Police Officer Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Police Officer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Police Officers have the responsibility of protecting lives and property.

Police Officer Job Description Example

What Does a Police Officer Do?

The primary responsibility in a police officer’s job description is to protect citizens’ lives and property.

Though, life as a police officer comes with its share of risk and stress, it could be very rewarding as well.

In fact, it is a job for those who derive pleasure from protecting others.

As law enforcement agents, police officers are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the society.

They patrol designated areas to check crime and ensure orderly conduct of citizens’ activities.

Police officers answers calls from citizens and respond to their inquiries or provide assistance when requested.

Their role may also include conducting traffic stops from time to time.

Police officers also carry out raids and arrest of crime suspects, as well as charge suspects to court when there is sufficient evidence.

In the court of law, police officers also stand as expert witnesses when the need arises.

Their work description also involves carrying out counter terrorism functions and curtailing anti-social behaviors in people, thus, eradicating the fear of crime among citizens.

They also advice, educate, and assist other law enforcement agents and citizens on their rights and roles in combating crime.

In some cases, police officers also act as mediators by settling cases between conflicting parties.
Their duties also entail maintaining of peace and orderliness in public gathering, like social events, rallies, protests, and meetings.

They obtain information relevant to criminal investigation by interviewing crime suspects and witnesses and recording statements.

Police officers also prepare and submit crime reports.

They may also be assigned to search for missing person(s) or item(s) and respond to road or fire accident situations.

To work as a police officer requires a special set of skills, personal attributes, and qualifications.

First of all, a police officer must be physically and mentally strong to carry out the daily activities associated with the job.

Also, perception and ability to exercise valid judgment is also very important to the success of a police officer’s work.

An aspiring police officer must be at least 21 years old, a citizen who must hold a minimum qualification of a high school diploma.

In addition, the individual must complete a mandatory training at the police training academy.

Some agencies also require that the candidate should complete some coursework in college before thinking of a career as a police officer.

If you aspire to be a police officer, you should know that the job is of high risk and life threatening, as police officers deal directly with criminals and out-laws so they are susceptible to conflicts and injuries.

Police Officer Job Description Example

Here is an example of a police officer’s job description that highlights the common tasks, duties, and responsibilities of most officers in the police department:

  • Patrol designated locations to deter or obstruct criminal activities
  • Answer calls from citizens and respond to inquiries and distress situations
  • Conduct traffic stops and inspect vehicles at check points
  • Carry out raids and arrests of crime suspects
  • Charge suspects to court when there is sufficient evidence
  • Stand as expert witnesses in law courts when necessary
  • Advice, educate and assist other law enforcement agents
  • Advice and educate citizens of their rights and role in crime prevention
  • Act as mediator in disputes between individuals or conflicting parties
  • Maintain peace and orderliness in public gatherings like rallies, protests, and meetings
  • Interview crime suspects and witnesses to obtain information relevant to crime investigation
  • Document and record suspects’ and witnesses’ statements and confessions
  • Obtain evidence from crime scenes as well as prepare and submit crime reports
  • Search for missing person(s) or item(s) and report findings.

Police Officer Resume Preparation

When making a police officer resume, you can make the job experience part of it with information from the above sample job description.

If you have worked in the policing department before as an officer and need to make a resume, you will need to provide information of your activities on the job, which you can simply do by using the duties and responsibilities of the role provided above.

Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge – for Police Officer Role

Below are important skills, qualities, and qualifications usually expected that individuals vying to work as police officers should meet by recruiting agencies:

  • Education and training: To qualify to work as a police officer, a minimum of high school diploma is mandatory. Then, the candidate upon employment shall undergo mandatory training at the police academy. Other trainings are on the job
  • Physical Strength: The job involves chasing after criminals, controlling public behavior, and exerting force when necessary. A good stamina is needed to get these things done
  • Communication and interpersonal skills: A police officer needs be a good communicator. Also, a good relationship with members of the community will be useful during investigation
  • Confidence, confidential and calm demeanor: These three traits are very essential of a police officer. He/she should exude calm and confident demeanor at all times. Also, witnesses will like to be assured of confidentiality when they grant interviews
  • Emotionally mature and tact: He/she should be able to handle sensitive situations and know how to relate unpleasant news to people. In addition, a police officer must remain impartial when treating criminal cases no matter who is involved
  • Perception and good judgment: A police officer must be able to reason logically and make valid conclusions about issues without be bias
  • Police exam: To complete the recruitment process for this job, you will be required to take and pass a test, learn more: Police Exam.

Police Officer Skills for Resume

When making a resume for a police officer job, the skills section is also an important part of the resume that should be included.

This section, which can be created by applying the skills requirements for the police officer job given above, tells the hirer or reader that you have the necessary qualities to excel in policing job.


The job of a police officer is vital to having a safe society to live in. If you are in need of knowing what exactly they do, the detailed job description provided above will be of good use to you.

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