Sample Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position (with Answers)

By | July 16, 2023
Interview Questions for Administrative Officer
One of the commonly asked questions in an administrative officer interview is, “How do you best handle a conflict?”

When you practice with sample interview questions for administrative officer position, you will be well prepared for the interview and boost your chances of getting hired.

Interviewing for an administrative officer job can be intimidating. It’s important to prepare well for the questions that will be asked by the interviewers so you can confidently answer them and stand a better chance of getting the job.

This post presents exhaustive list of sample administrative officer interview questions that you can practice with before the interview date, to get familiar with the actual interview process.

What do Interviewers look for in an Administrative Officer?

When hiring for an administrative officer position, interviewers usually look for individuals with the ability to:

  • Investigate quality control issues.
  • Work with their team and communicate effectively.
  • Communicate well with their department head and senior management.
  • Read people.
  • Develop a strategic plan that will secure the department a positive future.

10 Most Common Administrative Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major questions that are commonly asked in an administrative officer job interview, with suggested answers to boost your preparation for the interview:

  1. How do you handle difficult situations?

I have the ability to handle any situation that arises due to my experience in this field. I always work with team members, co-workers, and other departments for an effective resolution.

2. How do you best handle a conflict?

I always work to resolve the issue at hand. I am keen in my ability to understand the emotions, thoughts and ideas of other people, thus optimally resolving the problem and helping out co-workers as well.

3. How do you ensure ongoing employee morale?

I maintain a positive attitude towards all employees and their respective roles within the company. By maintaining such a positive atmosphere, I carry over this energy to co-workers to create a more efficient work environment within the company.

4. How do you settle a dispute between an employee and customer or supervisor?

I am very patient in resolving disputes. This quality allows me to listen to the opinions of both parties, understand the problem at hand, and then offer the best solution possible.

5. How do you ensure that your employees are performing their job correctly?

I make sure all employees are performing their tasks by making frequent checks of the work area and asking questions about what needs to be done next about upcoming projects.

More Common Administrative Officer Interview Questions and Answers

6. How do you handle a co-worker who is not being productive or operates in an unprofessional manner?

I allow my co-workers to express their feelings and opinions freely and do not try to suppress it. In doing so, I give them a chance to vent and provide feedback so that improvements can be made.

7. What role is customer service/sales play in the workplace today?

Customer service/sales plays a very important role in today’s economy. I am very well versed in handling customers and provide a positive experience for them with my communication skills, friendliness, and knowledge.

8. Would you be able to work within the structure of the company?

Yes, the structure of a business is most effective when teamwork is involved in accomplishing tasks. I have the ability to work within structured circumstances and thrive on being part of a team to get things done properly.

9. How do you know when the work is finished?

The work is finished when it is completed to the best of my ability and meets all specifications. I am always pushing myself to improve and I look to complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

10. What qualities are you looking for in a company?

I am looking for a company that offers a challenging, but fun environment where my skills and abilities can be put to good use.

More Sample Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

Here are additional samples of administrative officer interview questions that you can apply in preparing for the next interview:

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

1. What can you tell me about your ability to work in a team?

2. Can you give an example of time when you had to make a decision where more than one option was possible and you felt like the outcome would be successful?

3. What are some of the things that make it difficult for you to meet deadlines on time? What do you do when that happens?

4. How do I know if I’m making the right decision in my work?

5. What are the primary responsibilities of an administrative officer?

Sample Case Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

1. What is your career aspiration?

2. What have you done in the past that best prepares you for this position?

3. How would you assess your current knowledge and skills set? 

4. Do the responsibilities of this position match with your existing skill sets?  

5. What would be your biggest challenge in taking on this position in a new setting or culture, and how will you overcome it?

Sample Competency Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

1. Tell me about a time you had to work on a task when you weren’t feeling well.

2. How would you handle an angry customer?

3. What is your experience in balancing multiple priorities and tasks in a fast-paced environment?

4. Tell me about a time that you volunteered for an assignment that was outside of your comfort zone and why did it seem like the right thing to do at the time?

5. How do you handle a situation where an employee is not meeting expectations?

Sample Problem-solving Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

1. How familiar are you with the daily work process of this administrative office?

2. When did you first get involved in your current job title?

3. How are you able to deal with pressure and stress when interviewing for this position?

4. If there were any obstacles that came up, what would your approach would be to rectifying these issues?

5. What is best way of getting around/accessing services in the area during an emergency situation or disaster?

Sample Situational Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

1. What do you do exactly on a daily basis?

2. How difficult was it to get into the position you’re in?

3. How many hours a day are you required to work?

4. What is the typical length of a day for an administrative officer?

5. What decisions must be made by administrative officers they have influence over at their institution/organization?

Sample Communication Skills Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

1. When you work with others, how often do you find yourself getting frustrated?

2. What do you believe has contributed to your job success thus far?

3. Give me an example of an important goal that was achieved by your team in the last 6 months.

4. How would your co-workers describe your communication skills?

5. What is the best compliment someone could give to one of your communications efforts?

Sample Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

1. Are you a leader?

2. What is your management style?

3. What do you think is the best thing about your previous administrative job?

4. What was the last interpersonal conflict that you experience and how did it end up?

5. How would others describe your communication style, positive and negative?  

Sample Company Culture Interview Questions for Administrative Officer Position

1. How does the company do with regard to work-life balance?

2. What are the hours required on a typical day?

3. What is your opinion about employees who take their children to work?

4. Would you be comfortable working long hours without seeing your family for days at a time?

5. What was the last time someone felt really listened to by you and what made them feel that way?

Administrative Officer Interview Success Tips

To achieve success in your administrative officer interview, here are some useful tips to apply:

1. Be confident and comfortable in your body language.

2. Show enthusiasm, interest, and commitment to the interviewers, the role, and the wider organization.

3. Be enthusiastic about your “mission”.

4. Show respect for the person you are talking to and for the organization.

5. Be polite, friendly, and non-aggressive.

6. Be clear and concise so that the interviewer can make their own judgments about you and your fitness for the organization’s culture, values, problems, and needs.


When taking a job interview for the administrative officer position, you really need to prepare hard for the questions that will be asked and build your responses before going for the interview.

This post has provided lots of sample interview questions for administrative officer role that you can practice with in your preparation for the interview, to increase your chances of being hired for the position.