Working as a Pharmacy Technician

By | September 2, 2023
Working as a pharmacy technician
Pharmacy Technicians perform various duties, including reviewing prescription requests with insurance companies and physician’s offices. Image source:

Working as a pharmacy technician entails assisting the pharmacist in the preparation of prescriptions, and in the running of the pharmacy.

To work as a pharmacy technician doesn’t need a particular qualification, what you need is a little bit of math and writing skills, and the ability to learn on the job. It will also help to understand people.

This video shows the day-to-day activities of pharmacy technicians and the importance of their work in the effective operation of pharmacies.

To prepare a prescribed cream for a patient with skin disease, the video shows how the pharmacy technician assisted the pharmacist in carrying it out.

By helping the pharmacist to perform many key functions, the technician frees the pharmacist of much work, thereby making them more effective and productive, which ensures that the pharmacy runs smoothly.

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