17 Sales Consultant Skills to Stay Top of Your Job

By | August 15, 2023
Sales Consultant Skills
Sales Consultants need to have certain skills and qualities to succeed in their careers.

17 Sales Consultant Skills to Stay Top of Your Job

This post provides detailed information on the skills and qualities you need to have to excel in your job and career as a sales consultant.

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In order to grow daily in the industry, companies are put under pressure to improve their mode of operation.

This definitely leads to the hiring of people with more knowledge about how this growth can come, and one of the set of people that tend to benefit from this are the sales consultants.

Who is a Sales Consultant?

A sales consultant is a sales professional hired to use his/her knowledge to improve the internal workings of a company and improve their sales.

So, the basic duty of a sales consultant is to bring ideas that can help improve sales in the company.

To do this, there are some skills a sales consultant should possess, these include:

Top 17 Sales Consultant Skills and Qualities to Stay Top in your Career

  1. Product Knowledge

As a sales consultant, it is believed by people both in the workplace and outside the workplace that you have good and sufficient knowledge of the company’s product.

This is widely expected because of the importance of your job both to the company and customers.

As a sales consultant, adequate knowledge of the product is something that should be a priority to you.

Customers are definitely going to ask questions about the benefits of the product the company you are representing is offering.

It is part of your job to explain to them extensively about what they stand to gain by using your company’s products.

Not having sufficient knowledge of the company’s product is a sign that you are not competent to represent the company.

Knowledge of the product is not just knowing it by reason of having the manual or anything of sort, you have to know everything about it deeply that you can talk about it anywhere and anytime.

2. Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is part of your job as a sales consultant. You negotiate with customers on daily basis.

You may find yourself in a position where customers want the product you are selling at a cheaper rate less than the price quoted to them by you or the sales team.

To be able to negotiate well with customers requires that you develop your negotiation skills overtime.

You have to put the interest of the company at heart and that is the profit.

You have to try your best to get the best from customers and not put the company in a position of incurring losses.

One thing that will help you develop good negotiation skill is your ability to work on the minds of customers.

If you can work on the mentality of customers, then you are in for a good negotiation.

Also, explain to customers about the vast benefit they will gain by using the products.

If you can convince them, then you stand a better chance of getting the best deals from them.

3. Monitoring

Being a sales consultant requires that you work with a team. Your team is your backbone, and the effectiveness of your team is important for the job you have at hand.

So, you have to make sure that your team is given their absolute best to make your job easier.

One way to do this is by monitoring the activities of your team.

If you fail to monitor the activities of your team, you may have to constantly deal with a team of undisciplined personnel who might undermine the effort of the team as a whole.

You have to monitor your team to make sure that they are doing the right thing always.

Also, you have to monitor your own activities to know if you are making progress in your job as the sales consultant of your organization.

This is very important. This can also be seen as self-evaluation. You have to take out time to evaluate your input in relation to your daily output.

4. Presentable

First impression they say matters a lot. For you to capture the minds of the customers out there, you have to be presentable.

You have to make a big impression on them that you mean business and that you are ready to serve them and attend to their needs in relation to your job.

Being presentable starts with your looks, your communication, and the relationship you try to build with the customers from the first day you come in contact with them.

This is very important to you, the customers and the company you represent.

When you meet with the customers for the first time particularly, you have to give them a reason to patronize your company.

This is important for the long term future of the company. You have to establish the customer relationship with them.

Make them believe you truly want to satisfy their needs.

5. Customer Management

Do you know that getting customers is one thing and keeping them is another?

This is true. Hunting for customers is one skill and keeping them requires another special skill of its own.

If you don’t understand this principle, you will find yourself hunting for more customers yet no tangible result to show for the endless effort.

Customer management deals with how you can maintain the relationship with customers, as well as preserve their interest and patronage for your company.

Your customers are the reason why you are in business and maintaining their interest is a major priority.

As a sales consultant, one way of maintaining the loyalty of your customers is by not giving them a reason to patronize your competitors. This is not easy to do.

In your job as a consultant, you have to suggest to your company some services that need to be put in place which cannot be offered to them by your company’s direct competitors.

