What can you do with a Political Science Degree?

By | August 27, 2023
Jobs you can do with a political science degree
Having a political science degree opens the door to several exciting and rewarding jobs and careers.

What can you do with a Political Science Degree?

Are you interested in completing a degree program in political science and need some information of the job and career prospects one can go into?

If so, this post is for you. It answers the question, “What can you do with a political science degree?” exhaustively to properly guide students looking for higher education.

As shown below, with a political science degree, graduates have various exciting jobs that they can do and enjoy career satisfaction.

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Why Political Science Degree?

The effective running of any government or ruling system depends greatly on the understanding the leaders have as regards the affairs of the people/community they are leading.

An in-depth knowledge of issues relating to environment, civil right, health, policy making, governing systems, and legal laws is required in order to efficiently manage a government and its citizens.

Political science is the avenue through which knowledge of the workings of the society is grasped, it presents a platform to gain an understanding of the force which acts on people, societies and states around the globe; the force of politics and government.

Political science has played an important role in our society encouraging the growth and improvement of government systems, through the study and application of political theories, ideologies and teachings.

Political scientists are at the forefront of analyzing policies and political systems; they provide constructive criticism of poor governing methods and offer recommendations on better approach to achieving a productive government.

With their range of skills among which include superb oral and writing skills, sound decision-making quality, good leadership, and an in-depth understanding of community needs, political science majors go on to have successful careers in the field of politics, law, management, and business.

Political scientists are among the top paid professionals earning a median salary of up to $99,730 annually.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for political scientists is on the decline with a -2% projected decrease through 2014-2024 implying a stiff job market for a career that pays so well.

Irrespective of the poor job outlook, a political science degree takes the 17th place as the most popular college degree in the U.S with 40,201 degrees awarded from 2013-2014 according to MatchCollege.

What Jobs can you get with a Political Science Associate’s Degree?

An Associate’s degree in political science usually is a stepping stone for one to pursue a career in the field of politics, government or law.

It provides a basic knowledge of governmental laws and systems.

With an Associate’s degree in political science, you can secure jobs as:

  • Paralegal: They specialize in providing legal assistance to attorneys. They conduct investigations to obtain facts related to a case; they review legal documents and material, as well as maintain proper documentation/arrangement of files. They are also responsible writing trial reports, handling trial exhibits, and scheduling of appointments with lawyers. They are estimated to earn an annual median salary of $48,810.
  • Social Science Research Assistant: The duties of a social science research assistant encourage the survey and analysis of social science subjects. They assist with the maintenance of research database, conducting and implementing quality control processes, preparation of progress report and publication of findings. They are also responsible for assisting with data management, laboratory analysis and reporting. They earn up to $42,480 annually.
  • Teaching Assistant: Their responsibilities generally involve providing help to teachers assisting them with the academic upbringing of students. They aid students gain better understanding of class lessons and to fully participate in school activities. They also keep record of attendance and performance of students and assist with grading of results.

What Jobs can you get with a Political Science Bachelor’s Degree?

A Bachelor’s degree in political science is often the minimum degree requirement for entry-level positions in the field of politics, management, law, and business. With a baccalaureate in political science, graduates can secure jobs as:

  • Lobbyist: They are responsible for providing advocacy services on behalf of corporations, clients, and organizations. They utilize their persuasive ability to achieve a set cause, influence actions and generate support from government heads and law makers. Their knowledge of government policies/processes as well as hands-on experience in the political field contributes largely to their proficiency.
  • Human Rights Officer: Their duties entail monitoring, reporting, and seeking redress for the breach of cultural, political and social rights of humans. They assess rights offenses such as marginalization of the female folk, religious bigotry and abuse of children and then clamor for equity and fair treatment, as well as laws under which such offenses are punishable.
  • Campaign Manager: They are part of the staff responsible for ensuring a political candidate/party wins an election. They develop strategies and oversee activities that will generate support for a political organization or aspirant. They direct political presentations, images, and rallies to ensure the public gets the right message.
  • Business Administrator: They specialize in the management of business operations ensuring the smooth and effective running of business. They oversee the activities of staff usually the clerical and administrative employees; they ensure compliance with organization policies as well as the planning of budgets and maintenance of accounts.
  • Politician: They are responsible for securing, protecting, and upholding the rights of the public. They are usually elected or appointed into office to identify and provide solutions to socio-economic problems facing the masses.

What Jobs can you get with a Political Science Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

Advanced degrees such as Master’s/Doctorate degrees provide professional status for political science majors and a well-paying career opportunity as:

  • Policy Analyst: Their duties involve pushing to reveal that directly or indirectly affect the public, issues such as housing, taxing, education, and getting the government/law makers to consider such matters during policy formation.
  • Political Consultant: They perform the duty of ensuring political aspirants emerge victorious in polls. They do this by carrying out proper research, providing professional counsel as well as campaign ideas.


Political science is a broad social science field with an array of job opportunities and rewarding careers that you can do.

What political science jobs did you find interesting? Please make your comment in the box below. You can also share other jobs one can do with a political science degree that you know.