Technical Product Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 27, 2023
Technical product manager resume
Searching for a new technical product manager job? Warm your way into recruiters’ heart with a good resume.

Technical Product Manager Resume Writing tips and Example

If you are looking to obtain a job as technical product manager, then, creating a resume to convey your intentions and expertise is important.

This post is to guide you in making a resume for the technical product manager job; a good resume that can easily get employers’ attention to invite you to an interview where you will be able to prove to them why you are the best technical product manager to hire.

Writing a great resume for technical product manager role, what to consider:

To create a convincing resume, you need to understand the description of the job, which is usually published by the employer or the recruiting firm.

An understanding of the job description will help you in creating a technical product manager resume specifically targeted at meeting the expectations of the recruiting firm.

Also, make sure that your resume is created to include only the skills and expertise related to the technical product manager job that you are applying for.

Other important details about you and your accomplishments may come during the interview.

By doing this, you make your resume not only concise, but also appealing to the recruiting manager.

Resume Objective Section

The objective section of your technical product manager resume is meant to convey your intentions to work in that position and the skills and expertise you intend bringing to the job. It must be a short statement of between one and two sentence(s).

Here are two examples you can copy:

Examples of Technical Product Manager Objective Statement for Resume

  • To work as a Technical Product Manager with Jimmy Inc., offering 7+ years experience in technical product management, outstanding business acumen, and strong leadership and networking skills that will be relevant to improving the company’s profitability.
  • To obtain the position of Product Manager with Jim Jam Inc., where exceptional ability to plan and implement product launch and outstanding leadership and team work skills will be utilized in managing the product management team to achieve desired results.

Core Competence Section

This is the section of your resume where the hiring manager will be expecting to see the skills, personal qualities, and expertise you possess that will be beneficial to the company.

In creating the core competence section of your technical product manager resume, you must endeavor to include only skills that are related to the job.

This makes employers to easily see the value that you are bringing to their company.

Job Experience Section

This section of the technical product manager resume should contain your previous experience in the field of product management.

It should include the companies you have worked for in a similar capacity; the period you worked with the firm, and the responsibilities you performed.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

This part of the resume is where you highlight your academic and professional qualifications.

The hiring manager will like to see if your qualifications are in-sync with the demands of the job.

Having a good professional qualification may also help convince the hirer of your expertise and dedication as a technical product manager.

Having discussed how to make the different parts of a technical product manager resume, we will now see a resume example for the position where the various sections are put together.

See below a sample resume that you may use as a template in preparing a great resume for yourself whenever you desire to apply for the post of a technical product manager:

Technical Product Manager Resume Example/Sample/Template

Barrack Gregory
17 Oak Street, Springfield, Illinois
Home: (+2)774-8753, Cell: (+2)774-6587

Objective: To work as a Technical Product Manager with Jimmy Inc., offering 7+ years experience in technical product management, outstanding business acumen, and strong leadership and networking skills that will be relevant to improving the company’s profitability.

Core Competence

  • Over 7 years experience in technical product management
  • Strong background in business management Outstanding commercial awareness and business acumen
  • Technically savvy and outstanding knowledge of relevant technologies
  • Excellent leadership and teamwork skills Innovative and strong communication
  • Strong networking and marketing skills.

Job Experience

Dabby Inc.
Technical Product Manager
2010 – 2014

  • Conducted market research and interviewed clients to determine market requirements
  • Specified market requirements based on research and interview outcome
  • Led the product management team to develop projects and programs to meet the needs and expectations of clients
  • Organized product launches and releases and managed the implementation of plans
  • Collaborated with the executive team to set periodic goals/targets
  • Provided direction to the marketing team on the development of sales tools
  • Generated leads to support the sales team in meeting targets
  • Identified potential targets and key players to partner with as well as stimulated interest that benefited the company.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Illinois State University, MBA in Product Management and Marketing, 2009
  • Springfield City College, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, 2007.


If you are searching for a new technical product manager job, a good resume is something you will definitely need to have.

This is to give you an edge over other applicants in convincing employers of your capacity to deliver on the job, and so give you the opportunity of an interview.

You can take advantage of the tips and examples in this post to master the act of resume writing and so improve your chances of getting your desired technical product manager job.

Did you find the ideas in this post useful in writing a compelling resume for the job of a technical product manager? Please make your comment in the box below.

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