Social Media Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 17, 2023
Social Media Manager Job Description
Social media managers create effective presence of their organizations on the social media.

This post provides detailed information on the social media manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the social media manager role.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

A social media manager can be said to be an individual who represents a company or an organization on various social media sites e.g. Facebook and Twitter. That is to say that, a social media manager of any given company or corporate body can be described as the administrator of the company or corporate body’s social media accounts.

His/her job description normally entails creating authentic video and/or text content which will be put out to the public via the company’s social media account(s).

The management of posts and updates on the accounts are to be done exclusively by the social media manager (or in some cases, by his/her management team, but under his/her close supervision and approval).

He/she is given the sole responsibility of managing the image of the company in such a way that the company’s marketing goals and/or objectives are accomplished.

The social media manager’s role also involves responding to comments, suggestions, and/or complaints of the company’s followers on all its social media channels.

The manager is definitely expected to be abreast with recent social media trends and evolution when it comes to digital technology.

He/she should be able to handle the company’s social media presence and also ensure a high level of customer interaction and engagement.

The social media manager’s work description also entails working with professionals from other creative departments (like marketing and PR) within their organization in a bid to coordinate and merge their campaigns/advertisements with other ideas/initiatives within the company so as to meet the overall marketing objectives of the organization.

A social media manager has to consistently create content for the company’s social media platforms constantly generating new content ideas, as well as evaluate how good and effective the ideas are.

Social Media Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Social media managers carry out a wide range of functions/duties in a bid to ensure that the companies they work for are well represented on different social media outlets.

The Job description example below provides a highlight of typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly characterize the work social media managers do in most organizations.

  • Generate and publish captivating content via different social media platforms on a daily basis
  • Communicate with followers and respond to their questions, complaints and/or suggestions
  • Oversee the design of each of the company’s social media account
  • Stay abreast with current social media trends
  • Work hand-in-hand with other teams or departments within the company so as to have an all-encompassing marketing strategy, which portrays brand consistency
  • Carry out research as regards followers/audience preferences when it comes to social media output.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the Role of a Social Media Manager

When recruiting for the role of a social media manager, there are certain attributes and/or qualifications that an employer would be seeking to find in a potential employee.

Therefore, if you are seeking to work as the manager responsible for the social media activities of an organization, here are major requirements you should expect to fulfill to qualify to apply for the position with employers:

  • Excellent communication skills on all fronts
  • Possession of great interpersonal skills
  • Must display a high level of creativity and innovation
  • Must be willing and able to work in a team setting and have the ability to lead a team if the need arises
  • Must be conversant with Web designing tools and other related computer programs
  • Good analytical and organizational abilities
  • Must be knowledgeable when it comes to online marketing channels
  • Should be someone that pays keen attention to details at all times
  • Must have top-notch copy-writing skills to be able to create great content
  • Must be open to criticism and willing to learn from happenings within the industry in which the company/organization operates
  • Must be constructive and show a high level of respect when responding to followers online
  • Relevant experience in content management and/or copy-writing
  • A minimum of 1 year work experience as a social media manager
  • A degree in Marketing or any relevant field of study.


If you are an employer needing a social media manager job description sample to use in creating one for your organization for use in hiring for the position, the copy provided in this post will be useful to you.

By applying the information in this article, you are bound to be able to create effective description for the social media manager’s job in your company, and so improve your chances of getting the desired candidates for the role responding to your job advertisement.

You will also benefit from this post if you are someone with an interest in the social media marketing/management career and are looking at working someday as a manager in charge of social media activities in a company.

With this article, you can increase your knowledge of what the duties and responsibilities of a social media manager entails, which prepares you better for the career.