Sample Interview Questions for Supervisor Position (with Answers)

By | July 16, 2023
Interview Questions for Supervisor
At a supervisor interview, one question you may be asked is to explain the qualities and experience you are coming with.

This post provides a big collection of common interview questions for supervisor position to help you to effectively prepare for the interview and gain the supervisor position that you desire.

If you are scheduled for a supervisor job interview, a great way to prepare for it is to learn about the questions you might be asked, get the best answers to them, and practice your responses ahead of the interview.

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What do Interviewers look for in Supervisor Position?

When hiring for the position of a supervisor, interviewers look for some certain qualifications that are necessary for any supervision position, these include:

  1. Supervisory experience: A supervisor will have to be able to provide some years of experience in supervision, preferably long-term.

It is also important that the supervisor has organizational skills, the ability to discipline employees, and a general understanding of how employees can be managed.

2. Technical knowledge: The supervisor will need to have a strong understanding of what is technically possible in the company, and be able to set goals for employees based on their potential.

It is also important that they know how to create an environment where employees are attentive and productive at all times.

3. Human relations skills: Personalities are not something that can be ignored, especially in a supervisor or management position.

A supervisor needs to have the people skills necessary to maintain an atmosphere where employees respect them and each other.

4. Leadership: The ability to lead is also important for any supervisor because they need to know how to give instructions that are clear, concise, and effective.

10 Most Common Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Here are supervisor interview questions most commonly asked, and suggested answers:

  1. What do you bring to the company that will help you succeed in a supervisor’s role?

I can accomplish any task that is put in front of me, and I never stop until it’s done. I also learn quickly, so I understand why the tasks are important and how they work together to achieve larger goals.

If something isn’t working, I figure out a different way to do it that does work. I am also a detailed and organized person.

2. What are your leadership skills?

As a leader, I create a vision for the future, listen to others’ opinions, know how to motivate people, am an effective communicator, and can give clear instructions.

I also have the ability to delegate tasks when necessary.

3. What are your supervisory skills?

I have a wide range of knowledge related to supervision, and have spent many years learning how to manage a group of people effectively.

I am familiar with the different types of personalities within a group and know how to encourage them based on their own individual needs.

I also ensure that my employees’ tasks are communicated clearly, and that they understand how their job benefits the company.

4. What are your interpersonal skills?

I can communicate excellently in writing and verbally with various types of people using different platforms. I have good listening skills, can relate to people from different backgrounds, and know how to bridge cultural gaps.

My personality is easy-going but enthusiastic at the same time.

More Common Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

5. What do you know about our company?

I have done my research on your company, and feel that it would be a great fit for me based on what I have seen so far.

I also understand the value of the products/services you provide, and am excited to learn more about how I can contribute to both your company and my own personal career.

6. What are your management skills?

I always set clear goals for the people I manage, and am very good at helping them meet those goals.

I can motivate them to work better or smarter, if needed. My management style is fair, but also firm when necessary in order to get results.

7. How would you discipline an employee?

Discipline is important, and I know how to balance it with other methods. I use positive reinforcement for good behavior, verbal warnings for minor infractions, written reports for more serious infractions, and suspensions or termination for the most serious offenses.

I make sure that employees understand what they did wrong clearly, and make sure that the discipline fits the severity of the infraction.

Additional Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

8. What do you know about our company culture?

I have done some research on your company culture, and understand that it is very laid-back with flexible hours.

At the same time, employees are expected to work hard while they are at work, so I would fit right in.

9. How many people would you supervise?

Before I answer that, let me talk about how I divide up tasks. Depending on the company and what they need, I may do it by department (sales vs. customer service) or by job title (computer programmers vs. sales).

Once that is figured out, the next step is to break up the tasks between each person. For example, I might give one person more of the daily tasks while another is in charge of monitoring deadlines and giving regular reports to management.

I also have a few people who can be used for special projects as needed, but they are largely self-directed otherwise.

10. Why do you want this job?

This company is growing every day, and I see that you are expanding into new areas of business.

