Top 15 Treasurer Skills to Stay Top of Your Career

Treasurer Skills
Treasurers need certain skills and qualities to be effective in their job and career.

Top 15 Treasurer Skills to Stay Top of Your Career

This post presents major skills and qualities to have if you are interested in being effective performing the role of a treasurer and achieving success in your career.

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Almost every organization has a treasury, which is mostly known as money.

The treasure is the monetary value of the organization and therefore needs to be handled by someone who is certified and well skilled in monetary management.

A treasurer is needed in several organizations as long as there is the need to have someone who should be in charge of the financial management of the organization.

Who is a Treasurer?

A treasurer is an employee of an organization who is tasked with the duty of running the treasury of the organization.

His/her basic job is cash management of the organization.

Top 15 Treasurer Skills to Stay Top of Your Career

Here are important skills and qualities you need to have to be effective in your job as a treasurer:

  1. Well skilled in accounting
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Presentation skills
  4. Technical skills
  5. Business skills
  6. Accountability
  7. Teamwork
  8. Collaboration
  9. Persuasion
  10. Representative skills
  11. Analytical skills
  12. Management skills
  13. Knowledge of market trends
  14. Strategic planning
  15. Up to date with relevant laws.
  1. Well skilled in accounting

No doubt that someone who is in charge of the financial status of the organization should be well skilled in accounting.

You should know that you will need to be well grounded in accounting to be able to work in this job efficiently.

You need to know the importance of accounting in this job.

The bottom line is that as long as you are financially involved in the organization, you should know that accounting is the basic skill to possess.

It should reflect your expertise in the job.

One of the reasons why you should have this skill is that you might be required to function in a similar role maybe as a financial secretary or something of sort.

You will need this skill to be able to discharge your duties without much difficulty.

  1. Excellent communication skills

As you know, information must be disseminated round the department and the organization as a whole.

So it becomes inevitable for you not to have this skill in addition to others that are crucial to your job success.

Communication is key in any job regardless of how high or low the salary may be.

One of the people in an organization that is required to be good at communication is the treasurer.

You are not to be ignorant on the need for good communication skills to help you pass the right information, the right way, and the right time.

To help you improve in your communication functions, you can find out areas you are not so good at when it comes to communication.

That may be in your tone when addressing people or even your inability to produce a concise written communication for another person to work with.

  1. Presentation skills

You will need some good presentation skills to be able to pass across or relate your ideas to some stakeholders in the organization where you function.

It is true because at some point your opinion will definitely be needed during economic planning or budgeting process of the organization.

So you need to polish this presentation to be able to have a good presentation when called upon.

It is not something that happens magically but something that comes good when you are able to train yourself well in the art of public presentation.

There are some things to consider during presentation. Some of those things include your tonality, knowledge of the kind of audience you have and the time given to you to make your presentation.

Take all these things into account if you are to give a good presentation.

  1. Technical skills

Another thing that counts in your job as a treasurer is your technical ability.

By technical ability we mean your ability to do a clear and concise job without ambiguity or any reason for doubt or confusion.

This is one skill that your employer will be interested in.

First technical aspect of your job is your technicality in report writing.

When writing your report, be well detailed in your rendering of the report and ensure there is no form of ambiguity revolving round any aspect of the report.

This may bring about confusion or doubt.

Also when recording of transactions, make it plain and simple so that anyone who may need it in the future will not find it difficult to interpret whatever you have written or typed in the document.

This is really important for you to note.

  1. Business skills

In the modern world, businesses and other profit oriented organizations place a lot of demand on staff to have quite a good amount of business skills.

This skill shows up in two different forms which we will consider in the next two paragraphs.

First aspect of this skill is knowledge of how business is being run.

It is important because, as organizations continue to experience changes, one of the things that can help you survive the changes is for you to be able to fit into any role, and business skill is one of the qualities you will need to have to be considered.

Another aspect of this skill is to have a good idea of what the business world is all about and understand the direction of the business work.

This will definitely show or reflect in the type of advice you offer your organization in financial matters.

  1. Accountability

As a treasurer, you should be able to give a good account of what you have been doing in your job over time.

Believe the fact that the hierarchies in the organization are keen and eager to know what you are doing in the capacity of a treasurer.

So for you a treasurer, to gain the trust and confidence of your employer, you must be seen as someone that’s responsible and accountable.

If your boss in the office has issues trusting you, it could be that you are not accountable in your job.

It doesn’t end with lack of trust but can also lead to termination of appointment by your employer.

So it is simple, if you want to retain your job in the long run, you have to be accountable and make sure you don’t give your employer a chance to have doubts over your activities.

  1. Teamwork

Your general input in the organization is not purely down to your accounting skill.

It is not also down to your job, but what you do in the organization to help expedite the growth of the organization.

This is important to every employer and is one of the skills an employer uses to rate the usefulness of a staff.

So, you need to go beyond just being responsible for the disbursement and collection of funds for the organization and use your office to bring about more innovative ideas to help grow the organization.

That is one of the ways your worth is measured.

Many people can work in the role of a treasurer but not many have enough ideas and contributions to make in the organization, and this is one of the differences to marks out a lot of people in this job.

