Working for General Electric: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | August 18, 2023
Working for General Electric
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Working for General Electric: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

If you want to learn about working for General Electric, this post provides exhaustive information about employment, careers, and jobs at the Company. Continue reading:

General Electric: Company Overview

General Electric Co., a technology and financial services company, develops and manufactures products for the generation, transmission, distribution, control, and utilization of electricity.

The products and services of General Electric include aircraft engines, power generation, water processing, security technology, medical imaging, business and consumer financing, media content and industrial products.

General Electric operates through eight segments including Power, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Transportation, Healthcare, Appliances & Lighting, and GE Capital.

Why Work for General Electric

General Electric is focused on the development of its employees. The company provides many opportunities to build on your skill set and gain experience.

General Electric has many training opportunities either online or through workshops with an external company, which managers are happy for you to attend.

While lots of these training opportunities are available, these are just a basis and you are expected to be responsible for your own development and seek other opportunities on top of those already offered.

Promoting flexibility

General Electric encourages flexible working arrangements that enable employees to individualize their schedules to maximize productivity. Flex time, part-time opportunities, job sharing, reduced hours, telecommuting, and remote work, are among the options that General Electric offers.

Providing great benefits

General Electric is continuing to adapt its benefits programs based on employee feedback. For example, it implemented a “Moms on the Move” program that enables moms who are nursing and traveling to arrange for General Electric to ship their breast milk to their baby.

After adopting or giving birth to a child, General Electric paid employees can take up to ten weeks of paid parental leave, and the company’s Child/Infant Care Benefits include tuition/registration savings.

Presenting great career opportunities

General Electric continues to provide its employees with an assorted range of opportunities. The company continues to advance to meet both market and business needs.

Creating development/mentorship opportunities

General Electric recognizes that investing in employees ultimately benefits everyone in the workplace – that’s why it invests $1.1BB annually in learning and development.

Performance Development at General Electric is the company’s personalized approach to performance and development which include coaching opportunities between employees and their managers.

Each promotion at General Electric comes with training, personal leadership assessment and a customized leadership development plan.

Offering unlimited PTO

General Electric recognizes that employees need time off to relax and recharge with friends and family in order to remain productive. That’s why the Company offers liberal approach to paid time off.

Rather than dictating a defined number of vacation, sick and personal days, General Electric allows employees to coordinate with their managers to take the time they need.

General Electric Careers and Jobs

General Electric has many careers under different fields ranging from Advanced Manufacturing, Research & Development, Information Technology, Finance, Project Management, Communications & Marketing, Software & Engineering, etc.

General Electric recruits from time to time talents (that have shown interest in working with the company) stored in the company’s Resume Reserve Vault.

If General Electric doesn’t have a vacancy that interests you but you would like an opportunity to join the company, you can submit your resume for future job considerations.

General Electric Training and Development Programs

General Electric training and development programs for new recipients of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees have been going on for years. Every year, organizations chase after campuses to grab hold of the recruits they consider best for their talent pool.

The newly cast graduates are rotated through different functions and departments, combined with periodic training and mentoring once in the program.

People are looked forward to be fully ready and cultivated for the long haul within the company by the time they complete the one- or two-year program.

Entry-level programs are an important part of talent-development strategies and often are the only efficient link between academia and the business atmosphere.

At General Electric, mid-career leadership programs have been created as the only solution to these challenges. The programs support the growth of the talent team at General Electric, broaden the skill set, and shorten the promotion sequence.

Leadership training at General Electric

Other companies widely study and emulate General Electric’s best practices for leadership but they can’t duplicate the results.

The CEOs of 26 of the largest companies in the United States is part of General Electric’s leadership training alumni.

General Electric doesn’t evaluate its leadership development programs with an ROI metric, but the market does.

A Harvard Business School study of 20 GE-trained executives stolen by other companies between 1989 and 2001 found that 17 produced an instant spike in the hiring company’s stock price, with an average gain of $1.1 billion across the team.

General Electric launched its Leadership, Innovation and Growth course for senior business leaders worldwide in 2006. The company runs with one hundred and ninety-seven corporate officers worldwide, leading the large revenue-generating businesses or serious functional teams. Most of these have spent at least twelve months in training and professional development.

Graduate Engineering Training Program (GETP) at General Electric

General Electric engineering is all about confronting challenges and devising innovative solutions that support General Electric’s industrial businesses within high-growth markets around the globe.

General Electric offers world-famous training with business roles and opportunities to put up foundational technical and professional skills with hands-on rotational projects, assignments, and intensive technical and leadership skills training, from field service engineers to application engineers.

