on average per month if you play your cards right and you’re patient.

Try HostGator to get your blog running.

  1. Freelance writer

Find clients who need content like blog posts, web content, and press release. You can start off on freelancewriting.com, Fiverr, Upwork, or freelancer.

As you grow, you can begin to work directly with companies. You can get paid $300 on average per article.

  1. Proof-reader

As a college student, start with your colleagues, offer to act as a second pair of eyes and get paid.

You can extend to magazines or publications.

The pay is $30 on average per hour.

  1. Facebook ads manager

If you’re willing to make an effort to learn this, you could contact small businesses and offer to run Facebook ads for them.

You could earn up to $1,500 monthly.

  1. Online personal trainer

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you also love to walk others through their fitness journey?

If you are, then you should consider being an online personal trainer.

You could begin virtually with sessions via YouTube, Zoom, or FaceTime, and even create meal plans.

The pay is $40 per session.

  1. Transcriber

This is in high demand and you can easily offer this service even without prior experience.

You can go on scribie.com, transcribeme.com, speechpad.com, rev.com, and gotranscript to search for transcription jobs.

The pay is $20 on average per audio hour.

  1. YouTube creator

YouTube is a booming industry right now and you can take advantage of it. You will have to meet YouTube’s subscriber and view criteria before you begin earning. The pay can get to$2,000 monthly.

  1. Textbook seller

You can sell or resell books and make a profit. You could begin with students who desire to resell their books and then scout better opportunities online.

Check bookscouter.com and structure your business there. Pay could reach 50% of the sold book.


There are so many ways to earn money working from home with just your devices and the internet.

If you brainstorm and plan hard enough, you will find the legitimate online job that works for you.