Kroger Bagger Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Kroger Bagger job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
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Kroger Bagger Job Description Example

What Does a Kroger Bagger Do?

The main duties of a Kroger bagger revolve round placing groceries into a shopping bag and then into a purchasing cart.

Upon requests, baggers may also take the groceries out to a customer’s car or render other kinds of services.

Depending on the daily operational needs of the store, the job description of the bagger at Kroger may also include sweeping and cleaning the shop, cleaning the lavatories, and arranging the carts.

Other roles they carry out may also involve giving assistance to customers and reorganizing merchandise on aisles to make a better appearance, which is often referred to as “breaking down”.

A few courtesy clerks can carry out maintenance in the stores, which include minor plumbing, electrical, landscaping, baby care, and elderly help.

Baggers are mostly employed by convenience shops and different retail outlets like super markets and chain stores.

In these stores, the bagger helps both the buyer and the cashier. He/she makes the work of the cashier easy by helping him or her in bagging the items bought by customers.

The bagger is also responsible for helping the customer locate products, pick them up, and place them into the cart; carry the cart to the check out desk, then carry the luggage to the customer’s vehicle, and finally help the customer to load the products into his/her booth or inside the car.

Because the task of a bagger is extremely customer orientated, he/she is expected to be very friendly and outgoing and should possess a customer service nature to the very core.

A Kroger bagger is also expected to be learned in bagging techniques. He/she must know how to pack items appropriately in a bag so as to make sure that it contains the appropriate number of products.

He/she must also know the type of products to be packed together and the ones to pack separately.

When he/she is less busy, the bagger is expected to help other workers in managing their duties.

In addition to performing call back functions – taking back goods customers intended to buy but changed their mind, the work description of a bagger may also include assisting in stocking the various shelves in the store, ensuring that the shelves are neatly arranged.

It may also entail handling the cleanliness of the work area, as well as assisting in unloading shipping merchandize when necessary.

Kroger Bagger Job Description Example

Working as a bagger at Kroger will involve performing various duties, tasks, and responsibilities, including those shown in the following job description example:

  • Greet and welcome customers to the store
  • Ensure that every customer gets amazing service
  • Provide a pleasant environment and maintain splendid standards
  • Pack customers’ groceries appropriately into a bag
  • Communicate professionally with co-workers and customers
  • Help customers in moving the shopping carts
  • Help customers in locating goods in the store
  • Assist customers in picking of items and dropping them in the shopping cart
  • Assist customers in taking shopping carts filled with groceries to check out table
  • Assist customers in moving their items to their vehicles
  • Return carts from the car park to the store
  • Convey customers’ complain, suggestions, and requests to the management
  • Complete extra responsibilities as assigned by a senior staff
  • Work in tandem with the cashier to make sure customers are satisfied
  • Assist the cashier to return any product not paid for by a customer to the appropriate shelf
  • Assist in stocking the shelves appropriately
  • Ensure that the shelves are set neat.

Kroger Bagger Resume Preparation

To find employment at as a bagger at Kroger, you will be expected to present a resume to the hiring manager.

The resume should contain appropriate information that can prove to employers that you are indeed suitable for the role.

Therefore, for your resume to be effective you need to have a section for professional experience where you show your previous work activities as a bagger or in a related position.

To enable you create this section when preparing a resume for the bagger position, you can make use of the job description sample provided above.

The duties and functions of the position that it contains are quite suitable for making the work experience aspect of the resume, which assures employers you already know exactly what the job entails.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Kroger Job

To succeed as a bagger at Kroger you will need to develop the following skills and qualities, which will also boost your chances of landing a bagger job if you are applying to work as one with retail stores generally:

  • Must possess good customer service skills. A bagger must be friendly and approachable
  • A good bagger is expected to be great at communication. He/she is expected to be able to listen attentively to customers’ requests and direct them to the right officer or help them in resolving their complaint
  • Normally, no academic qualification is spelt out to get this job. However, basic numeracy and reading skill is necessary
  • A good bagger must have multitasking ability. He/she must be able to pick up groceries, move cart, and communicate with customers at the same time
  • He/she must have the stamina to stand for extended period of time while working.

Kroger Skills for Resume

The skills and qualities for a bagger’s success shown above can equally be employed in creating the skills section of your resume, which proves your competence for the job to employers.