20 Best Wayfair Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

20 Best Wayfair Work from Home Jobs You Can Do.
Wayfair also offers rewarding work from home jobs that you can access.

20 Best Wayfair Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

This post provides complete information on the work from home job opportunities available at Wayfair, to help you decide on the one to go for that meets your qualifications and experience.

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What is Wayfair?

Wayfair, founded in the year 2002, was a part of the companies recognized as America’s Most Promising Companies.

The company was founded by Stevie Conine and Niraj Shah, and continued to flourish, gaining recognition in different spaces all around the country.

It has its headquarters in Massachusetts, Boston, and has employed over a thousand people to join its team, both locally and internationally.

20 Best Wayfair Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

Here are some of the best work from home jobs you can access at Wayfair:

  1. Customer Service Representative (Bilingual Spanish)
  2. Human Resource Associate
  3. Senior Software Engineer (Python Platforms)
  4. Staff Engineer
  5. Customer Service Representative (French)
  6. Platform Engineer
  7. Customer Service Consultant (bilingual)
  8. Team Manager (Service L3)
  9. Senior Analyst
  10. Customer Service Manager (Bilingual Spanish)
  11. Senior Product Manager
  12. Learning Technologist
  13. Training Specialist
  14. Senior Staff Engineer (Logging and Metrics)
  15. Customer Service Director
  16. Inbound Sales Agent
  17. Site Reliability Engineer (Configuration)
  18. Consultant, (Sales and Service)
  19. Broadcast Project Manager
  20. Manager.
  1. Customer Service Representative (Bilingual Spanish)

This position involves resolving customer questions, providing support and order and offering professional services with the appropriate software applications.

You will need some experience in customer service and proficiency in Spanish, along with knowledge of computers.

  1. Human Resource Associate

The human resource associate’s job is to manage, discuss, and support employee policies.

You must have some experience in the HR administrative or generalist role.

  1. Senior Software Engineer (Python Platforms)

This job position involves building tools to manage deployable applications, maintaining python packages that help bridge the gap between software/systems, deploy fresh microservices, and curate application templates.

You will need sufficient training, education, and skill in Python 3 to be hired for this job at Wayfair.

  1. Staff Engineer

This job involves performing Kubernetes engineering to produce and implement APIs, CD/CI, and automation of infrastructure.

You must have a few years of experience with Java/Python, Linux, and IP/TCP to work as a staff engineer with Wayfair.

  1. Customer Service Representative (French)

This job involves resolving customer inquiries, offering assistance to customers, and communicating with customers during calls about trends.

You will need relationship building skills as well as fluency in French.

  1. Platform Engineer

The platform engineer is responsible for writing codes of high-quality, and building infrastructure platforms.

To be a platform engineer with Wayfair and work remotely, you will need a few years of experience in the programming field.

  1. Customer Service Consultant (bilingual)

This position involves troubleshooting and resolving the inquiries of customer service, issuing resolution targets, exceeding efficiency metrics, and helping customers out with order challenges.

You will need to be fluent in two languages for this job.

  1. Team Manager (Service L3)

This job involves leading and managing team managers of five to seven members, understanding, defining, and communicating goals.

The team manager also takes initiative and ownership.

  1. Senior Analyst

The senior analyst is responsible for performing analysis, support, and testing, addressing incoming requests, and developing new features focusing on payroll configuration in Workday Modules.

A Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience is required to work as a senior analyst at Wayfair.

  1. Customer Service Manager (Bilingual Spanish)

This position involves overseeing a team of up to 15 bilingual consultants, performing observations and coaching extensively to help other consultants meet customer satisfaction.

To be hired for the customer service manager position at Wayfair, you should have some experience with management work.

  1. Senior Product Manager

This job involves product development, creating plans roadmaps, and implementation methods for a marketing platform, partnering with stakeholders in marketing.

  1. Learning Technologist

This involves developing innovative content, identifying and creating materials, and leading the implementation of tech solutions.

You will need some experience in a virtual learning environment, along with a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Training Specialist

The training specialist’s job is to conduct virtual training for the newly hired, develop training materials, support designs, and mentor the junior training specialists.

You will need experience in the classroom. Being fluent in more than one language is an added advantage.

  1. Senior Staff Engineer (Logging and Metrics)

This position involves managing engineering teams and creating and implementing the logging and metrics platform plans.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience. You must also be familiar with Scrum and Agile methodologies.

  1. Customer Service Director

This position involves driving and sustaining the performance of the contact center operation and the customer service teams.

You will need a few years of experience in call center sites.

  1. Inbound Sales Agent

This job involves helping customers make buy decisions, handling a variety of software applications, and achieving revenue targets.

You must have some sales experience and strong communication skills.

  1. Site Reliability Engineer (Configuration)

This position is responsible for overseeing central platforms, defining SLAs/SLOs, writing neat and well-tested infrastructure codes, creating monitoring, and building a strong team of engineers.

  1. Consultant, (Sales and Service)

This position involves paying attention to customer needs regarding services and resolving all customer issues.

You will have to be a fluent English speaker and an experienced consultant in a similar field.

  1. Broadcast Project Manager

This job involves driving strategies for the long-term, managing daily workflow and scaling.

You will require some experience in this field, a similar field, or a relevant field.

  1. Manager

This job involves managing a consultant team, reviewing quality assurance, making recommendations, carrying out one-on-ones using direct reports, and taking or supporting calls, and providing resolution to issues that come up.

The manager position requires a BA degree and leadership abilities, along with great communication skills.


Working at Wayfair opens you up to possibilities that can spur you to go on, dream big, and accomplish so much for yourself.

And the good news is that you can find rewarding jobs that you can do from home with Wayfair.