Taxi Driver Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Taxi Driver job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Taxi Drivers ensure safety and comfortable ride to their passengers.

Taxi Driver Job Description Example

What Does a Taxi Driver Do?

The primary responsibility of a taxi driver is to drive people between locations of their choice in a hired taxi.

In discharging the duties of their job description, a taxi driver is not restricted to plying any predefined route.

His/her direction is determined by each passenger. However, in most cases, his/her operation is restricted to a particular city, cities, or state(s).

Taxi is a vehicle that may be hired by the members of the public for single journey. It can also be said to be a vehicle that passengers hire to convey them between locations of their choice.

A taxi can also be referred to as a taxicab or a cab, and the driver is often referred to as a taxi driver, taxicab driver, or a cabbie.

The fare for hiring a taxi is often determined through an agreement between the driver and the passenger or in some cases by a device called taximeter which calculates the fare based upon distance covered or time spent in the journey.

The industry of taxi driving is very competitive. More so, it is the right of any passenger to determine the cab to hire considering a set of characteristics of both the driver and the cab itself.

So, to attract customers, a taxi driver is expected to possess some set of working qualities in the discharge of his/her role.

Firstly, he/she must understand that people pay for taxi not just to get to their destination but to get there in a safe and timely manner.

People also shun metro or public transport for taxi because they want to feel comfortable while in transit.

Therefore, taxi drivers must maintain a good level of hygiene, ensure that the vehicle is kept neat, drive cautiously, and above all ensure timely conveyance of passengers.

Professional taxi drivers do not convey customers for just one time trip. They strive to make each drive cozy to ensure repeat patronage.

This they do by exchanging warm greeting with each passenger, helping them to load and unload heavy luggage, and helping the elderly or very tender kids get into the taxi.

To be able to carry out the work description of a taxi driver effectively, you must have good knowledge of the routes in the city or state that you operate in.

This would enable you get the passengers to their destinations in a timely manner.

In addition to that, a working knowledge of routes would also enable you to choose alternative routes when caught up in traffic congestion.

Basic map reading ability may also be necessary if the driver cannot afford a working GPS.

A word of advice to taxi drivers is not to demand for tips from passengers unless they offer it.

Instead, print a business card and ensure you drop one with each passenger. Many will surely call back if you have performed a professional service.

Taxi Driver Job Description Example

A taxi driver job description entails several duties, tasks, and responsibilities towards helping their passengers get to their destinations safely and timely.

Shown below is an example of a taxi driver work description detailing the type of functions and roles to expect to perform if newly employed as one:

  • Help passengers to load and unloading their luggage, especially when the load is heavy or when the passenger is carrying children and needs assistance
  • Ensure safe and timely conveyance of passengers to their destinations
  • Pick up passengers from their locations on request
  • Assist passengers to board and exit the taxi when need be
  • Ensure regular communication with the dispatcher before, during, and after each trip
  • Avoid answering unnecessary and lengthy calls while driving
  • Negotiate fare with each passenger or activate the taximeter immediately the taxi gets running
  • Turn off the taximeter immediately the taxi stops, and collect fare from the passenger
  • Reset the taximeter immediately after each run or before another run
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drug that may affect driving
  • Adhere to all traffic regulations and pay all necessary levies
  • Call passengers by keeping the hail light on when not driving any passenger
  • Ensure that the taxi is kept in a clean and working condition all the time.

Taxi Driver Resume Preparation

When seeking a new job as a taxi driver, you will need to prepare a resume to send to employers.

Your resume should provide relevant information for employers to belief you will be a great taxi driver to work with.

One of such information is your past or present experience driving a taxi.

To put this in your resume, the sample job description provided above does serve the purpose well, as you can adopt the stated functions and responsibilities of the position in making your resume’s work experience section.

Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge – for the Taxi Driver Role

A taxi driver desirous of success in the industry should strive to develop the following skills and qualities:

  • He/she must have valid driver’s license and good driving skills. If you intend driving for a company, a good clean driving history may also be necessary
  • Good hand-eye-leg coordination and ability to sit behind the wheel for prolonged period
  • In-depth knowledge of traffic regulation, road signs and city routes and landmarks are paramount
  • He/she must be friendly and approachable.

Taxi Driver Skills for Resume

The stated taxi driver skills and qualities above provide relevant information that you use in making the skills section of your resume, as they are some of the things employers look out for when recruiting new drivers.

However, you must genuinely have the qualities before using them in your resume so that you won’t be providing wrong information to employers, which is not ethical.