Secret Service Agent Job Description Example

Secret Service Agent job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Secret Service Agents ensure assigned VIPs are adequately protected.

Secret Service Agent Job Description Example

What Does a Secret Service Agent Do?

Secret service agents generally specialize in the protection of national and visiting leaders, as well as conducting investigation on financial and cybercrimes of economic or national impact.

Their job description entails ensuring the safety and protection of top political heads in a State, usually the President, Vice President, Speakers of the Congress, and other government officials occupying sensitive political positions.

Among other people they protect include families of the President and Vice President.

As part of their retirement benefits, ex-presidents and their spouses up until they pass on are provided with secret service protection.

Secret service agents provide and ensure security of Presidents and other government officials during public national events or presidential visits.

As part of their duties, they carry out investigations on national financial payment systems to check for money laundering, fraud, or inconsistencies in electronic funds transfer.

Other investigations they carry out include cybercrime investigations, evaluation of documents for falsification, and investigation of teller machine fraud and Visa fraud.

The state secret service agent role is a federal law enforcement duty under the Department of Homeland Security thus requiring agents to have specialized experience in carrying out investigations, obtaining evidence for court trials, and undercover operations and surveillance.

Secret service agents have two primary responsibilities which involve protection of important designated protectees and the security of national financial systems.

In fulfilling their role of providing protection to a designated protectee, they ensure the safety of an individual on the order of the President, although the protectee reserves the right to decline the service.

The investigative duties of secret service agents usually revolve around crimes that have remarkable economic/national impact or those perpetrated with the use of modern technology.

This job is a physically and mentally challenging career path which requires agents to be physically fit and able to take good decisions under pressure, as well as exercising a high level of patriotism in safeguarding political figures.

Prospective secret service agents are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree with a grade point of not less than 3.0 in any preferred field of study.

They are expected to have not less than a 20/60 eye vision and to fall within the age bracket of 21-37 as a U.S citizen.

They are also mandated to pass the Treasury Enforcement Agent Examination and to complete various agent and investigation training among which involve fire arm proficiency and defensive combat test.

The key skills and qualities to successfully carry out the work description of the secret service agent job include a good sense of judgment, perception, physical stamina, and leadership skills.

Secret Service Agent Job Description Example

The role of a secret service agent entails various tasks and responsibilities; the following job description example shows the major ones:

  • Ensuring the safety and protection of the President and Vice President
  • Safeguarding the immediate families of the President and Vice President
  • Providing Ex-Presidents and their spouses with lifelong protection
  • Guarding visiting Heads of States and other high profile foreign visitors
  • Escorting government ambassadors/representatives on international assignments
  • Managing the security detail of influential Presidential/Vice presidential candidates and their families four months to the Presidential election
  • Investigating financial fraud such as internet bank fraud, financial document counterfeiting, money laundering, and telecommunication hacking attacks, which may have a national impact
  • Detection of false identification documents and apprehension of suspects
  • Overseeing the forfeiture and seizure of property/asset as directed by a court of law
  • Monitoring electronic funds transfer and the use of access codes/debit card number to detect criminal activities
  • Combating e-commerce violation, cybercrime, and access device fraud
  • Conducting security sweep of a venue to ensure safety during a public national event
  • Responding to national emergencies and taking proper defense measures
  • Producing report of operation and maintaining accurate record of events
  • Use of law enforcement tools such as guns, handcuffs, and radio communication devices
  • Performing job duties in accordance with the condition and law enforcement policies
  • Providing materials that can serve as law court evidence.

Secret Service Agent Resume Preparation

In creating a secret service agent resume, the above sample job description consists of relevant duties and responsibilities that you can use to complete its job experience section.

This can increase its effectiveness and improve your chances of being recruited by employers.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Secret Service Agent Role

Here are important skills and qualities usually required for employment as a secret service agent:

  • Education and Training: Secret service agents usually have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any preferred discipline. They enroll with the selective service system and must pass the Treasury Enforcement Agent Examination, after which they go for a 10 week Federal Law Enforcement Criminal Investigator Training, and a subsequent 17 week Special Agent Basic Training Program. Various age and physical assessments are conducted during the training to ensure job eligibility
  • Judgment: They take a lot of decisions that require a good sense of judgment in order to effectively carry out their duties
  • Physical Stamina: The secret service duty is a law enforcement task that can be physically challenging and requires a lot of exertion
  • Leadership skill: Secret service agents usually exercise a level of leadership quality useful in organizing a team of agents
  • Physical Strength: They are strong enough to apprehend an offender.

Secret Service Agent Skill for Resume

The aforementioned qualities are necessary in completing the skills and competence section of your secret service agent resume to grab the attention of a prospective employer.


The secret service agent job description is a highlight of the major duties and requirements of the job, which is essential in preparing adequately for the role.

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