GETP Program in Details

The Graduate Engineering Training Program (GETP) is a two-year program, with three-plus rotations.

It’s a technical skills development through on-the-job training and classroom, distance, and on-demand coursework.

The program is a professional skills development in project management and presentation, and leadership exposure and professional skill development that provide strong opportunities for growth.

General Electric Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

Interns of General Electric work together to solve real-world challenges, sometimes they encourage innovations that change the way the company does business.

General Electric internship is an opportunity to learn while performing. The interns collaborate on exciting projects, not only with talented peers, but with top leaders in the field. Most of the leaders began as interns and co-ops, but now they are leaders via the company’s internship.

General Electric internship in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region partner with a diversity of Australian Universities to make sure the company is attracting and recruiting the best talent in the region.

The structured General Electric internship programs provide on-the-job experience, while also helping to develop soft skills of interns and assisting in their professional development through workshops, networking sessions, and exposure to business leaders.

If you excel in the internship program, you’ll be on a fast track to the company’s full-time leadership programs.

General Electric offers full-time leadership program opportunities across ANZ. The company is looking for eager and passionate individuals to join its programs in Finance, Human Resources, IT, Engineering, Commercial, Communications and Operations Management.

The recruitment process is an attractive one, involving phone and video interviews, assessment centers, time with current graduates and an opportunity to meet senior leaders in informal scenery.

Have a look at some of the internship programs at General Electric:

• Digital Technology Intern
• Software Intern – Digital Engineering (Part-Time)
• Digital Technology Intern – 2019
• Digital Technology Intern
• Renewable Energy Data Science Program- Co-Op/Intern
• Technical Architect Intern (Fall2019)
• Technical Architect Intern (Spring2019)
• Stage- Chef de project digital Supply Chain – H/F
• Software Intern – Digital Engineering
• Brilliant Factory & Big Data Internship
• GET IT Leadership Program Intern
• Intern/Co-op – Digital Internship
• Digital Technology Junior Engineer
• IT Internship – GE Power

General Electric Corporate Culture and Values

General Electric’s organizational culture centers on customers’ needs and expectations. The company alters its organizational culture to ensure business relevance to the conditions of the aerospace/aviation, transportation, healthcare, electric lighting, energy, and oil and gas industries.

General Electric’s company culture or corporate culture establishes the customs, traditions, and values that influence employee behaviors, especially in managerial decision-making procedures.

The Company’s corporate culture affects success in managing planned revolution in all features of the business. For instance, General Electric alters its cultural characteristics to suit current business needs and industry trends.

The resulting organizational culture smoothes the progress of business alertness in responding to challenges in the market, such as external forces from competitors like 3M and Siemens.

This cultural situation promotes the company’s competitive advantage and organizational competence for withstanding fast changes and interruptions in industries.

General Electric is an example of the significance of corporate culture as a supporting factor for long-term success as one of the leading corporations in the global market.

General Electric’s corporate culture is used by employees as a decision-making factor. For instance, management personnel in GE’s aviation segment in addressing on-the-job problems, consider how potential solutions align with the company’s cultural characteristics.

In this regard, as such alignment determines the success rate in implementing solutions, General Electric’s organizational culture must put into consideration external business conditions, while supporting decision-making procedures.

General Electric Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

General Electric is looking for creative individuals who can take initiative and love to solve problems. Before applying for a position at the company, you must have judgment, accountability, resilience, teamwork, flexibility, curiosity and desire to learn.

Just last year, General Electric hired over 9,000 people in the United States, and the company usually has hundreds of openings at any given time.

At General Electric, to get hired from start to finish takes up to three to four months. You need to patiently go through the application process as this is the only way you can get a job at the company.

The application stage

There are several ways you can apply for an open position at General Electric, which include applying directly through the company’s careers website, via external job board, been referred by an employee of General Electric, and submitting through an agency.

You need to, however, know that all applications for a specific opening come into a job folder on a central Applicant Tracking System.

With the aim of presenting the most suitable shortlist, normally around 3 to 4 qualified candidates, the recruiters are responsible for making the recruitment process as smooth as possible for the Hiring Manager and reviewing all the early applications.

As there are often a large number of applications for each role, sometimes into the hundreds, the recruiter will screen the applications based on the attributes stated on the job description, together with requirements talked about with the Hiring Manager at job launch stage.

Your application should make a good impression at this stage, as there is high competition for many roles.

The short list

After the first screen of applications on the recruitment system, the recruiter will arrange a long list of all candidates who have most or all of the skills and attributes required. With a view to having a brief conversation after application, the recruiter is looking for applicants who could potentially be suitable for the position.

