Working for Ross Stores: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | September 20, 2023
Working for Ross Stores
Ross Stores: The Company proves to be one of the fastest growing and dynamic retail companies in the U.S.

If you are looking to work for Ross Stores and need information about careers, jobs, and employment there, this post will be useful to you.

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Ross Stores: Company Overview

Ross Stores, a company incorporated on March 29, 1989, is an American department stores situated in Dublin, California.

As of January 28, 2017, subsidiaries of Ross Stores control two brands of off-price retail apparel and home fashion chain in the United States, with 1,340 locations in 36 states, the District of Columbia and Guam.

Ross Stores offers in-season, name brand and designer apparel, accessories, footwear, and home fashions for the entire family at savings of 20 percent to 60 percent off department and specialty store regular prices every day. As of January 28, 2017, Ross Stores also operated 193 dd’s DISCOUNTS stores in 15 states.

Why Work for Ross Stores

Ross Stores will offer you the opportunity to achieve a lot with minimum staff while keeping the associate’s confidence positive.

The company’s management is mostly available when the store had an issue like any company strikes, customer complaints or payroll. They build positive teams with the customers and associates, and offer compensation, pay or discounts.

Sometimes at Ross Stores, there are good days when everyone seems to be happy and in good moods.

But most times, there are days they constantly move around and monitor activities and sales throughout the stores.

The day becomes tough whenever they are around to supervise things, but smooth when they appear to be less severe.

There is fair payment at Ross Stores, with lots of hours to enjoy during holidays. You get paid extra for working on holidays, and discount is attached also.

You’ll be trained to work under pressure, but it is honestly not so difficult. You’ll also learn to be more communicative and professional, getting assistance from the managers who are friendly and willing to work around your schedule regardless of the situation.

You have to learn to combine your daily tasks with occasional helps that you offer in other areas as the need may arise. Work day will always keep you busy, but you’ll find the opportunity to make new friends.

The advantage of busy days at Ross Stores is that you’ll not feel bored, as slow days can be very tough when there is lack of work. If you don’t shine out, you’ll be left behind no matter how hard you work.

At Ross Stores, you may be assigned to a presorted machine that runs the merchandise through to be processed; but you need to learn how to reposition the lights when merchandise gets caught in rollers and lights.

This will help you to understand the machine better. The hardest part of the jobs is when the machine keeps stopping, but most enjoyable when there are no stops. The merchandise will then make it to the shipping department to be shipped out to its destination.

Ross Stores has a very good working environment, limited resources, and conservative culture. There are nice opportunities to advance your career across different departments. They have talented, smart, helpful, driven, accountable coworkers and leaders.

Ross company performance is strong due to a solid business strategy, with developmentally focused leaders who always provide actionable timely feedback. The company will definitely be a great cultural fit for you.

Be prepared to work at Ross Stores because the hiring process can take a while, but it’s worth the wait.

Ross Stores Careers and Jobs

Ross Stores career is engaging, exciting, and exceptional in every way. That’s what you’ll get when you join Ross Stores, Inc., one of the fastest growing and most dynamic retail companies.

Ross Stores is a $14.1 billion and Fortune 500 Company; it offers great opportunities such as six distribution centers, local retail locations, buying offices, and their corporate headquarters.

Consider Ross Stores as a place to pursue career and a satisfying company you should belong to if you desire to build a profitable career with a winning team.

Some of the careers at Ross Stores are as follows:

Retail Associate

The responsibility of the Retail Associate is to ensure that customers have positive shopping experience.

The Associate smiles and greets all customers in a courteous and friendly way, makes eye contact, effectively follows all company best practice standards as outlined in all work centers, ensures proper merchandise presentation, and treats fellow Associates with respect.

The Associate may be called to perform additional tasks in certain situations. They are expected to be engaged in these tasks as assigned during all working hours, and will be expected to perform a variety of functions in all areas of the Store as business needs require.

Night Stock Associate

The Night Stock Associate greets and responds to all customers in a courteous and friendly way; ensures proper merchandise presentation; operates cash register in accordance with policies and procedures; provides customer service according to the Star Service program guidelines; and maintains a clean work area at all times.
The Associate may help in specialized areas of store including fitting room, stock room, cash office, front end, and fine jewelry. Additional tasks and responsibilities could be assigned by store management.

Ross Stores Training and Development Programs

Ross Stores training and development programs promote a culture that empowers Associates to do their best and recognize their full potential.

Executives, managers, and Associates receive both leadership and technical courses throughout the year. In the company’s stores, computer-based training programs offer custom courses that complement the personal training and individual development plans that start the first day an Associate comes to work with the company.

Ross Stores offers a six-week, full-time, hands-on store management experience for recent graduates interested in a career in retail management.

Ross Stores offers ten-week internships for current juniors going into their senior year of college to explore retail management in a Ross Dress for less or dd’s discounts store.

Ross Stores bonus plan offers at the company’s distribution centers full-time, hourly, and temporary workers the opportunity to increase their earnings by meeting higher levels of productivity.

Several of the distribution centers of Ross Stores offer on-site English and Spanish as a second language classes due to the diverse nature of the company’s workforce.

This program provides Associates an opportunity to learn a second language, and breaks down barriers and fosters improved communication.

Ross Stores offers a 10-week summer internship program for supply chain management for college students interested in a career in supply chain management at the company’s distribution centers.

Ross Stores Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

Ross Stores is looking for the best and brightest on college campuses around the country. Fashion and business aren’t the only majors that matter to Ross Stores. It takes talent, drive and skills of all types to sustain a thriving business.

No matter where you work at Ross Stores, you’ll learn new things every day and gain experience that goes well beyond the textbook.

