Sales Agent Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Sales agent job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Sales agents should be able to Utilize business directories to find new customers.

Sales Agent Job Description Example

What Does a Sales Agent Do?

Sales agents generally engage in various activities associated with the sales of retail products, goods and services.

The sales agent job description entails carrying out service and product sales to meet the target of a company within a set time.

They interact with customers to provide product information as well as resolve issues that may arise on product/service purchase.

In fulfilling their role, sales agents use business directories and leads from current clients to identify potential customers.

They maintain contact with new and already existing clients to discuss the capability of available products in satisfying consumer needs.

As part of their duties and responsibilities, they aid customers in selecting products that meet their preferences and specific needs.

They ensure the content of sales presentations are in accordance with type of sales outlet.

Sales agents in performing their work description determine terms and price for product sale, as well as service agreements.

They provide detailed description of product specification to help customers select products that better meet their needs.

They also utilize price lists/product information in preparing sales documents, as well as submitting product orders for processing.

As part of their tasks, sales agents provide periodic reports on work plans results and sales activities to a sales management.

They conduct market surveys to obtain information of current product pricing, sales approach, new products, and level of competition in a product market. They also listen to customer complaints or product issues.

Sales agents occasionally suggest product or service modification based on sales statistics and results of market survey.

They carry out analysis on the number of product dealers to identify strategies for improved sales.

As part of their functions, they also organize and plan work activities in a way that increases customer base and sales output.

Sales agents usually participate in seminars and workshops, as well as review professional publications in order to maintain/improve professional and technical expertise.

They also liaise with other sales professionals to exchange ideas on sales strategies as well as on recent market development.

They are also responsible for designing and implementing follow up schemes that ensure customer satisfaction and product/service effectiveness.

Sales agents usually require a high school diploma to occupy a non-technical sales positions or a Bachelor’s degree in related science or engineering field for technical or scientific sales positions.

Among the qualities necessary for a sales agent job include interpersonal skills, communication skills, self-confidence and stamina.

Sales Agent Job Description Example

The role of a sales agent is important to a retail firm’s ability to increase its sales. The following is a job description example showing the various duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make the sales agent’s job a sought after:

  • Utilize business directories and leads from current clients to identify potential customers
  • Stay in contact with new and current clients in order to promote new products as well as establish customer base
  • Assist customers in selecting products that meet their specifications and also capable of satisfying their needs
  • Provide product feature description to aid customers in making proper choices
  • Conduct product price negotiation as well as set terms of sale and service agreement
  • Provide periodic reports on sales activities to keep management abreast on sales progress
  • Carry out market surveys to obtain information on new products, pricing, and competition level
  • Listen to customer complaints to recommend solutions/advice useful in resolving product/service issue
  • Recommend product or service modification to management based on statistics and professional opinion
  • Utilize price lists and other product information in preparing sales documents and orders for processing
  • Ensure content of sales presentations are suitable for specific sales outlets
  • Carry out analysis or volume of product dealers to determine approach for improved sales
  • Participate in seminars and workshops where sales, innovations, and development are discussed
  • Review sales publications to establish or improve professionalism
  • Design and implement follow up strategies to ensure satisfaction.

Sales Agent Resume Preparation

When making a sales agent resume, the work experience section is an important part that should be included.

It proves to employers that you have the experience to succeed as a sales agent. You can make this section by highlighting the sales agent duties and responsibilities shown in the above job description sample.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Sales Agent Job

The following are the key skills and qualification for a sales agent job that you need to have if you aspire to work as one:

  • Education and Training: Sales agents basically require a high school diploma to qualify for non-technical roles. On the other hand, technical positions that involve sales of pharmaceutical or industrial equipment usually require a Bachelor’s degree in a related science or engineering field. As proof of expertise, sales agents can obtain professional certifications from Manufacturers Representatives Educational Research Foundation. And as part of company policies, they are given formal training to help groom them in job responsibilities
  • Interpersonal Skills: Sales agents are capable of establishing good rapport with clients of varying characteristics
  • Stamina: The sales agent job is a physically challenging job that may require one to exercise a level of stamina
  • Communication Skills: Sales agents are able to listen and interact with clients to identify their needs as well as resolve issues.

Sales Agent Skills for Resume

In making a sales agent resume, the above mentioned skills and qualities can be applied in completing its skills section, which shows potential employers that you have the ability to be affective on the position.


Having a good knowledge of the functions of a sales agent will help you to be prepared for the role and the job description you will be handed if hired.

Employers can also make use of the sample job description provided above in designing one for their firms, for use in recruiting the right people for the position.

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