If the company loses sight of this key factor, then they are bound to lose their customers to their competitors.

6. Coordination

As a sales consultant, one thing that you should be known for is proper coordination.

You have to be coordinated in your dealings with your team and with the customers out there. Coordination should be your everyday lifestyle.

You should be able to coordinate your activities right from the time you leave your house. You got that right.

Before you leave your house to your workplace, you have to plan your activities, even before you get there.

Not doing so will definitely reflect in the confusion you may experience in carrying out your job functions that day.

Also, you have to extend this coordination in your dealings with customers.

Customers like dealing with individuals that are coordinated in their activities.

When you are talking or doing your presentation, they are mindful of how coordinated you are.

If there is no coordination in what you are doing, you are adjudged to be unserious and you know what the result will be?

You will lose your customers to your competitors who they deem to be more serious than you.

7. Multilingual

Being multilingual is a good skill to have as a sales consultant. This is true and need to be adhered to.

More companies are now on the lookout for individuals with the ability to speak more than one language.

If you find yourself in a place with people of different ethnic groups and different languages, you know you will definitely be faced with the challenge having customers who might like to be educated on your products using their native language.

This is where this skill becomes very important.

Knowing how to speak only English is not enough for anyone who desires the job of a sales consultant. Make effort to know more languages, such as Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc.

This will definitely help you to interact better with customers who want to communicate in their native language.

8. Presentation Skills

Your presentation is one of the ways you intimate customers about the benefit of your company products.

So, it is a serious matter and is not what to do without proper preparation.

You need to learn the act of public speaking to be effective in presenting your ideologies to customers, and must be done well to get their attention.

Before you go for your presentation either in the workplace or outside your workplace, you have to prepare well.

You have to rehearse your presentation and try to make sure your body language exudes confidence and not create an iota of doubt in the minds of your listeners.

You need to build confidence before and during your presentation.

Confidence markets your ideas more than you can imagine. However, proper preparation and planning can help you achieve your aim of rendering an awesome presentation.

9. Teamwork

To succeed in your job as a sales consultant, you need to work effectively with your team.

Your team is a vital part of your success. You have to work with them and make them give their best to their individual jobs too.

If you want to succeed, you must build and strengthen your team on all fronts.

One way to succeed in a team is to have the spirit of teamwork. It is called teamwork and not a competition.

Teach yourself and your team how to put the interest of the team ahead of your personal interest.

If they can do that, then you can only get better every day.

One thing that will help you strengthen your team is to find a way to motivate members to do better.

It can be an occasional activity you can include in the organization which can help encourage and reinvigorate the interest of the team members. Little incentives and regular encouragement can do.

10. Calmness

How do you handle annoying customers who always try to suffocate you every day with their unfounded complaints?

How do you handle team members who seem to complain always about the stress in the job?

You might be thinking about getting mad at them, but no. Be calm.

Do you know that when you are calm, you will always find a solution to some problems you face in the course of carrying out your job as a sales consultant?

There is every tendency to get worked over by the behavior of some customers, as well as the behavior of some people in the workplace or company.

The first step to solving problems in the workplace is to employ the power of calmness.

When customers seem to be difficult to handle, be careful not to get worked up.

Remember that competitors are everywhere and are waiting for you to slip up so that they can take advantage of that to capture your customers.

Manage them to the best of your strength.

11. Computer Literacy

One good thing computers have been able to do over the years is to make people’s job easier for them.

This is true as the use of computers is not restricted to any job or industry.

From time to time, different applications are pushed into the market to help solve some specific problems.

This means that for you as a sales consultant, there is a need to have adequate knowledge of how to use the computer.

If you already know the basics, then get advanced in the knowledge you already have. This is a priority for your job description.

Also, encourage the members of your team to get this valuable knowledge about the use of computers and other IT gadgets.

This will help in reaching out to customers easily, no matter the distance.

Encourage the company to have online platforms where customers can relate with the company at all times regardless of the distance.

12. Target Driven

Are you a target driven sales consultant or someone that just comes around and takes the day the way it comes?

If you belong to the latter category, then you are not going to last in your job.

However, if you belong to the first category, then you are most likely going to succeed in your job and career.