It would be exciting to find out more about these opportunities and help your company grow at the same time. I also want to get the chance to use my skills in a different way than I did at my last job.

More Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

Here are more sample supervisor interview questions to apply in your preparation:

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. Why were you terminated from your last position?
  2. What is a typical day in the workplace like for you?
  3. How did your previous work environment impact your productivity levels?
  4. In what ways do you think that the company’s current employees are not performing satisfactorily?
  5. Do you know what our company does on a daily basis and how it helps customers [specific customer use cases]?

Sample Case Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. Why are you interested in this job?
  2. You’re given an assignment where there’s no clear deadline–do you set deadlines or just complete it at some point within a few days/weeks/months, etc.?
  3. What have you done recently to prepare for this interview?
  4. Describe a time when one of your team members was not performing well. How did the situation unfold, what were the consequences, and what happened after that?
  5. Which leadership style do you think is most effective with your mentality towards work ethic/having fun while working hard to accomplish goals?

Sample Competency Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

1. What is the best way to motivate people?

2. What can you do to improve morale?

3. What is your managerial experience and how would you apply it to this position?

4. How do you deal with conflict?

5. What would you do if a conflict happened in this environment?

Sample Problem-Solving Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. What are some things you’re struggling with at work?
  2. What is your career goal for the next year, five years and ten years?
  3. Who do you report to right now and what’s that relationship like?
  4. How would you describe your working style in three words or less?
  5. Why should we hire you over any other candidates we may have seen so far?”

Sample Situational Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. What is your communication style?
  2. How do you deal with conflict resolutions in the workplace?
  3. What’s something you’ve done to improve efficiency at work?
  4. What are some of the challenges that come with being a supervisor?
  5. Do your employees enjoy working for you?

Sample Communication Skills Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. What are the advantages of good communication skills?
  2. How can you get someone to agree with your point of view?
  3. What are some techniques for getting people to listen to you?
  4. What is the difference between listening and hearing?
  5. Why do people sometimes interrupt others when they’re talking?

Sample Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. Why should we hire you over the other qualified candidates?
  2. When have you had to prioritize, and what did you do?
  3. How would others describe your personality in 3 words or less?
  4. Are you a leader or a follower? Why?
  5. What are some examples of situations when you have had to deal with conflict? How did you resolve the conflict in each situation?

Sample Company Culture Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. What is the most difficult task you’ve accomplished in your career?
  2. What type of work environment do you thrive in?
  3. How would a co-worker or supervisor describe your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Who’s the person at work that you’re closest with, and why?
  5. Why did you choose to apply for this position specifically, out of all the other ones on offer right now?

Sample Leadership Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. What kind of projects would you like to complete as a supervisor?
  2. Who do you consider your biggest influence and why?
  3. How would your colleagues describe your leadership style?
  4. Tell me about a time when you had to make an unpopular decision. Did people eventually come around, and how did it happen?
  5. Give me an example of a time where teamwork really paid off.

Sample Management Interview Questions for Supervisor Position

  1. How do you handle conflict?
  2. What is your management style?
  3. What are the most important skills for a supervisor to have?
  4. Describe yourself in 3 words.
  5. Why should I hire you for the supervisor position over any other candidate?

Supervisor Interview Success Tips

When going for an interviewing for a supervisor position, it’s important to be well prepared.

Interviews are different from other conversations, and you need to know what the interviewer is looking for in order to stand out among the competition.

Here are some tips on how you can do well in a supervisor job interview:

1. Prepare by researching the company, its products/services, and any recent news about them. 

2. Answer questions with confidence; don’t hesitate or make excuses.

3. Be honest but positive (don’t point out your weaknesses if they’re not relevant or substantial.

4. Show an interest in the job by asking questions.

5. Have fun! A good attitude will show through your interview.

6. Follow up after an interview with a thank-you note.


It is important to prepare for an interview, especially when it comes to a supervisor position.

You should think about the questions your interviewer may ask you and be prepared with answers that will demonstrate why you are qualified for the job.