Understand that due to competitiveness associated with jobs of today, employers look beyond your certifications to consider taking you for the any job.

  1. Collaboration

Your ability to seek for help from other experts in this field is what we term collaboration.

It means that you increase your efficiency in the job through collaboration with other people who have the experience in this job.

It is helpful in many ways.

This help can come from within the organization.

If there is someone who has worked in that role before, such a person can be of help to you in this job.

His/her experience and expertise can help your problem solving skills both in the short and long run.

Also, you can seek collaboration from people outside the organization but you should be careful with taking advice from people outside, especially if the ideas you are given have not been proven in the organization.

You need to first analyze the pieces of advice and know their feasibility.

  1. Persuasion

Convincing the executives of your organization to buy into your ideas during presentation is not really easy, especially if the ideas are not fully tested.

You will need to give them sufficient and convincing reasons to believe that your ideas will work.

It takes a persuasive skill to make it happen.

Remember that your ideas are needed in financial matters but those ideas need to look viable and feasible for it to be accepted by the executives of the organization.

So, you need to sound persuasive in this aspect.

Your persuasive skills should be backed up with some statistics, which are real and not imagined or exaggerated.

Perhaps through your personal research of market trends you can present current statistics and other valuable information to help you drive home your points of presentation.

  1. Representative skills

Representative skill is also one of the qualities you will need in this job as long as you want to be versatile in your work.

You might be called upon at any time to represent the organization in any business meeting by your employer.

You will need to learn that art of representation in this job.

Representation is you acting in another capacity probably on behalf of a greater personality in the organization or the department where you work.

So, you should always be ready to function in any related job at least for the time being.

What you will need is the ability to be versatile.

Versatility will earn you more opportunities to advertise your abilities to your employer and afford you the chance of being given a greater responsibility, which may come with a lucrative reward.

  1. Analytical skills

Finance related issues will always require that you are skillful in analysis.

It is important because finance is always the focal point of whatever a profit oriented organization does and as such finding yourself in this role should let you know that you need a critical mind to be effective in this job.

If you are not analytical enough in your assessment of records of transactions in the organization, you will be exposed to mistakes, which I avoidable.

So, it is up to you to take time and analyze documents and records of financial transactions in the organization.

Spotting out errors won’t be easy, or spotting out some fraudulent activities by the accountants of the organization will not be possible if you don’t have an analytical mind.

You may see yourself becoming irrelevant to the organization if analytical skill is absent.

  1. Management skills

There are quite a lot of things that will definitely be put in your care to either work with or manage.

There are many of them and your ability to manage them well will clearly show that you have some good management skills.

So you need to intentionally manage whatever tools are made available to you for use in your job.

You will need to serve as a caretaker for all the things put in your care by the employer.

Once you are able to do this, then you should be fine and okay.

Also, the most important for you to manage are the members of your team.

It is important to know that you are not working alone in the department or organization and you will need to work with this mentality to be able to get the best out of everyone around you.

  1. Knowledge of market trends

Trends in the market determine the direction of organizations, and the organization you work for is not an exception.

What happens in the market will always play a key role in the way your organization operates at the moment.

Remember that earlier in this article we were able to establish the fact that you need to be versatile in your knowledge to be able to remain relevant to your organization.

Having a good knowledge of market trend is a quality you need to have to succeed in the treasurer job.

When you come up to make your presentations or suggestions to your organization, one of the things that can help persuade them to consider what you have to say is if your ideas reveal the true state of the markets and what the position of the organization should be in that case.

  1. Strategic planning

Strategic planning entails making adequate plans to carry out your job in line with the organization’s demands and visions.

The organization’s goals and aspirations is everybody’s business, including you the organization’s treasurer.

So during your planning stage, you should take note of the implication of everything you will like to do and how it affects the organization, either positively or negatively.

If it should affect the organization negatively, then strike off the idea.

If the ideas you have are feasible then take the next step which is the processes that will be involved in the implementation of such ideas either on a personal basis or at the organizational level.

  1. Up to date with relevant laws

There are relevant laws that guide the operation of every business organization all over the country.

These laws may differ with geographical locations. So be it as it may, the laws are meant to guide the successful running of every organization under consideration.

For you the treasure of the organization where you work, it is not a bad idea to have knowledge of how these laws work in case you find yourself in a position of representing your organization in any external business meeting that may have something to do with your organization.

Also, the knowledge of these laws can give you a more complete presentation.

When you are presenting your ideas to your organization, one of the things that will be used to judge them is if they are in line with the prevalent laws in the country.

Treasurer Skills for Resume

If you are writing a resume or CV for a treasurer position, then you can make a highly impressive Skills section for it by applying the skills and qualities that treasurers should have as discussed above.

By highlighting some of the above skills and qualities in your resume, you will be showing that you have the right requirements for the treasurer job.

This will definitely enhance your chances of being hired for the treasurer position as the recruiter/employer is sure that you have what it takes to succeed as a treasurer.


A treasurer is one who is in charge of the disbursement and collection of funds of an organization.

With the value and prestige attached to this job, it is important to discover the skills and qualities that you need to have to succeed on the job and career, which have been provided on this page.