Technical Accounting Analyst Job Description Sample

By | September 1, 2023
Technical Accounting Analyst job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Technical Accounting Analysts provide financial analysis and report to a company. Image source:

Technical Accounting Analyst Job Description Sample

What Does a Technical Accounting Analyst Do?

The technical accounting analyst is in charge of offering financial analysis and report to an organization’s finance department.

This is attained by offering accounting services for the group which involves harmonization between the general ledger and sub ledger, purposeful account analysis, and imposing team procedures and policies.

The job description and functions of the technical accounting analyst position entails recognizing, examining, and verifying match exceptions that inhibit the vendor payments and procedures.

The technical accounting analyst will be in charge of explaining and executing new accounting procedures and systems.

The individual for this office will assess and give suggestions on the feasibility of accounting information system proposition.

He/she will decide if proposed systems attain user information prerequisites and correspond to accounting procedure.

Technical accounting analysts will be required to establish stipulations and user manuals illustrating financial data flow and output or input prerequisites.

He/she will be responsible for evaluating the financial feasibility and effect of proposed budget items, capital or operating programs, investment options, and offering assistance in managing expense requests.

The role of the technical accounting analyst will also include organizing high level technical and classified reports and giving forecasts on cash receipts, corporate income, operating capital expenditures and plans; investments, manpower budgets, disbursements and the combined financial position.

He/she will also perform tasks such as evaluating succeeding variances and earmarking opportunities and trends to control or reduce costs.

He/she will assemble financial information for utilization in executing the participation, support and agreement operations.

He/she will also be in charge of revising and developing instructions for the accounting, general and payroll instruction handbook.

This job will involve explaining applications for the company’s operations.

Sample Job Description for the Technical Accounting Analyst Post

The technical accounting analyst will be expected to execute the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which make up the job description of most technical accounting analysts:

  • Harmonization and evaluation of dealer matched and unmatched liability accounts
  • Carry out evaluation and accounting for stockpile and vendor short billing standards
  • Be responsible for surplus inventory returns
  • Perform entry of journals on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Evaluate, validate, and authenticate exceptions that are fashioned by payment agents
  • Review products accounts payable operations
  • Perform specified projects as determined by the unit head and finance service manager
  • Render assistance with forecasting, budgeting, and giving direct account to the director of finance
  • Organize, update, and manage the company’s monthly monetary reports
  • Update and handle financial reports by making use of Excel and Access every month
  • Examine and explain financial reports every month and describe variances to plan previous year as well as forecasts

The above job description example contains necessary information that can be utilized in preparing a good resume that can secure an interview appointment for the job of technical accounting analyst.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the position of Technical Accounting Analyst

Essential to the office of a technical accounting analyst are the following abilities, qualifications and knowledge the individual holding the post should possess to be able to succeed on the job:

  • First degree or high school diploma in business, finance, accounting or associated field
  • Prior experience in accounting fundamentals and actively aiming for an accounting designation
  • Possess fundamental to advanced knowledge of asset management and use of MS Excel
  • Outstanding analytical dexterity with sound organizational aptitude
  • Ability to efficiently give priority to activities and carry out regular functions with little or no supervision