20 Best Alorica Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

By | July 19, 2023
Alorica Work from Home Jobs
Alorica offers exciting work from home jobs you can access. Image source: goodnewspilipinas.

This post presents detailed information about Alorica and the various rewarding work from home job opportunities that it offers, to help you choose the one that best fit your qualifications and experience.

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What is Alorica?

Alorica, established in 1999, is a leading company in contact management solutions.

The company, which is headquartered in Irvine, California, takes pride in serving clients across all kinds of industries, including government, travel industries, technology, businesses, Healthcare, communications, automotive, and financial services industry.

Alorica has employed over fifty thousand professionals across seventy-five locations worldwide.

This includes over five thousand remote agents, which have been employed with the help of Alorica at Home.

20 Best Alorica Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

If you desire to be one of Alorica’s remote workers from any part of the world, here is a list of the best Alorica work from home jobs:

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Administrative Support
  3. Team Manager
  4. Operations Manager
  5. Talent Acquisition Recruiter
  6. Client Solutions Director
  7. Network Infrastructure Engineer
  8. Licensed Health Agent
  9. SM Support Specialist
  10. Technical Support
  11. Quality Assurance Supervisor
  12. Trainer
  13. Bilingual Customer Service Reps
  14. Client Solutions Manager
  15. Accountant (Revenue Assurance)
  16. Inside Sales Representative
  17. Help Desk
  18. Graphic Designer
  19. Adjudicator
  20. Adjudicator Coach.
  1. Customer Service Representative

The customer service representative is in charge of helping customers out via emails, social media, phone calls, or chat.

A High School diploma, along with the relevant skillset is required for this position.

  1. Administrative Support

This position involves carrying out clerical and administrative support. This is done in collaboration with the call center’s operation director.

You should have a High School diploma, along with a few years of experience in a relevant field, like admin support.

  1. Team Manager

This role involves coordinating call service operations, partaking in activities concerning clients, and regularly supervising staff.

A GED or High School diploma, along with some experience in management is required to work with Alorica as a team manager.

  1. Operations Manager

The operations manager handles member training, member development, create action plans and ensure compliance with company policies.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree and excellent planning skills.

  1. Talent Acquisition Recruiter

This role involves carrying out research, analyzing data, recruiting employees, performing sourcing, and building industry partnerships.

The requirements for the talent acquisition recruiter position include a High School diploma, proficiency in Microsoft office, exceptional communication skills, and oracle expertise.

  1. Client Solutions Director

This role involves being a customer advocate, supplying progress reporting, overseeing contract renewals and negotiations, aligning strategies whether long-term or short-term, and expanding business footprints.

You will need a PMI certification to work as a client solutions director with Alorica.

  1. Network Infrastructure Engineer

This job involves ensuring overall efficiency, integrity, and stability of assigned system infrastructure by providing network engineering leadership.

The requirements for this position include a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience.

  1. Licensed Health Agent

The licensed health agent’s job involves providing support for customers in their choices of the right products, handling sales calls, responding to customer inquiries and complaints, and providing solutions.

  1. SM Support Specialist

This job involves supplying product information, resolving client issues and escalating calls when necessary.

It also involves carrying out customer service duties via phone calls with clients.

You will need to be proficient in computer usage and experienced in customer service.

  1. Technical Support

The technical support position responds to customer needs; conducting research, investigating issues, tracking calls, and collecting information.

A High School diploma and some experience in a related field are required to be hired at Alorica for the technical support role.

  1. Quality Assurance Supervisor

The quality assurance supervisor manages a quality assurance team, directly engages with operations management in order to identify and report quality needs and make sure team quality expectations are achieved.

  1. Trainer

The trainer coordinates training sessions, maintains performances, and performs evaluations, and maintains communications.

A few years of experience in a related field, MS Office skills, and a High School diploma are required for this position.

  1. Bilingual Customer Service Reps

This position involves receiving incoming calls, getting, entering, and verifying customer information; resolving issues, answering questions, and trying to upsell.

All of these will be done in more than one language, so you must be fluent in two languages.

  1. Client Solutions Manager

The client solutions manager’s job is to qualify business opportunities, oversee renewals and contract negotiations, and lead proposal development.

You will need a few years of experience in client management or call center work.

  1. Accountant (Revenue Assurance)

This role involves compiling complicated financial data from different sources, prepping and distributing financial reports, carrying out regular reconciliations, and carrying out journal entry analysis and preparations.

  1. Inside Sales Representative

The inside sales representative resolves customer inquiries, complaints, and questions.

They connect with prospective and current customers, sell client products and services, and handle all phone calls that are sales-related.

  1. Help Desk

This role helps provide technical support and handles service request logs.

The requirements for the role include a GED of a High School diploma, some experience, technical certification, and MS Proficiency.

  1. Graphic Designer

The graphic designer at Alorica oversees projects, develops concepts, and translates marketing objectives into more creative strategies.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree and some design skills to be hired by Alorica as a graphic designer.

  1. Adjudicator

This position receives client phone calls, completes computer inputs, and writes determinations drawn from the fact-finding policy, and documents relevant information.

You will need an AA degree and some experience in customer service.

  1. Adjudicator Coach

This role involves providing mentorship and supervision for subordinate staff, facilitating daily development and coaching, ensuring effective coaching, and participating in activities concerning clients.

Some management experience along with a High School diploma is required for this position.


Apart from the employee benefits and even the salary, Alorica offers bonus opportunities, paid training, and tuition reimbursement.

This means that you will be gaining so much more than just a salary.