Sports Events Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 17, 2023
Sports Events Manager Job Description
Sports event managers ensure sporting activities are successfully planned and executed.

This post provides detailed information on the sports events manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the sports events manager role.

What Does a Sports Events Manager Do?

A sports events manager who can also be referred to as a sports events coordinator is an individual who is saddled with the huge responsibility of planning every detail that is required for the preparation of a sporting team and sports facilities for a particular game/sports day.

The work of a sports event manager is mainly carried out behind the scene. Put differently, his/her job description entails laying a solid foundation for the commencement of a sporting event.

He/she works with a team, which is usually or in most cases referred to as an ‘organizing committee’. This committee is made up of experts from different fields, like erstwhile sportsmen and women, top-tier event managers, etc.

This team, led by the Chairperson of the organizing committee under the supervision of the events manager, does everything possible to make sure that lodging and/or accommodation arrangements are properly put in place for guests (usually fans) that will be coming for the event.

The manager, with the help of members of the organizing committee arranges intra-state traveling routes for the guests. This is done in a bid to enable them to get to the sports venue early enough and to also avoid unnecessary gridlocks along the way.

When it comes to ticketing (buying of tickets for the sports event), the manager makes the entire public know when the purchasing of tickets commences, where and/or how to get the tickets, how much the tickets cost and when they have been sold out (no longer available) through various media outlets or advertising mediums.

That is to say that the marketing of tickets for any sports event is planned and supervised by the sports events manager.

His/her work description also involves making sure that security is available to safeguard the movements of both players/participants and spectators/fans that came to watch the event.

Security measures are also put in place to avoid clash among spectators who support different teams during the course of the event.

A summary of the role of a sports events manager simply describes him/her as someone that does everything possible to make sure that a sporting event is carried out with little or no setbacks.

Sports Events Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Sports events managers carry out a variety of functions, which may differ from event to event. That is, the methods of executing their duties are dependent on certain factors, which include the type of sports event and the number of guests that are expected at the venue.

Here are examples of tasks, duties, and responsibilities that generally make up the job description of sports events managers:

  • Responsible for setting up an organizing committee for sports events
  • Takes care of ticket sales and marketing by making sure that they are readily available
  • With the help of the organizing committee makes arrangement for guests’ accommodation and transportation
  • Provides or sets up adequate security for the entire process of an event
  • Creates or establishes emergency contingency plans for events
  • Inspects the entire sporting facility so as to make sure that they are all up to standard
  • Delegates different tasks to different members of the organizing committee so as to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the role of a Sports Events Manager

The role of a sports events manager is one that requires some peculiar skills and abilities that will enable him/her to perform at optimal level and deliver stellar services. These will normally include:

  • Ability to communicate properly and effectively is a must-have quality
  • Good interpersonal skill is highly required for this role
  • He/she must be someone that is able to prioritize his/her duties in line with the overall program of the event
  • A sports event manager must have very good negotiation skills
  • Ability to be calm and coordinate various activities even in the face of pressure
  • Must have top-notch leadership abilities
  • Must be a good team-player and easily get along with other individuals
  • Good time management skill is highly required
  • He/she must be proactive in his/her dealings and preparations
  • Must have a good knowledge of the business aspect of the sporting world
  • Must be able and willing to make decisions in the face of tough situations
  • Relevant experience in sports event management is definitely required.


Are you an employer in the process of hiring for the position of sports events manager? If you are, then this post consists of information about the duties and responsibilities, as well as a sample job description of the sports events manager’s position, which will help you to quickly create a good description for the role.

You will also find this post beneficial if you are interested in the sports events management career; you will be able to learn about what managers in charge of sporting events do, and so prepare yourself for the job in future.