To succeed as a sales consultant, you have to set target first for yourself and for your team.

This will serve as your personal yardstick to judge your progress in your job.

Setting target for your team also is a way of keeping them reasonably busy, knowing full well that they have a target to meet.

Above all, you have to be conscious of the target given to you by your employer.

There is an expectation your employer has and will not be happy is that target is not met.

So, since you know you have a target to meet, then you have to reinvent and adjust yourself to meet that target.

13. Conflict Management

As a sales consultant, you need to have conflict management skill to excel in your job.

Conflicts will definitely arise in the workplace within the team and also from customers.

You have to prepare for this in case the conflict that arises may demand your intervention.

Most importantly, conflict management skill is the ability to manage conflicts within your team so that it does not escalate into a full blown crisis.

This is indeed not an easy task. But you have to develop this skill. Managing crisis is one of the tests of your leadership abilities.

Also, in your capacity you can also manage the conflict that arises from customers, due to complaints they may have towards the services they are not comfortable with that are rendered by your company.

Remember that customers are the reason your company is in business and if they are not comfortable or happy, then the business may suffer it adversely.

14. Communication

Communication is an important skill to have as a sales consultant for the survival and success of your career.

Your communication skills should be near perfect and should be able to convey your thoughts and plans in the workplace.

To your team, your communication is absolutely pivotal to the progress of your team.

Your team needs to hear your thoughts and your ideologies about the future of the company and the roles designated to them on how to achieve those goals.

Also, the customers appreciate and cherish meaningful communication from the company. This might have to be through you.

So, you have to do your homework on how to communicate effectively with customers, including knowing some customer friendly words to use always.

This can really make a big difference in your job.

15. Active Listening

How patient are you when listening to other people’s opinion? Your ears are for listening so if you are not doing that then you have to question yourself about it.

To be a good sales consultant, you have to learn how to listen to others both in the workplace and outside the workplace.

Be disciplined enough to train yourself to listen to whatever people have to say, particularly your team and the customers.

If you can’t listen to them then you are not far away from making decisions that are detrimental to your job and the sustainability of the company you work for.

Most important is the feedback from customers. When customers talk in the form of advice, criticism, or negative reaction, don’t just concentrate on how they render their points, but take note of the points and apply the corrections where necessary.

16. Persuasion

Persuasion is a vital skill to have for someone in your role. Persuasive skill is a powerful tool you can employ to make people change their ideas or decisions over a particular issue.

Can you convince customers to patronize your company?

It is not easy to persuade customers to patronize your company owing to the fact that there are other companies offering similar products just like your company.

It is this persuasive ability that will help you convince them that your company products can serve them better than other companies’ products.

To help you develop this skill, you need to study your audience before your presentation and know what exactly their needs are.

If you can find out what they want, then talk to them in that area. Also, try to know what your company can offer them that they may not easily get from other companies.

This will help convince them to patronize your company.

17. Time Management

People don’t fancy spending unnecessary time doing only one thing. They want to save time, and this should prompt you to know that whatever you do, try to manage your time well.

You have to make sure that you rightly appropriate time for each activity within your team.

Whenever you have the chance to communicate with your customers either in the form of public presentation or any other means, please endeavor to save their time.

They will appreciate it if you just adhere to the most important points of your presentation and make them as brief as you can.

Also, suggest to the company you are representing how to handle customer requests within the shortest possible time.

Complaints and other issues should be handled as soon as they get to the customer care unit.

This will help the company to retain its patronage from customers.

Sales consultant Skills for Resume

If you are writing a resume for a sales consultant position, you can boost the impact of the resume by applying the skills and qualities presented above in making its skills or competence section.

Recruiters want to be sure that applicants for the sales consultant role have the right skills and qualities to perform excellently on the job before hiring them.

The skills and qualities presented above are what most recruiters look for in the individuals they want to hire for the position.

So, it is wise to develop these skills and qualities and highlight them in your resume when creating one for a vacant sales consultant job.


Being a sales consultant is highly tasking, but not something impossible to do.

The skills and qualities listed above are the necessary tools you will need to become a successful sales consultant in any company, so make effort to develop them.