Software Engineer Salary in Alabama and How to Earn More

Alabama promises to be a great State for Software Engineers, salary wise and benefits, in coming years as the large corporations are showing up in many cities.

Software Engineer Salary in Alabama and How to Earn More

On the average, software engineers’ salary in the State of Alabama is in the region of $69,000 to $84,902 yearly, with the State been home to some of the top aerospace corporations in the U.S.

The State of Alabama has its fair share of software engineers in the United States, ranked 35fth, the State is gradually moving at a steady pace in luring and improving more on packages for her software engineers, with a 13% below average on the nation’s salary scale.

Software Engineer Salary across Cities of Alabama

Huntsville has emerged as the highest paying city in the state of Alabama, known as the rocket city, it leads the race with an average of $100,000 as salary plus incentives, giving it a high yield earning within the State.

Across the cities of Alabama, software engineers earn between $69,000 and $ 94,000 yearly, making them 13% on the National average.

Highest Paying Cities for Software Engineers in Alabama State

Certain cities in the State of Alabama pay more than others, and to get in one needs to move to such cities and get a job.

Here is a list of cities that pay software engineers highly in the State of Alabama.

CitySalary ($)
Highest paying cities for Software Engineers in the State of Alabama

Software Engineer Salary Based on Skill in Alabama State

Professional jobs such as software engineering need to be a skilled one, hence acquiring a degree in computer engineering is not the only needed skill, one needs to get into the trend of current happenings and events to be in line and updated.

Below is a list of top notch skills needed to stand out better placed job and salary wise in the State of Alabama as a software engineer.

Like all States across the United States, the skill set is the same, but aside getting high pay from these skills, they are also much needed to help step on the ladder to high earning.

  • Scala: Still remains on top of the pile with software engineers possessing this skill earning in the region of 24.37 % on the average yearly.
  • Deep learning: Is another critical skill that software engineers who earn high need under their belt as this skill has an average earning feature of 23.38% on the yearly scale.
  • High Availability: This skill set has the ability to earn in the range of 18.27% yearly.
  • Os. Kernels: Software engineers with this skill level in the State of Alabama United States have a take home pay in the region of 17.56% on a yearly basis.
  • Big Data: Software engineers with this top level skill also range on the salary scale grossing on the average 17.30% yearly, not bad for a years pay.
  • Computer Vision: This is another high skill set earning platform, with software engineers having a pay pack yearly of 16.57%.

With the above set of skills added to their portfolio, the aspiring Software Engineer will earn more and go far in their career.

Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience in Alabama

Like all professions, the years of experience and how long one has been on the job matters.

The case is no exemption with Software Engineers in the State of Alabama.

Listed below for the software engineering industry is an illustration of how they earn:

Less than 1 year: $88,994
1- 2 years: $91,433
3 – 5 years: $95,000
6 – 9 years: $104,580
More than 10 years: $117,814.

10 Highest Companies for Software Engineers in Alabama

Earning more means moving to the top companies with the high pay, below is a table highlighting the top ten paying companies for software engineering jobs in the State of Alabama.

CompanySalary Yearly ($)
Juniper Networks145,546
Companies that pay highest salaries for Software Engineers in Alabama State.

More Benefits for Software Engineers in Alabama

Various benefits are attached to software engineering jobs, but the most outstanding of all are given below:

  • Stock Options

In this case, the Software Engineer is given a share of the company stock at the end of the year.

This often translates into cash in the long run.

  • Relocation Assistance

Moving from one city to the other is a tedious task, not to talk of interstate movement; the Software Engineer is given benefits to help in relocating to another city or state of the same corporation he/she works for.

Again, this often translates into cash at the end of the fiscal year.

  • Vision Health Insurance

The eye sight of the Software Engineer is of paramount importance, hence one of the benefits enjoyed is the vision health insurance, which allows them to check up constantly to make sure their eyesight is in good health.

  • Commuter Assistance

With everyday hassles and the urge to get to work quick, the Software Engineer needs to commute to and fro daily except when on off days which is rare.

Commuting can be a stressful task particularly during rush hours, so major companies provide commuter services to help ease the stress of their engineers.

  • Food Provided

Food is a major benefit for Software Engineers, in particular when an application is underway, in its creative state, or near completion.

The engineer finds himself spending more time on his/her computer and in the office.

To ease this burden of rushing off for food, most companies provide food as benefits to their staff members.

Other benefits for software engineers in Alabama include:

  • Bonuses, which accumulate to around $2,444 yearly.
  • Social security: $ 5,208 yearly.
  • Health care: $8,352.
  • 401k/403B: $2,859.
  • Disability: $1,362.

What Related Job Titles to Software Engineer Earn in Alabama

The State of Alabama has a fair share of jobs related to software engineering which earn less or more than the software engineer.

Here is a list of related job titles to software engineering in the State of Alabama and what their salaries are:

  • Back End Developer: $190,077 yearly.
  • Full stack Developer: $100,706 yearly.
  • Software Developer: $90,457 yearly.
  • Frontend Developer: $86,756 yearly.
  • Developer: $82,742 yearly.
  • Application Developer: $72,578 yearly.

Software Engineering Job and Salary Outlook in Alabama

Alabama is ranked number 35 on the list of top states where software engineers can earn a living.

It has as 10% its lowest earning capacity of $ 45,000 yearly and a 10% high of $85,000 yearly with an average salary range of $82,223 yearly income.

Looking ahead, the city of Huntsville is gaining more attraction due to the cost of living and some big corporations making the city their home; little wonder it is nicknamed ‘the rocket city’ due to the presence of NASA and her space exploits.

With many other corporations, such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing, in the state, software engineer jobs will significantly be on the upward turn in the nearest future for Alabama.

How to Increase Your Salary as a Software Engineer in Alabama

Every one aspires to earn more in their places of work; the Software Engineer in Alabama is no exemption.

But how does one increase his/her salary in a State like Alabama?

Here is a list of suggestions to help you get started on the track to increasing your salary as a Software Engineer in Alabama State:

  • Improve on your already acquired skill set

No matter the set of skills you have under your belt, you need to acquire more; moving up the ladder and getting the skills needed is uppermost for a Software Engineer to earn more.

We have discussed above some of the top skills you need to have to earn more as a software engineer in Alabama.

  • Improve on your education

Education is continual and a Software Engineer needs to keep improving and getting educated, due to the trending nature of the profession and industry.

Having a degree is not enough, but professional certificates in addition will greatly boost your chances of increased pay check.

  • Move to Bigger Cities or State

Some States in the United States pay higher than others and it cuts across cities also.

In other to be amongst the big earners in the industry, a software engineer aspiring to earn more needs to move to a bigger city with much pay, or States with higher pay also.

  • Seek Out High Paying Companies to Work For

To earn more you need to work for companies that pay high and this is not easy to achieve, for the competition levels are on the high side in such companies.

However, with the much needed skills and a little bit of good luck, one is bound to succeed.

More Career Opportunities for Software Engineers in Alabama

Software engineers have the capacity to advance more in their careers by undertaking and getting involved in some critical career advancement programs that will boast their careers and income.

Below are top career opportunities and salaries for Software Engineers in Alabama:

CareerSalary ($)
Great careers Software Engineers can tap into in Alabama and their salaries.

These career opportunities are open to software engineers and can greatly enhance their pay outlook.


The Software Engineer working in the State of Alabama has the potential to grow in leaps.

With the National Median at a growth of 13%, one can only envisage that the industry will grow slowly but steadily.

With large corporations springing up in every city, Alabama State will soon move from its 35fth ranking to be amongst the top five States in the U.S. paying Software Engineers high salaries.

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