Von Maur Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Von Maur Hiring Process
Learning about the hiring process at Von Maur can increase your chances of being hired at the company. Image source: SYDNEY SMITH, mibiz.

Von Maur Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The Von Maur hiring process involves various stages, including job application, interview, and other processes you will have to complete to be employed by the Company.

This post provides complete information on the recruitment process at Von Maur, to make it easier for you to gain employment at the company.

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Von Maur Company Overview

Von Maur, Inc. is a distinct department store in the United States founded more than a century ago by a German immigrant – J.H.C Petersen.

In 1872, Petersen and his three sons decided to start up their own business.

They opened a store in downtown Davenport, Iowa, which later expanded and became a profitable business.

Several years later, William D. Petersen, one of J.H.C Petersen’s sons, sold the family business to a partnership of Cable Von Maur and R.H Harned. Von Maur.

Currently, Von Maur is one of America’s most admired and loved fashion retailers, as a result of how the company prioritizes their customers and offers a great shopping experience rarely found somewhere else.

The Von Maur Hiring Process

Von Maur recruits an applicant who successfully passes every stage of the hiring process.

Like other related retailers, the Von Maur hiring process is pretty simple to undergo.

Here are the major stages involved in the Von Maur hiring process:

  1. Job Application Process

Every candidate is expected to submit an online application in order to get an entry into the recruitment process.

This is simply done by visiting Von Maur careers portal – www.vonmaurcareers.com.

The site will provide all the available jobs you can apply for, as well as helpful guidelines on how to complete the application process.

Unlike other application processes, you can’t download and print out the application form. Due to this, you can’t apply in-store but online only.

Before applying for a job, ensure that you read through and understand the job description to be sure it’s a role you can function well in.

Moreover, when it is time for you to be interviewed, you may be asked questions regarding the role.

2. Interview Process

Once the HR team finds your application eligible for the role you are applying for. You will be invited for a formal interview.

But before then, one of the Human Resources personnel will conduct an interview with you over the phone.

This is called phone screening, and it is used by Von Maur to determine if a candidate truly possess all that the resume entails.

It is also used to assess an applicant’s verbal communication skill, availability, as well as his/her interest in the job.

If you succeed in the phone screening, then be prepared for the main interview with a store supervisor.

During this interview, the supervisor will confront you with behavioral questions, which help the interviewer to evaluate your customer service abilities.

Furthermore, for managerial positions, the store manager is usually the one to conduct the interview.

And aside from just questions, managerial candidates should be ready for some special exercises that will help the recruiter(s) to assess every qualification that is needed to function competently in the role.

To succeed in the interview, you will need to be very prepared. Here are a few helpful interview tips that you might need:

  • As an interviewer who wants to ace the interview, you should be positive, professional and friendly. Try to provide examples that clearly depict these features. Also, showing up at the interview early enough with your resume in-hand shows a good level professionalism.
  • Do not over elaborate points you are discussing when answering questions, you may go off-subject trying to do so. Moreover, you won’t have the luxury of time.
  • Provide clear and brief answers showing that you are customer-oriented.
  • Make sure you dress appropriately. You can even go as far as wearing the company’s clothing.

3. What is the Duration for the Von Maur Hiring Process

After the interview, whether you are a successful candidate or not, Von Maur will send you a response via email concerning your interview performance.

You are likely to get this response within two or three weeks after you have been interviewed.

However, if you aced the interview, the HR team may grant you an employment offer on the spot.

4. Background Check

Once you have been chosen among the successful candidates for employment, be ready to undergo a background check, after which your job offer will be finalized.

A background check is not a phenomenal practice, but a typical aspect of most hiring process.

Not just retailers, but almost every organization ensures that a candidate’s background is checked before he/she can work in the company.

A background check is what helps Von Maur HR team to hire employees who have no felony history.

Currently, employing a felon is very rare. Most companies are trying to avoid hiring someone who would be irresponsible and have a negative influence on co-workers.

The moment your background check has been conducted, and the HR team declares you free from any criminal practice, then there is nothing else to prevent or affect your employment offer.

Von Maur Jobs and Careers

Here are some of the common positions that are usually available at Von Maur:

  • Sales associate: This employee is responsible for receiving specific assignment in allocated areas and promoting Von Maur products and service in order to drive sales. He/she greets customers that come into the store, offers advice on products, and rings up purchases.
  • Loss prevention associates: This position is assigned to ensure that the store doesn’t experience losses of any kind. He/she is responsible for protecting Von Maur assets, preventing, and resolving the customer conflicts, and maintaining peace within the store.
  • Store manager: This position is mainly responsible for the general operations in the store. He/she is in charge of recruiting new staffs, ordering products and supplies, coordinating shipments, as well as giving report of sales and losses to regional and corporate offices of the company.
  • Sales consultant: This role offers assistance to customers in choosing the appropriate attire that suits them. He/she is also responsible for processing orders and making sure customers are satisfied with the services rendered.
  • Department manager: This employee is responsible for overseeing his/her department in the store, ensuring it functions with absolute effectiveness. He/she performs scheduling, and allocates tasks to various staffs within the department.

What to Expect Working at Von Maur

Being an employee at Von Maur gets you entitled to various staff benefits.

The company creates opportunity for career advancement, and they also ensure that every employee is able to balance career obligations and personal ambitions.

The basic staffing benefits offered by Von Maur include ongoing training, flexible scheduling options, and discounts on merchandise.

Long term workers are also qualified to enjoy health insurance, which include medical, vision, dental, as well as drug description plan.

At Von Maur, there is a specific dress code for staffs, and every employee is expected to meet up to this standard.

Some employees find this very disturbing. Also, entry-level workers normally experience long working hours.


When seeking for a job opportunity at Von Maur, be assured that your race, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, and sexual orientation won’t stand as a barrier to your employment offer.

Von Maur doesn’t consider any of these as a factor. What the company is only after is your ability to function excellently well in the workforce.

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