Target Stocker Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 16, 2023
Target Stocker Job Description
Target stockers ensure that orders arrive at their destination on time and in good condition. Image source: toughnickel.

This post provides detailed information on the Target stocker job description, to help you understand the work they do.

It presents the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly make up the Target stocker work description.

This article also highlights the major requirements you need to fulfill to be hired at the Target Company or other similar companies for the stocker role.

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What Does a Target Stocker Do?

The Target stocker job description entails receiving, storing, and preparing, and delivering goods or materials from one location to another.

It majorly involves ensuring that orders arrive at their destination on time and in good condition.

Stockers must follow an established safety procedure when working on ladders and scaffolds, which exceed 10 feet in height.

Before attempting to work on any ladder or scaffold, you should contact your immediate supervisor for approval if possible.

All stockers must complete a minimum of 4 hours of ladder work each day.

If a stocker is unable to complete all their daily ladder work, then the manager or supervisor will determine what time it will be completed prior to completing restocking duties for the day.

All stockers are responsible for reporting safety issues to their immediate supervisor or the management team.

Stockers must report all damages to the management team and/or branch manager for review, documentation and resolution.

In addition, all Target stockers are responsible for documenting any product that is damaged or defective on the price scan device as you check out.

This is to prevent a customer return, while also voiding out this item from your department walk around count.

It is also important that stockers must not touch any product until it has been fully scanned and recorded.

Stockers at Target are responsible for the proper disposal of any damaged or defective merchandise that is unsellable to customers at the end of each shift.

Items are placed in a designated area for proper disposal in accordance with Target policy, procedures and procedures.

More tips on Target Stocker Job Description

The Target stocker’s work description also involves ensuring that all tasks are completed within the designated time given to them by the management team or immediate supervisor.

It also entails ensuring that all ordered items are delivered in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

Stockers must always follow their immediate supervisor’s or management team’s directives and instructions to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Furthermore, stockers at Target are responsible for ensuring that any cleaning or sanitizing procedure is performed according to policy, procedures, or the manufacturer’s guidelines and directions as applicable.

All stockers are responsible for staying current on all Target policies and procedures, including but not limited to OSHA, as they apply to this job description.

The stocker also has the duty to adhere with the attendance policy as they apply to their job description and in accordance with the terms of their employment agreement. 

Tardiness on the job is not tolerated and can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment at the Company’s discretion and judgment.

Target Stocker Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The Target stocker job description usually consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Receiving incoming shipments of products and/or supplies
  • Storing items until they can be processed by other workers
  • Preparing items for shipment
  • Delivering items to other locations
  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Filling orders
  • Restocking shelves
  • Ensuring that all equipment and materials are used safely and properly
  • Following all company policies, procedures, and guidelines as they relate to the position
  • Maintaining a neat and organized workplace
  • Ensuring all assigned tasks are completing quickly to beat deadlines
  • Performing all duties and responsibilities in compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations
  • Maintaining constant alertness and awareness of surroundings
  • Reporting all unsafe conditions or situations immediately to the management team or immediate supervisors
  • Keeping all areas of the store free of clutter and debris
  • Properly disposing all trash and recyclables in accordance with local ordinances
  • Adhering to all safety precautions and practices as outlined in the employee handbook
  • Participating in all training programs offered through the company
  • Providing accurate information when asked questions about company policies and procedures
  • Complying with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations regarding the handling of hazardous material, chemicals, and waste, and other dangerous substances
  • Assisting with maintaining inventory levels and accuracy
  • Working cooperatively with other departments and assisting as needed
  • Rendering the best service to guests and employees
  • Attending all scheduled meetings and participating actively
  • Staying informed of changes in the industry and company policies and procedures.

Target Stocker Job Description for Resume

If you are presently working as a stocker at Target or have worked in that role before and are writing a resume/CV for a new position, you can apply the sample Target stocker job description in making an effective Work Experience section for your resume.

By stating the duties and responsibilities you have successfully performed or are performing as a Target stocker in your resume’s Work Experience section, you will be able to convince the recruiter/employer that you will perform well in the new job.

This can greatly influence the recruiter/employer to invite you to an interview, especially if the new position that you are seeking requires someone with some work experience as a stocker.

Target Stocker Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

If you are seeking to work as a stocker at Target or other similar companies, here are major requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired:

  • Should have good communication skills and be able to express self effectively with both internal and external clients
  • Fluent in reading, writing, speaking, understanding, and comprehending English
  • Possess high integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality

Target Stockers should have the ability to:

  • effectively perform basic math calculations
  • regularly move 50 lbs. items by self and stand most of the working hours
  • bend, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, climb ladders, stairs, ramps, etc. repeatedly daily
  • use a computer keyboard and mouse effectively
  • work overtime as may be required by the supervisor
  • learn new skills and techniques to be effective on the job
  • comply with all company policies, procedures, and guidelines as they apply to this position
  • follow instructions from the supervisor
  • accept constructive criticism and feedback
  • take direction well from others.

Target Stocker Salary

The average Target stocker salary is $15 an hour. At Target, stockers’ hourly wages can range from $9-$18.

The hourly rate is calculated by multiplying the number of hours worked per week by the hourly wage.

Most Target stokers are paid biweekly.


This post is useful to individuals looking to work as a stocker with Target or similar other retail companies.

They will be able to know all about the stocker’s duties and responsibilities.

It is also helpful to recruiters/employers looking to create a job description for the stocker role for use in hiring for the position; they can apply the Target stocker job description example provided on this page.