Working as a Process Server

By | September 2, 2023
Working as a process server.
Process Servers deliver court case-related documents by hand to appropriate persons. Image source:

If you are already working as a process server or about starting the career, a very important information to use is that you should be empathetic to the people that you serve court papers to.

Some people involved in court cases are usually violent when they see a process server coming to serve them legal documents. They feel the server has come to do them in so they want to attack them.

But you should explain things to them and encourage them to pass on the papers to their insurance or attorney. In most cases they will appreciate your kind approach.

This valuable advice that can protect you from attack, and other success tips working as a process server is given by a veteran of the profession in the video below.

The video explains the duties of the process server. If you want to be a process server, you should be prepared to work early in the morning and late night.

You should be able to write and speak intelligently because you are going to be relating with attorneys.

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