If you’ve attained the stage of ‘screening call’, the recruiter has vividly read your profile and would like to discuss your skills and experiences informally in more detail.

The recruiter would also like to get to know a bit about you, how you like to work, your motivations, and will be informally evaluating your communication skills and how well you would fit on the team.

Depending on your discussion and how much information the recruiter would like to know at this stage, the screening call can take anything from five to thirty minutes.

Getting to the stage of screening call doesn’t necessarily mean you would attend the interview, as there could be some factors discussed at this call that can disqualify you.

However, the recruiter will likely give you more of an idea of the process, timescales and what to anticipate along the line. At this stage, you have the opportunity to ask the recruiter any question about the position.

As the recruiter screens application, he could be actively sourcing candidates through a diversity of processes such as relevant job boards and searching on LinkedIn.

It is necessary to keep all your profiles current and check your emails regularly to keep you active.
The recruiter will present a ‘Short List’ to the Hiring Manager, with the top 3 or 4 candidates based on their applications and initial discussions, following the screening calls.

The strengths and sometimes drawbacks of specific candidates will be discussed, for the purpose of reaching a decision on who they wish to take to the stage of interview.

The interview stage

The process of interview can differ, depending on the level of the job, number and location of candidates, and the Hiring Manager’s wishes.

If the interview is not a straightforward face-to-face meeting, then it could be different stages through the phone.

Of the one or two interviews to be conducted, one is meant to be done directly with the Hiring Manager and a HR Representative.

If you’ve got to this process stage, it is the duty of the recruiter to keep you fully informed of the process and what is expected of you. You will be given enough time to prepare for your interview.

The stage of feedback/offer

The recruiter and the Hiring Manager will decide on the most suitable candidate for the position, once all interviews have been completed for the role.

Once an offer has been approved, the successful candidate will be offered the job, and all those interviewed for the position will be given interview feedback.

There has likely been quite a lot of discussion following interview stage, and often a very hard decision between suitable candidates. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if you’ve not been successful at this stage after the interview.

The recruiter will try to send feedback to you, and will keep all strong candidates on file for any future positions within the team or business.

General Electric Benefits and Compensation

There are a lot of benefits and retirement plans provided by General Electric Corporation. The employees of Company enroll in employer-financed group health plans, through which their employer covers a large proportion of each employee’s health insurance premium. These contributions are tax-free for employees and tax deductible for employers.

There are health, dental, and vision insurance provided by General Electric. Group life insurance, long-term disability insurance, and short-term disability insurance for accidents or illness, are also provided by General Electric.

Later in life, employer-sponsored pension plans help to guarantee a steady stream of money. General Electric offers defined contribution pension plans and defined benefit pension plans.

Employees are helped by their employers to save and invest for retirement with a defined contribution retirement plan.

Health and Insurance Benefits

• Health Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Vision Insurance
• Long-term Disability Insurance
• Temporary Disability Insurance
• Supplemental Unemployment
• Scholarship
• Severance Pay

Retirement & Financial Benefits

• Profit Sharing
• 401(k) Plan
• Defined Benefit Pension Plan
• Defined Contribution Pension Plan

General Electric Work/Life Balance

Employees at General Electric evaluate their satisfaction with the company as 3.5 out of 5. With a score of 3.8 out of 5, General Electric earns the highest marks for Manager Relationship.

About one hundred and fifty-three employees at General Electric rate the company’s work/life balance as C, placing it in the bottom of thirty-five percent of similar size companies in the U.S.; while fifty-five percent of General Electric employees are satisfied with their work/life balance, and forty-four percent feel they are burnt out.

For employees to feel happy, productive, and satisfied with their work, they need a well-proportioned work/life balance to keep them going.

About nine percent of employees at General Electric have a very long day – even longer than twelve hours, while forty-nine percent of them work eight hours or less. The greater number of employees at General Electric are satisfied with their work/life balance and do not feel burnt out.

Generally, those working in the Sales department and those in the Executive department believe they have good work/life balance, while employees in the IT department and employees in the Marketing department think there is room for improvement.


General Electric is a large and popular company with wonderful and nice people to work with. You may consider pursuing a career with General Electric because of the company’s great work/life balance and flexibility of the job.

This post helps you to learn about working for the General Electric Company, including providing you with exhaustive information about jobs, careers, and employment at the Company.

Did you find this post helpful in learning about careers, jobs, and employments at General Electric? Kindly leave a comment in the box below. You can also share some experience you’ve had working with General Electric if you are or have been an employee of the company.

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