What can you do with a Sports Management Degree?

By | August 27, 2023
Sports management degree jobs.
Being a sports coach is one of the several exciting jobs you can get with a sports management degree.

What can you do with a Sports Management Degree?

Are you interested in the management area of sports? If so, you will get to know a lot of the career opportunities available in sports management as this post answers the common question aspiring students usually ask: “What can you do with a sports management degree?”

But first let’s get to know why sports management is a big deal to study.

Why Sports Management Degree?

The field of sports encompasses a myriad of career paths which one can delve into with a degree in sports management.

Athletics is just one out of many other areas in which one can pursue a career in sports. The sports sector has room for business professionals such as sports marketers, facility managers, event planners, promotion/PR managers, and athletic directors.

Although social science majors such as economists, marketers, and business administrators can comfortably occupy these positions, having an educational background in a sports discipline, more specifically a sports management degree can distinguish and cause one to be preferred over other competing majors.

A sports management degree provides knowledge of economic and management principles, it schools sports management graduates majors on the import of communication in business; and they are taught how to apply various accounting techniques as well as training on management of sports risks.

Sports management professionals during the course of study acquire an array of skills among which include ability to carry out market research, good oral and writing skills, solid negotiating skills and finance/business management skills.

A sports management career is among highly rewarding careers with lucrative job remuneration.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an annual mean salary of $97,560 for agents/managers of athletes and public figures.

A sports management degree in U.S colleges is fairly popular among undergraduates as it ranks 62nd most popular college degree out of 200 other degrees awarded from 2013-2014 according to Matchcollege.

What Jobs can you get with a Sports Management Associate’s Degree?

Opting for an Associate’s degree in sports management, presents a platform to occupy job positions such as:

  • Recreation Worker: Their duties involve the planning, organizing, and leading of recreational activities. They instruct and mentor the participants of a recreational group, explaining to them the rules of an activity/game; they adjust exercises to suit the participating age group and they ensure adherence to safety measures to minimize risk of injuries. They are also in charge of the proper set up of equipment and the administration of first aid in case of injury.
  • Sports Public Relations Specialist: They are responsible for the management of sports information on media platforms. They build and promote the image of sports organization, sports products and athletes. They increase the growth of a sports club by influencing the outlook of the public using social media and advertising channels thus improving their reputation and revenue.
  • Sports Purchasing Agent: They carry out survey of product prices, evaluate the quality of products and prepare purchase orders with approval from the client. They verify stock supply, confirm receipt of items and authorize payment. They also maintain purchase records by appropriate filing of transaction documents.

To increase job prospects, you can further your Associate’s degree program by enrolling for a Bachelor’s study.

What Jobs can you get with a Sports Management Bachelor’s Degree?

With a baccalaureate in sports management, graduates can secure jobs as:

  • Sports Entertainment Events Manager: Their job specification entails the scheduling and management of various sports events. They are responsible for choosing a suitable location and negotiating the pay for an event hosting. They manage the booking of sports venues, convention centers and social gathering of sports clients/organization.
  • Football Club Secretary: The duties of a football club secretary involve performing the administrative tasks of ensuring the smooth running of football management activities. They maintain the records of club members, pass information to notify members of upcoming events and work with the treasurer to prepare supply order.
  • Sports Camp Director: They are responsible for supervising the activities of campers. They procure required camp equipment, choose a select location for camping and monitor the day-to-day camp operations. They create a camping program and instruct participants on camp rules. They ensure safety of activities, keep record of exercises and work to achieve set goals.
  • Sports Coach: They bear the responsibility of planning and organizing a sports program for a group or individuals. They monitor a team, teaching them various techniques and tactics required to be successful. They monitor team/individual player performance to proffer recommendations on areas that require improvement. They maintain records as well as give advice on personal/health lifestyle.
  • Sports Agent: They manage the finance and business dealings of their athlete clientele. They conduct contract negotiations on behalf of their clients to ensure profitable deals are made, they manage the reputation and image of their client ensuring contract codes of personal conducts are upheld while scandals are minimized.

In the Sports industry, experience and advanced education are required for top positions.

What Jobs can you get with a Sports Management Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

With a Master’s/Doctorate degree in sports management, you qualify for jobs as:

  • College Athletic Director: They oversee the activities of a school sports program. They are responsible for the hiring and supervision of a school sports coach. They ensure that the needs/plans of a sports season is achieved by working with the coach to improve/address his issues with a team. They also schedule game events, prepare the budget/fundraising for a sporting program and monitor team performance.
  • Sports Economist: they are responsible for the assessment and management of sports and competition risks. They monitor how public funds are utilized in the procurement of sports equipment/facilities as well as highlight management issues to proffer recommendations.


Sports management degree provides a platform to pursue career in the vast field of sports.

You can actually do many things with your degree, just as job remuneration can be highly rewarding depending on the area of specialization.

What job would you like to do with a sports management degree? Do share your career plan with us in the comment box below.