Ross Stores helps students in many fields of study to explore the world of retail. Take a look at these possible internships:

Retail Leader

This is a ten-week internship made available at select locations across the country. The program offers structured in-store training to develop you into an executive leader through management and organizational development skills, understanding the retail operations of a multi-million dollar store.

Interns are developed through efficient training and coaching, and they have the potential to become a full-time Assistant Store Manager through post-graduation.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain is a ten-week internship in one of the state-of-the-art distribution centers of Ross Stores. You’ll work in a fast-paced environment that requires creative thinking to take full advantage of efficiencies and move merchandise.

Available internships can be found at Fort Mill, South Carolina; Moreno Valley, California, Perris, California; and Rock Hill, South Carolina locations.

Buying, Planning, and Merchandising Operations

This is a ten-week internship in the company’s New York or Los Angeles Buying Offices that enables you to work side by side with highly capable and experienced merchant and planning teams.

You’ll gain hands-on experience and learn what it takes to buy brands customers desire at great values. This can possibly lead to full-time positions as Assistant Buyers or Location Planning Analysts.


At the Corporate headquarters of Ross Stores in Dublin, California, you’ll spend ten weeks during the summer months in many departments such as store operations, human resources, method improvements, finance, strategy, the Ross Investigation and Safety Center, and more.

You’ll engross yourself in Ross Stores culture within their structured program, work on challenging and visible company projects, be exposed to senior executives and attend company-sponsored activities. Interns are offered the full potential for a full-time role in the company’s department post-graduation.

Ross Stores Corporate Culture and Values

Ross Stores has exceptional corporate culture and is committed to creating value for their Associates and communities. They do so with a high level of ethics and integrity.

To add up to fulfilling their mission of offering customers the best name-brand bargains possible, Ross aims to empower their Associates, operate in ways that reduce their environmental impact, and give back to the communities for commercial purposes.

Ross has the culture and values of growth, respect, humility, integrity, accountability, diversity & inclusion, efficiency, collaboration, compassion and Authenticity.

Hundred percent of Ross Stores employees get motivated by the company’s mission, vision, and values. Ross Stores mission is the most essential thing about their work for 50% of employees, apart from their payment.

A focused mission statement and cohesive core company values are vital to maintaining employee alignment, as shown clearly by comparably data.

Job Application – How to Start a Career with Ross Stores (the Hiring Process)

You’re going to learn about Ross Stores jobs and how to apply to them. The team of expert resume writers at Employment BOOST can provide you with some insight on how to apply, if you are interested in finding out how to get a job at Ross Stores, Inc.

You’ll need to apply in person at your local Ross Store if you want to get an interview with Ross at the store level.

Don’t ask for an application at the service desk because your application will be thrown into a drawer alongside other hundreds of applications. But rather ask for the manager on duty to be paged.

The Company is always accepting applications according to its policy. Ask for open position; what the manager is looking for in a candidate for that position, and sell yourself effectively to him/her.

Don’t take the application home and bring it in later, but instead be prepared to complete the application process, including references right there at the store to improve your chances of landing the job.

After completing the application, you can have the manager on duty paged again, and ask about any further requirements or screening for the position.

You’ll hopefully be asked to come back to complete the ORION questionnaire (personality test), and Esteem background check prior to being interviewed.

If the manager is not willing to take those steps while you are there, call back frequently like once in a week until you get an interview.

Common Interview Questions

The initial interview often serves as an introduction to the position in question. Available entry-level positions with the retailer only require one job interview.

Interviews fall around 30 minutes in length, and managers generally run interviews and ask a host of questions.
Applicants without previous retail experience may need to relate past jobs if they want to impress hiring representatives during interviews. However, volunteer work, or other personal endeavors to the position is desired.

What to Wear

Casual wears are appropriate for Ross Stores interviews, so long as workers avoid loud designs or offensive and obscene logos.

Wearing suitable attire to each job interview potentially improves odds of receiving a job offer.

Benefits and Compensation for Working with Ross Stores

There are many retirement and welfare benefits offered by Ross Stores. They fund group health plans for their employees, through which a large portion of each employee’s health insurance premium is funded by their employer.

These contributions are tax-free for employees, but deductible for businesses.

Ross Stores offers health, dental, vision coverage, group life insurance; long-term disability insurance, short-term disability insurance for accidents or illness, and death benefits (covers certain causes of death).

Later in life, employer-financed pension plans help to guarantee a dependable stream of money. Ross Stores offers definite contribution pension plans, in which they help workers save and invest for retirement. What a defined contribution retirement plan!

Retirement and Financial Benefits

  • Profit Sharing
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan

Health and Insurance Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Temporary Disability Insurance
  • Prepaid Legal
  • Long-term Disability Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Work/Life Balance at Ross Stores

The employees at Ross Stores rate the company’s work/life balance A+. The Ross Stores work/life balance stands in the Top 5% of similar size companies in the US.

Ninety percent of employees of Ross Stores are satisfied with their work/life balance, while twenty-five percent feel they are flamed out.

The necessity of a well proportioned work/life balance is to cheer employees up and keep them industrious.

Three percent of Ross Stores employees have a very long day, even longer than twelve hours; while about eighty-five of them work eight hours or less.

The majority of Ross Stores employees are satisfied with their work/life balance and do not feel flamed out.

Generally, employees in the operations department and employees with three to six years experience think there is room for improvement, while employees with Entry Level experience and employees with over ten years experience believe they have good work/life balance.


Working for Ross Stores offers an opportunity for an exciting and fulfilling career in the
retail apparel and home fashion industry.

This post will improve your knowledge about Ross Stores and guide you in accessing employment, jobs, and career opportunities at the company.

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