Walmart Entertainment Team Associate Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 15, 2023
Walmart Entertainment Team Associate Job Description
Walmart entertainment team associates assist and provide quality service to customers. Image source: Patrick T. Fallon | Bloomberg | Getty Images

This post provides detailed information on the Walmart entertainment team associate job description, to increase your knowledge of what they do.

It highlights the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically make up the Walmart entertainment team associate work description.

This article also presents the major requirements you might be asked to meet to be hired for the entertainment team associate role at Walmart, as well as the expected salary for the position.

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What Does a Walmart Entertainment Team Associate Do?

The Walmart entertainment team associate job description entails assisting in the operation of the entertainment department.

It also involves assisting and providing customer service to people who come into the store to shop and purchase items.

Entertainment team associates make sure that all paperwork, forms and information are available for customer use in a timely manner.

They assist with individual needs of customers, including calculating total cost.

It is also their role to verify inventory by scanning barcodes or counting products when requested.

Furthermore, Walmart entertainment team associates maintain inventory in the department, including rotating stock on a regular basis.

They restock shelves and clean the sales floor and displays.

It is the duty of the entertainment team associate at Walmart to answer customers’ questions regarding merchandise, such as store policies, return policies, and competitors’ prices.

They keep track of the sales through scanning items at checkout counters.

Entertainment team associates are in charge of making sure that the cash register is set up and stocked with the appropriate amount of change.

They scan receipts during sales transaction to keep records of inventory, revenue, and cash drawer contents.

In addition, they load merchandise onto trucks when purchased in bulk quantities and/or ready to be sent elsewhere.

More on Walmart Entertainment Team Associate Job Description

The entertainment team associate restocks merchandise in stock to match the store’s immediate need, and assist customers who wish to return items to be resold.

It is their responsibility to maintain and keep customer records, specific customer information, and various forms of pertinent paperwork.

These include receipts and return authorization numbers.

One of the tasks of the Walmart entertainment team associate is handling any problem that may arise with merchandise, returns or exchanges.

They are also responsible for answering customer questions and/or assisting customers with questions related to information in the customer’s shopping cart.

Walmart entertainment team associates also assist customers requesting assistance from clerks who are not cashiers.

They scan barcodes to ensure that the correct amount of change is given to customers at checkout counters.

Walmart Entertainment Team Associate Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The Walmart entertainment team associate job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Engages customers at the store in short conversations, answers their questions, and takes their comments to management
  • Assists customers as they search for items and provides price information when needed
  • Communicates with other associates to exchange product knowledge and resolves customer complaints
  • Knows the location of all assigned sections in all departments
  • Operates registers, accepts cash payments and funds transactions via POS system or traditional methods such as cash, check or money order
  • Knows the location of all designated Walmart entertainment team associate areas in the store, including entrances and exits
  • Provides associate training in accordance with established procedures
  • Maintains daily appearance standards and grooming standards in accordance with departmental standards and upkeep, when applicable, of clothing
  • Follows all safety rules as they relate to their job
  • Accepts cash and checks with a smile and provide accurate change while performing various tasks in customer service, including cashiering, sales floor service and stocking
  • Knowledgeable of current promotions and combination/value products
  • Operates POS systems (Cash register).

Walmart Entertainment Team Associate Job Description for Resume

If you have worked previously as an entertainment team associate at Walmart or are presently working in that role and are writing a new resume, then you can apply the above sample Walmart entertainment team associate job description in making an impressive Professional Experience section for your resume.

You can apply the duties and responsibilities of the Walmart entertainment team associate contained in the above job description example in making a compelling Professional Experience section for your resume.

This will show to the recruiter/employer that you have been successful performing the role of an entertainment team associate, which can help increase your chances of being hired for the new position that you are seeking, especially if the new job requires someone with some entertainment team associate work experience at Walmart or other similar companies.

Walmart Entertainment Team Associate Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the entertainment team associate role at Walmart or similar companies, here are major requirements that you may be asked to meet to be hired:

  • Prior retail, cashiering, or sales experience
  • Confidentiality is a key requirement of the position and therefore you must complete an obligation disclosure form. This shows honesty, truthfulness, accuracy, and full disclosure to any and all employers about any police record or criminal history
  • Comply with all company policies, including but not limited to those relating to safety, dress code, theft prevention, drug free work place, attendance policies, discipline and termination policies
  • Commit to a drug test in accordance with company policy
  • Maintain a satisfactory performance record as well as attendance record over an 8-week probation period
  • State a willingness to be held to the highest standards of honesty, truthfulness, and full disclosure
  • Must be able to satisfactorily complete all team associate training and continuing education programs/classes as required by Walmart and/or its suppliers or vendors
  • Maintain a satisfactory attendance record, if below 85% at any given time then you will become subject to disciplinary action up to, including termination of employment
  • Undergo and pass a background check and finger print check
  • Take and pass a pre-employment drug test
  • Present proof of eligible employment authorization which verifies that you are either a United States citizen or has qualifying documentation that permits you to work in the United States
  • Ability to comply with all internal Walmart and vendor merchandise handling, cash handling and sales procedures.

Walmart Entertainment Team Associate Salary

The average Walmart entertainment associate income is $13 per hour, according to Glassdoor, which varies from $12 to $19 per hour.


Walmart entertainment team associates are necessary to the success of any Walmart store.

Without them, customer service would be non-existent, making it difficult for the store to continue business.

It is important that they have a good understanding of the products and their pricing in order to answer customers’ questions with confidence.

By having team associates readily available, customer questions and concerns are addressed at the point of purchase and sales are ensured.

As customers walk away from their shopping experience with a smile on their face, they become more inclined to come back again.

This post is helpful to individuals interested in a career with Walmart or other similar companies as an entertainment team associate.

They can learn all they need to know about the work that entertainment team associates do at Walmart from this post.

It is also useful to recruiters/employers needing to write a good job description for the entertainment team associate position in their companies, for use in their recruitment process for the role.

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