Psychologist Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Psychologist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Psychologists apply effective therapies in resolving depression and other psychological conditions in patients.

Psychologist Job Description Example

What Does a Psychologist Do?

Psychologists basically study human behavior and mental processes to decipher how they affect man in his environment and to help resolve issues arising from the difference in behavioral pattern.

The job description of psychologists entails carrying out surveys and research on the behavior and thought processes of man/woman.

Their roles also include conducting psychometric evaluation of clients to identify their mental health needs.

Usually, diagnosis and treatment of patients/clients are carried out in sessions, during which emotional and behavioral issues are discussed and professional recommendations are proffered.

Psychologists through therapy sessions help resolve issues such as depression, addiction, anxiety, and psychosis.

Part of their responsibilities includes monitoring client progress and keeping record of behavioral development.

Psychologists work alongside medical personnel, including nurses, doctors, and physiotherapists, to ensure the proper recovery of patient/client.

As part of their duties, they proffer expert advice and solutions to patients such that encourages healthy lifestyle and helps overcome psychological challenges.

It is also their responsibility to develop appropriate treatment plan for their clients such that addresses various mental health needs.

The work description of a psychologist also includes helping patients adjust and manage the side effects associated with certain illnesses such as cardiac arrest, cancer, eating disorder, and substance withdrawal symptoms.

It is their role to create an inferential explanation for a subjects’ psychological problem for the purpose of research and record.

Experienced psychologists oversee the activities and training of other psychologists to ensure they maintain counselling standards.

They can also provide consultancy services to organizations to improve management and foster development.

Psychologists find relevance in the education system where they proffer advice to teachers, students, and parents on ways to improve and support learning and academic development.

They also participate in workshops and seminars where advancements in the field of psychology are discussed.

Depending on their specialization, psychologists may engage in the evaluation and rehabilitation of criminal offenders.

They develop and implement suitable strategies to socially and psychologically reintegrate criminal offenders.

They can also perform psychoanalysis of an accused to determine if they really committed a crime.

Psychologists with the results of an interrogation can provide evidence or serve as a witness to testify in a law court.

They usually require a doctorate degree in psychology to pursue a career in the field but a Master’s degree could suffice.

During the course of their education, they acquire key skills such as research, consulting, teaching, and general psychology skills.

Personal qualities exhibited by psychologists include tolerance, empathy towards clients, self-motivation, and effective communication.

They require a lot of patience, detailed observation, and proper problem-solving qualities in order to effectively carry out their duties.

Psychologist Job Description Example

Psychologists carry out various functions. The job description example below shows the various tasks, duties, and responsibilities of most psychologists:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental health needs
  • Research/study of human behavior and mental thought processes
  • Assessment and identification of patients’/clients’ psychological needs
  • Developing appropriate treatment method for specific clients
  • Resolution of psychological issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety
  • Tracking patient’s cognitive and affective mental progress, and keeping records
  • Working alongside doctors and other medical personnel to improve the recuperation process of patients
  • Proffering advice and professional recommendation to clients during therapy sessions
  • Providing encouragement and motivation to patients going through psychological trauma of an illness
  • Giving detailed description of a patients’ mental health condition
  • Supervision and training of inexperienced psychologists
  • Providing counselling services to an organization to influence development
  • Fostering the learning and academic development of students in a school setting
  • Rehabilitation of criminal offenders to reduce the probability of re-offense
  • Carrying out psychological evaluation of criminal suspects to determine if they were involved in a crime
  • Conducting research on new psychological approach and techniques.

Psychologist Resume Preparation

The above sample psychologist job description can serve as a useful reference in filling out the work experience section of your psychologist resume.

Employers look out for the aforementioned duties in the resume of prospective psychologist employees; therefore highlighting them in your resume helps you create an appealing profile to the recruiter.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Psychologist Role

The skills and qualities required for applicants to meet to be considered for the psychologist role by most employers consists of:

  • Education and Experience: Psychologists are typically expected to have a doctorate degree in psychology although a Master’s degree can be accepted. In order to practice as a psychology in the U.S, you will be required to obtain a license of practice which is basically after you have interned and passed the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology
  • People Skills: Psychologists are well-versed in relating with people of different temperaments and behavioral disposition
  • Observational Skills: Psychologists are given to details and are quick to identify behavioral inconsistency.
  • Problem-solving skills: Psychologists employ their knowledge of human behavior in providing solutions to psychological challenges
  • Communication skills: Among the key qualities of psychologists is the ability to interact with patients in order to identify their issues.

Psychologist Skills for Resume

The aforementioned are among the desired psychologist qualities that employers require from prospective employees, and can therefore serve as good source of information in filling out the skills and qualities section of your resume for the post of psychologist.


Knowing what exactly psychologists do helps you to be prepared for the career if you are thinking of getting into it.

And for employers, you will be able to design an effective psychologist job description to hand to new employees for effective work delivery.

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